9 Family-Friendly Activities to Get Your Kids Active and Moving

9 Family-Friendly Activities to Get Your Kids Active and Moving

Keeping kids active with all the technology and entertainment right at their fingertips can be a struggle. Coming up with fresh ideas for fun and exercise at the same time can be a pain. However, it’s vital to stay active and keep kids moving too. If you’re looking for new ideas on how to get kids involved, try some of these family-friendly activities.

1- Nature Hike

Spending time in nature is good for your body and your soul. Many local and state parks have walking trails that allow you to take a designated path and explore all that nature has to offer. For little ones, try shorter trails or be ready to carry them to the finish.

2- Bicycling

A bike ride is great fun for everyone in the family. If you have littles who aren’t quite steady without the training wheels, check balance bikes to get your beginners wheeling along. Balance bikes are a great way for kids to stay fit while learning the mechanics of riding a bike.

3- Skating

Skating isn’t a ’70s pastime anymore. Whether you prefer skates or inline blades, skating is an awesome way to have fun with the kiddos and burn some calories. You can find skates and rollerblades new and used (try garage sales and second-hand stores), or you can rent them to skate around at the nearest skating rink. For winter fun, try out ice skating and see who has the best skills on the frozen rink.

4- Skiing and Sledding

For more active winter fun, try sledding or skiing. You can find sledding hills all over town. You’ll stay plenty warm as you trek back up the hill for another fast pass down. Try out different types of sleds and race to see who can go the fastest or the furthest.

You can find ski slopes in many places as well, even if they do have to make fake snow. Many ski resorts offer easy lessons for beginners and have small hills to learn your footing.

5- Swimming

There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than hopping in the pool, lake, or pond. Take a dip with your kiddos at the beach or the local public pool. Be sure to take the floaties and teach the little ones some basic strokes to stay afloat. If you’d rather stay around home, you can still get some exercise splashing around your backyard pool or running through the sprinkler. No matter where you take your kids, be sure to be extra vigilant around the water and focus solely on your family.

6- Obstacle Course

Challenge courses and obstacle tracks get the entire family moving while providing a mental workout, testing your strength and agility, and helping you work up a sweat. You can find courses all over the place, especially during the summer. If you don’t want to drive too far to find one, you can always create your own in the backyard.

7- Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks feature dozens of options for kids and adults of all ages to bounce around, sweat off some calories, and blow off some steam. Indoor trampoline parks often have free-play areas, games such as dodgeball, and other challenges to keep everyone moving and laughing for hours.

8- Canoes and Paddleboats

If you want to head out on the water but don’t care for swimming, you can still stay active with canoes, kayaks, or paddleboats. You can find rental crafts at many beaches if you just want to head out for the day. If you want to spend all summer on the water, you can get a kayak or canoe for a decent price.

9- Backyard Games

You don’t have to venture far or spend a ton of money just to get out and active. Set up horseshoes, cornhole, ladder ball, or any other outdoor game right in the backyard. You can step outside whenever you have free time and enjoy a relaxing game or some intense competition while getting the whole family involved.