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What is CBD oil and can it benefit my health?

CBD oil and all cannabis related products have been a popular topic throughout the western world over the last few years as more countries start to embrace the plant and its health benefits. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a molecule called a cannabinoid, much like it’s famous counterpart, THC. Unfortunately, due to …

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Is Salt Actually Bad for You?

Holistic Nutrition

The mineral that consists mostly of sodium chloride (NaCl), or better known as salt, is what we use to season food by increasing flavor, but also to preserve food can also stop bacteria from growing. Then again, in recent years, salt has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure …

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How Tech Can Nudge You To Be Less Sedentary

While it’s obvious that preventative medicine is far better than managing a health crisis, only a small percentage of the population appears to make the effort to do much about following a wellness routine. This resistance to taking better care of their health is not always due to indifference. It’s …

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What’s a calorie anyway?

Written by Dr. Linda Kennedy Whenever the topic of weight-watching or dieting comes up, one inevitably hears about calories. This in understandable as, all other things being equal, the balance between calorie intake and consumption is what determines whether your can maintain your ideal weight. Caloric values can be found on …

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