7 rewards you get from exercising often

exercise-to-lose-weightEverybody knows that exercising is good for the body. There is no doubt about that. It has been proven scientifically that a person who works out produces endorphins, a chemical that makes the person feel good. And that substance is produced just within 10 minutes of working out. The effect of regular exercises can last for a long time and one can rip many rewards out of it over and over again. Here are 7 of those rewards.

Strength and energy

Going to the gym may at first exhaust your body by draining out energy but as you keep the habit, over time, your body gets used to it. In just some few months after you start the training you will realize that you can achieve much more than you are expected to. This is because your muscles are building over time and able to store more energy.

Those who exercise regularly don’t easily get tired and rarely suffer from fatigue. At that same time they also enjoy a good sleep when they want to relax their body.

Boosted confidence

Giving yourself the task of working out by following a certain schedule is not that easy. Some may give up over time. But for those who stick to the schedule, they end up having this belief that they can achieve great things. By setting exercise targets and achieving them, a person can boost his self-esteem and that will reflect in other areas of that person’s life.

Get more productive

You need a healthy body to be efficient at what you do, even if it is doing simple exercises like these. By working out regularly you cleanse your body of all toxins and that allows it to function at your best. More importantly, there was a study showing that people who do a little bit of exercise during work breaks tend to be much more productive when they come back on the desk compared to those who did not stretch out during the break.

Control your weight

Most people go to the gym for the sake of losing weight. If you keep that habit and maintain a healthy diet, you should be able to have your weight under control without much effort. With a simple 30 minutes daily workout you can make sure not to gain weight and have a sexy body.

Healthy heart

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the major causes of death in the United States and around the world. It is no secret that some simple 30 minutes workout can help prevent that. Unfortunately some people don’t bother to get their homework done. Simple exercises can help control blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels.

Lower risk of cancer

The risk of getting certain types of cancer can be avoided by simply doing some regular exercises. Examples are colon, breast and lung cancer. Even for those who already have cancer, they can improve the quality of their lives by working out a little bit. This rule also applies to those suffering arthritis.

Long life

On top of everything you are adding more years to your life by doing regular exercises. The good news is you don’t need to be an athlete to get this reward. Just some simple daily workout should keep you in good shape for a very long time. Keep moving your body and you will live a happy life.