8 Steps for a Pain-Free Back

Almost everyone knows someone who is experiencing chronic backpain.

The symptoms from back problems are not just annoying they can greatly put a damper on a person’s lifestyle.

HealthyNewAge.com set out to review highly rated resources that are helping individuals struggling with backaches, back pain, and sciatica find relief.

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Next, read the in-depth review below written by Carol Bardelli, a Team Beach Body Coach who shares the highlights of this excellent book that is helping many people gain relief from their back pain symptoms.

Back Pain Statistics

8 Steps to a Pain Free Back – Remember When It Didn’t Hurt authored by Esther Gokhale, L.Ac. with Susan Adams is an important book for anyone suffering with back pain or who would like to prevent future back problems.

Back pain of some kind affects 8 out of 10 Americans during their lifetimes. The lost man hours alone costs employers an estimated $7.4 billion per year. Back pain is one of the most common complaints reported in doctors offices in the United States. People seeking back pain treatment are often desperate for relief and turn to surgery despite the fact many of these invasive procedures fail to provide back pain relief.

Non Surgical Back Pain Treatments

In her new book, 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back – Remember When It Didn’t Hurt, Esther Gokhale clearly and concisely explains non-surgical back pain treatment that works. And the key to becoming pain free is as simple as relearning natural posture and movement.

Americans are one of the modern populations that has lost the ability to sit, stand, walk, and even sleep in a way that prevents pain.

While Americans are suffering from lower back pain, upper back pain, sciatica, muscular back pain, and neck and leg pain related to back problems, traditional societies like The Republic of Chad suffer virtually little to no back problems. These native cultures don’t seek out lower or upper back pain treatments because they move in ways that prevent back pain.

Natural Movement Exercises

Esther Gokhale teaches these age old means of moving correctly in her book, 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back. Treating back pain with natural movement is explained in a step by step format in this beautifully illustrated book with exquisite photography.

Precise lessons teach techniques and back pain reducing exercises including stretch sitting, stretch lying, stack sitting, using your inner corset, tall standing, hip hinging, and glide walking.

Use of Simple Principles

While being overweight in America often means suffering back pain symptoms that lead to treatment of chronic back pain, overweight people in other cultures carry their extra weight without suffering chronic back pain.

The secret treatment these people use for preventing back pain, and ultimately avoiding dependence on pain medication and back surgery, is to treat and relieve back pain with the simple principles in Esther Gokhale’s 8 Simple Sets to a Pain Free Back.

If you’re searching for an easy solution to back pain, you will find your answers in this very helpful book.