Dr. Leia on Natural Treatments for Histoplasmosis Treatment Including BioDefender

Natural Histoplasmosis Fungi Treatment

Question for Dr. Leia: My husband has histoplasmosis and bounces back in forth of feeling good then bad…He doesn’t have HIV/AIDS or cancer. Is there any natural histoplasmosis treatment that he can do to get better. Thank you,

Dr. Leia’s Answer: Histoplasmosis is a fungal disease which is caused by a fungus called Histoplasmosis capsulatum. People who live in the eastern and central United States and the Ohio and Mississippi rive valleys are at risk for this disease which primarily affects only the lungs. The histoplasmosis fungi grows in the soil, especially where bats, poultry, or bird droppings are prevalent. When the spores of Histoplasmosis fungus are inhaled, then they can grow inside the lungs.

Histoplasmosis is not transferred from one person to another, so it is not contagious. In the initial acute phases of the disease, the symptoms of Histoplasmosis can be mild, usually characterized by fever, respiratory symptoms of cough and/or chest pain, and a general overall ill feeling.

After this pintail phase, the disease becomes chronic or long lasting, and usually does not have any other symptoms unless the disease becomes disseminated or spreads from the lungs to other organs of the body. In this case it can be fatal unless it is treated effectively and promptly. It has been found that about 80% of the people living in the endemic areas test positive for Histoplasmosis fungus by a skin test.

This does not mean that the person needs to be treated if the skin test is positive and there are no symptoms. It just means that the person has acquired this disease. In cases of a person with a compromised immune system, such as HIV or TB, cancer, lung disease, or even cigarette smokers, then Histoplasmosis can spread from the lungs and enter into the other organs, causing a more serious problem, or even death.

The best way to protect oneself from Histoplasmosis infections and other soil borne organisms is to use a face mask when working around soil contaminated with bat, poultry, or bird droppings. Also some companies will spray the soil if it is thought to be contaminated before doing excavation work in an area, or when working around chicken coups and bat caves.

Conventional medical treatment with anti fungal drug medications such as amphotericin B and itraconazole and fluconazole (Diflucan) are used by medical doctors to treat Histoplasmosis. If your husband’s infection is mild or his symptoms are not severe, then usually treatment isn’t necessary. However, if he has severe symptoms or the deseminated form involving other organs of the body, then he should follow his medical doctor’s advice and use one of these drugs or as directed by his doctor.

If your husband has only a mild case, then he can follow the following sound dietary advice:

Avoid coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and other stimulants, and avoid refined, processed foods, junk foods, excess sugar, fried foods, and unhealthy oils and trans fats in his diet.

Eliminate allergy foods from his diet, milk, corn, wheat, soy products, preservatives, and food additives

Drink plenty of pure water each day, at least 8-19 glasses,

Exercise at least 30 minutes each day, five days per week.

Take a daily multivitamin, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil, green tea, and garlic.

Natural antifungal medicines could include:

  • grapefruit seed extract
  • olive leaf
  • cat’s claw herb
  • homeopathic nosode made especially for Histoplasmosis.

It is important to take probiotics or acidophilus to replenish the normal flora of the body with good bacteria in order to minimize the fungal load in the body.

Dr. Leia Melead

Remarkable Antifunal, Antiviral, and Antibacterial Supplement

Bio-Defender is a well documented powerful formulation that kicks in the body’s natural defenses.

it was well researched and formulated by Dr. Arthur Fierro, DC, DACBN, FACCN.

It actually destroys pathogenic bacteria along with virus and fungus without hurting the good bacteria in your body. Anyone over the age of five may take this product if feeling ill from virus, bacteria, or fungal infections. Take Biofender on the first sign of an illness and if you have been ill for a while start on this product as soon as possible.

There is enough in the bottle to take the correct dosage for two weeks. If you find yourself still ill then a person should be evaluated by their health care provider.

BioDefender testimonials have been quite impressive:

Environmental Allergies – Within a week your allergies may clear with no need to take Claritin or prescription allergy medications.

Treating Rosacea – Forgo antibiotic treatments such as tetracycline and take Bio-Defender instread.

Lingering Common Cold – This natural treatment has shown to clear the common cold in a short period of time.

Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Pain – Often pain subsides after a short period of treatment (some suspect arthritis is viral in nature.)

Candida Albicans – One Testimonial shared that after four weeks on BioDefender (BioDefense) all traces of Candidiasis were cleared from a stool analysis.

biodefenderLyme Disease – After two weeks, weakness, fatigue, and fever cleared providing a much more successful treatment than antibiotics.

Other symptoms that respond well include: Sinus infections, indigestion, skin rashes, ear infections, and joint pain. Tinea Curis (Jock itch), Diarrheal problems, Botulism (Food poisoning), Strep (Strep Throat), Mononucleosis Staph, Influenza (The Flu), Measles (Rubella), Conjunctivitis Cold sores (Herpes Simplex), Otitis Media (Ear Infections), Ringworm, Chicken Pox, Klebsiela, Anthrax, Athlete’s Foot (Tinea Pedis), Yersinia, Pestus (Plague), Listeria, Epstein-Barr Virus, Helicobacter pylori, Candidiasis