7 Tips for Creating a Fitness New Year’s Resolution That Works

7 Tips for Creating a Fitness New Year's Resolution That Works

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is over, and it’s now a new year. It’s a perfect opportunity to set some healthier goals for 2023. Learn seven tips for creating a fitness New Year’s resolution that will stick.

1) Prepare

When you have something big on the horizon, like the start of a new year or school semester, your mind starts asking: What will I do? How am I going to do it? What if I can’t? Preparation can help answer those questions, so they don’t keep popping up and get in the way of success while you’re trying to achieve your goal.

2) Prioritize

Setting big goals can be overwhelming, so break them down into smaller pieces. You’ll feel better if you can focus on one goal at a time instead of thinking about all the things you want to do too. Not only will it help you get closer to your destination, but it will also give you more energy toward that goal. It’s okay to change your priorities as your life changes.

3) Plan

Put a plan that includes the steps you need to take, when you need to do them, and how you will reach your goal. Putting it on paper will give you more flexibility while staying focused. And when you’re trying something new, it’s essential to have backup plans just in case things don’t go as planned. Knowing what to do in those situations can help avoid feeling stuck or frustrated.

4) Find a Fitness Guide

This one is a personal decision. Many people need to be reminded or have someone there to keep them motivated or steer them in the right direction. And some people need that extra boost every once in a while. It’s good to plan on finding someone to help you with your fitness goals because it can be overwhelming if you try to do it alone, especially when it’s something new, like working out. If you choose this option, make sure they’re someone who will help you stay focused and do what your plan says.

5) Track

Track your daily progress. It will help you set realistic expectations, stay on track, and adjust as needed. It’s essential to see how far you’ve come so it gives you a better idea of what steps to take next and what areas you can improve on.

6) Reward Yourself

You’re going to get tired and frustrated sometimes, so reward it! Something that will make your body feel good. It is all that is needed for the brain not to think about the situation as much. Also, it will keep you motivated and excited about reaching your goal!

7) Relax

When you’re stressed or overwhelmed, skipping the gym or eating bad food can make it easier. Sometimes the best thing to do is not worry about it. Focus on other things, like your day-to-day routine, school homework, and hanging out with friends. You’ll feel better and be able to worry less about burning calories, going to bed at a particular time, or sticking with a diet plan.

If you want to make new year’s resolutions for 2023, it’s best to start now. Be sure to set realistic goals and prepare your plan of action. Start with one goal at a time, and remember to take a break if something is bothering you or getting in the way of your progress.