7 different methods for weight loss and detox

Harms of being  overweight and toxins


Many people associate the overweight in the first place with the look and the weight loss – with the achievement of a slim figure.



Far more serious than the appearance, however, is the problem with the diseases that the surplus kilograms lead to. Often, the overweight causes disorders in a great number of body functions. It increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases; overloads the locomotory system and the muscles, which leads to bone, joint and muscular problems, and disrupts the metabolism.


All this is linked to the accumulation of toxins in the body, because the overweight is usually accompanied by the accumulation of toxins in the tissues – pesticides, heavy metals, nitrogen compounds, etc. These toxins are formed mostly due to poor digestion, which is in the base of the weight gain. When, in the digestive tract, there are untimely digested food remainders, they start to decay and release toxins.


The blood spreads the toxins everywhere around the body; they begin to harm the cells; the cleansing activity of the liver and the kidney is disrupted. Thus, the entire body suffers and the person becomes vulnerable to numerous diseases.


Ways for weight loss and detox.


The overweight and toxins are a problem mainly deriving from an inappropriate diet of the “Fast” type, as well as from immobilization. There might be existing a genetic predisposition, however, or a disease of certain glands – thyroid, pituitary gland, gonads. The weight gain might be due to the intake of certain medicines, damage to the nerve cells, etc.



Therefore, the weight loss and detox must be carried out after medical diagnostics to see the reasons, and under a doctor’s supervision, as it is, for example, in the programs of the LuckyFit Clinic, which is in the Aparthotel Lucky Bansko Spa & Relax 5 stars. With these programs, without fasting, within a week, 6 % of the kilograms could be lost.


For a two-week course, the weight loss is up to 8 %, and with the models of diet and physical activity which are given to everybody, you can lose almost one-third of the weight for one year. LuckyFit Full Detox combines the weight loss with a complete body purification or with the purification of a specific body organ, or system.


There are also a few basic things that can be applied by everybody at home for weight loss and detox. One of them is a diet, which, however, should not be extreme, and the diversity of the food should be maintained. The highly-processed food, in which, often there are hydrogenated fats, syrups with fructose, food with colourings, preservatives, etc., should be stopped.


Recommended are fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, organic food, in the manufacture of which, chemicals and lots of water are not used. The foods that activate the detox could be increased – garlic, blue algae, leguminous plants, broccoli, lemons, hemp and flax seeds, raw nuts, etc. There is a special “juice diet” as well, lasting from several days up to 10 days, but it is not very suitable for beginners. A good method is the saunas. The heating of the body improves the metabolism, destroys a number of viruses and toxin cells.


Physical activity, weight loss, and detox.


In parallel with the diet, the physical exercises are the second main factor for weight loss and purification from toxins. Because the point is not “to limit” the energy intake endlessly but to exceed the consumption of energy.



Perspiration is useful not only for the loss of kilograms but also for detox. The research has shown that with the perspiration, cadmium is disposed of, lead, arsenic, lead. Despite their small quantities in the body, they harm it a lot.


The physical exercises can be fitness, aerobic exercises, dances, swimming, cycling, Yoga, walking. This activity should be in line with the person’s abilities and eventual diseases; so it should be consulted together with a doctor. A combination of different types of physical activity is recommended, so that different muscle groups are involved in the workout, in order to increase the stamina and the tonе. And this, as well as the appropriate diet should become a habit.