7 Things to do during your third trimester of pregnancy

When you get to your third trimester of pregnancy, it finally dawns on you that soon there will be a new little person in your life. This little person will need your undivided attention and will depend on you and your partner for many years. This is the time you look at your checklist and realize that you have not done half of the things on it.

This is also the time of your life that you probably feel scared and excited at the same time; this may cause many expecting ladies to panic. Don’t worry though, here is a list of the most important things to do during your third trimester of pregnancy:


  1. Check on the movements of the baby

It is of prime importance that you monitor your little one’s kicks and rolls. If you realize a decrease in the baby’s movement, pay your doctor or midwife a visit as this can be a sign that something is wrong. He or she will then carry out some tests on you to check on the condition of your little one. The doctor may also need you to keep track of how many times your baby kicks daily.


  1. Enlighten yourself about birth and delivery

While in the third trimester, it is only natural for you to be anxious about the birth and delivery process. During the prenatal visits, you will get to learn more about how to handle labor pain and the different stages of labor for first time pregnancies and subsequent births. Also, you will be able to create a birth plan that works for you. However, birth and delivery is unpredictable; this means that you may not even follow the plan that you created. This should not stop you though; creating a birth plan will help you figure out which pain management method works for you.

If you have the right information, you will have no reason to fear. For this reason, share your worries and anxieties with them as they are able to advise you accordingly.


  1. Choose a doctor for your baby

If you have not chosen a doctor for your baby just yet, you could ask your friends, co-workers and family to recommend some pediatricians or family practitioners. After getting the list of doctors, choose one whose working hours does not interrupt your daily schedule and has a nearby office from where you and your baby can easily access medical services. Also, make certain that your health insurance is accepted by the practitioner.


  1. Critically think and talk about the major decisions

Will you hire the services of a nanny or will you stay at home and look after your baby? If you get a baby boy, will he be circumcised or not? Would you like to bank your lovely baby’s cord blood? All these are questions that may be running through your mind day in day out. You have to make the decisions now as time is running out; there are only a few weeks left. Therefore, you cannot avoid thinking or talking about this issues much longer.


  1. Get the baby stuff ready

When the baby is already born, it can be impossible to spare some time to get the baby stuff ready. This is because the baby needs attention round the clock; meaning the only thing you will want to do when you have spare time is have a nap. It is therefore advisable to get the baby stuff ready while in your third trimester or earlier if you wish.

Your partner or friends can help you get the baby gear ready; ask them to help you set up those cribs, bassinets or strollers so that your baby will have a nice place to sleep. You, meanwhile, should focus on the more important gear like a top tier breast pump if you are going to ditch the formula and pump your own milk.


  1. Bond with your baby

At this stage, your baby is able to hear your voice. Singing or even talking to your baby is actually one way of beginning the bonding process between the two of you. If you begin conversing with your baby now, it will not be odd talking to them once they are born. This goes a long way to develop a child’s language skills.


  1. Treat yourself

If you are in your third trimester, then you are about five weeks away from the due date. In five weeks, your bump will be transformed into a little baby to whom you will dedicate all your time and attention. This means that getting some alone time will become quite difficult. For this reason, watch movies, go out with your girlfriends, get your hair and nails done etc.

At this stage you must be feeling super-overwhelmed. Relax! Ask your spouse, friends and family for support or help to get things ready for the new arrival. Also, remember to concentrate on the essentials; leave the optional stuff.  A crib, diapers, milk and love are the basic necessities for this baby. You will figure out the rest along the way.