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Breaking an Addict’s Cycle of Use

There has been increased media attention on the opioid crisis going on in America, very few deny the dangers of addiction and the damage it is doing to families, businesses, communities, and the nation as a whole. American businesses and people lose more than 740 billion dollars a year due …

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As a trusted brand since 1998, offers native advertising solutions, sponsored posts and authentic content marketing that can help healthcare providers of conventional and alternative solutions reach their target audience. A variety of experts, including fitness enthusiasts, pharmaceutical professionals, Doctors, Dentists, Yoga practitioners and Nutritionists partner with Healthynewage to project thought …

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Submit a press release (Health and Medical PR)

Patient Getting Check Up

Welcome to Healthynewage press releases. We help professionals in health, medical and pharmaceutical to reach their target audience through effective press releases. “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on publicity..”, Bill Gates Results:  Growing a medical brand and managing online reputation through press releases in …

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Diet soda or die-from-it soda?

When diet sodas were first introduced, they appeared to be the best thing since sliced bread. The idea was that you could drink limitless amounts of soda without having to count the calories and therefore avoid worrying about weight gain. The reality about these calorie free drinks is that they …

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Got Milk Without Bovine Growth Hormone – BHT – rBHS

What’s In A Glass Of Milk? Learn About Bovine Growth Hormone (BHT) For quite a while, many of us have heard it’s best to avoid drinking milk. Research tells us that milk is not the healthy food that we have been led to believe. If you think about it, Human …

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Information on Soy Protein Soybeans as a Health Food

Holistic Health Article – The Merits and Demerits of Soy Beans by Dr. Leia Melead A Closer Look at Soy Soy, Health Food or Toxin? The current common knowledge that soy is healthy and a panacea for prevention of diseases of all kinds and types is an example of a …

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