9 Amazing Ways The Outdoors Improves Your Health

9 Amazing Ways The Outdoors Improves Your Health

Spending time outdoors is one of the best things that you can do for your body. The sun, the fresh air, the trees, and nature provide benefits to your overall health and well-being. You’ll feel more awake, and happier and you’ll have more energy just by spending time outdoors. Here are 9 amazing ways that getting outside will improve your health.

1. Mental Health Improves With Fresh Air

One of the quickest ways to achieve a mental reset is by spending time outdoors. If you spend just a few minutes staring up at the sun, you can start to feel relief from the stress and pressure of your daily life. Taking time to meditate outdoors has shown both mental and physical benefits in studies.

2. Fresh Air and Oxygen

Fresh air can help raise oxygen levels in your brain. If you find yourself in a stressful environment at work, home, or in school; you can feel better just by stepping outdoors and exposing your lungs to fresh air. Recent studies have shown that being outdoors naturally boosts your mental health and energy levels due to fresh oxygen. If you don’t have a private space in your home to relax in, consider creating one because there truly is no substitute for fresh air in a relaxing environment.

3. Better Sleep From Being Outdoors

Better sleep begins with spending time outdoors. When you spend time outdoors, your body is naturally synching up with nature. This helps your body know when to sleep and wake naturally through its circadian rhythm. A study done on college kids showed that those with more exposure to daylight had improved sleep quality overall. Additionally, they slept longer as well.

4. Vitamin D and Your Health

Vitamin D from the sun is powerful. It does wonderful things for your body, your skin, your mental health, and your overall well-being. Vitamin D naturally boosts your short-term energy and can provide many long-term protections against cancer development. You don’t always notice when you’re getting adequate Vitamin D, but it’s something you’ll notice if you’re lacking, especially as you age. That’s why it’s important to monitor your intake.

5. Natural Energy Through Breathing

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling sluggish during your day, spending time outdoors can instantly improve your health and energy. That’s because the sun provides natural energy to your body overall. It’s your body’s sign to wake up and get moving. If you feel tired, you can find energy and relief by doing something as simple as taking in a few deep breaths in a green space.

6. Fighting Off Sickness by Spending Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors can help fight off different sicknesses. If you live in a colder state, spending just a few minutes outside in the winter can do wonders for both your physical and mental health. If you spend a lot of time in a confined area or if you have small children, consider getting outdoors as a way to take a break from the germs that tend to lurk in indoor environments.

7. Green Makes Us Healthier

Studies have shown that many plants and trees outdoors can help boost our immune systems. Spending time in a forest can make us healthier because we are breathing in airborne chemicals that trees are giving off. These chemicals are beneficial to people, studies have shown, and can fight against cancers.

8. Staying Active Starts Outdoors

Spending time outdoors can help you maintain a healthy weight. Even just going for a walk a few minutes a day can help you stay fit and active. Many people enjoy outdoor activities because not only are they fun, they boost mental health while keeping you active without even noticing that it’s physical work.

9. Beating Stress the Natural Way

Overall, one of the cheapest ways to beat stress is by taking a break outdoors. Relief can be found in nature, as early as in childhood. Studies have shown that kids who spend time outdoors in nature have less risk of developing psychiatric disorders in adulthood. That’s because the natural environment is what our bodies crave throughout the years.