7 Natural Ways to Improve your Mood

We all get those feel down moments, when nothing seems to cheer us up. Every entertainment seems boring and every activity dull. When YouTube videos lose its charms for us and Facebook posts look lackluster.

Every one of us can relate to these moments in our lives. The problem is that we simply can’t be in such a mood for long because the deadlines are always looming and work-load mounting, and we can’t work in a mood like that.  Therefore, the only available option for us is to charge our moods and get down for doing our work.

If you think these depressing moments are happening with more frequency and regularity, it is far more advisable to talk to any accurate psychic healers rather than to battle this problem on your own.

There are many ways to solve this common problem. Following are some of the most simple and natural ways of supercharging your mood.

Lift your mood with memories good

Take out your old photo-album that you have not opened in years. While flipping through you are likely to stumble upon a good picture which will flood you with happy emotions. May be any achievement, memorable vacation or happy family get-together? Any that is powerful and emotionally significant to you. May be you will feel like calling your friend or relative that you have not seen in quite some time. You can see that one happy thread of memory can take you a long way.

Do good, feel good:                                                                                

Do something charitable. Devote your time for some social cause. It is a sure fire way to make you feel better.

What better way to feel good than the realization to yourself that your energy is causing someone to fill their stomach or removing a social evil from society? When your efforts are directed and purposeful, you always feel good at the end even though the path that leads to that end may not always be that smooth.

You will feel grateful for the things you possess when you help the ones who are the deprived in the society.

Exercise away your bad mood

Exercise is a great way for mood improvement. It releases the happy hormones-endorphins.

There is a great connection between physical health and mental well-being. The exertion is tiring and energy-draining, but the subsequent relief is worth something.



Smile or fake a smile

Smile even if it is a forced one, because according to facial feedback hypothesis, just the act of facial muscles’ movement can produce the happiness sensations. So, smile a smile or force a smile, you will feel the effect both ways.

Singing is mood improving

Singing is a great way to lift your mood. So just give yourself to your voice and feel your feelings. It does not matter whether you sing like a star or just act like one.  As long as it feels good, it is worth a try.

Even this is corroborated by research studies in which singing is associated with the increase of the antibody levels to improve your emotional state plus your immunity. So, try singing when you are feeling down. The purpose is to make you feel good only.

Cook, for feeling good

Cook something on your own, especially if it is something new that you are trying. Put in your best effort to make it as good as you can.

Remember it is not about how well you would enjoy the dish once it is done rather it is how well you try and enjoy that process. Also, it is better to invite your friends over, and serve them your food. That way you will be doubly pleased.

Shopping experience

Pursue experiences in the guise of shopping and buying. Check out something new and exciting. Put in some effort, that way you will feel good at the end of it. Just buying lots of jewelry and expensive clothes will not give you that satisfaction.

You would be surprised that just 20 dollars could be sufficient for a water filter for the Kenyan orphans to quench their thirsts with clean water.

Wear Bright colors:

Research proves the effect of colors on our moods, because it stimulates the brain and causes hormonal release. Wear blue and it can make you calm, wear green or yellow and it will make you happy.

It is interesting that just as colors affect moods, moods affect colors. That’s how the moods are measured in mood rings with the help of mood ring colors chart.
Clean your room if you feel down:

As mundane and ordinary as it sounds, the room cleaning activity can actually charge your mood a great deal. If your whole room presents a picture of chaos, mess and dirt, surely it would affect your mood accordingly. Therefore, pick your clothes and hang them up, keep your tables clean and take any plates or glasses to the kitchen where it belongs.

Take Regular Meals

Taking your meals regularly is the best advice one could give for chasing your blues away. It is because a certain level of sugar is necessary for our health and activity. Therefore, low sugar levels will cause you to become dull and lethargic. Besides the three meals, it is also healthy to munch on snacks in between meals.


Nutritious foods boost your mood:

Don’t always go for heavy food rich in fats, sugars and carbohydrates.  Sometimes settle for fruits and vegetables, for they contain nutrients that take care of the brain health. Eat apples, try almonds and benefit from the fiber-rich broccoli.


Light exposure therapy

Sit in the sunlight and see how your mood changes. Let your skin absorb the D vitamin.

Don’t draw your drapes to kill the light, let the light come in to feel alive.





Often our life problems have simpler solutions. It is us who complicate the problems ourselves. Otherwise, the little deeds of cleaning your room to wearing something blue can chase all our blues away. It is only we forget in our fast paced lives that our happiness is still within our reach.