6 vital ways to take care of your tattoo after you get it

6 vital ways to take care of your tattoo after you get it

So, finally you have your fresh tattoo on your arms. You may be looking to take good care of it so that the tattoo stays fresh and new always. Not taking care of the tattoo might also result to infection and problems. If proper attention is not given, even the most beautiful tattoo may turn out a disaster. Let us check out some natural ways of taking care of that lovely artistic work on your body.

Keep the bandage intact for 2-3 hours

It is pretty unbearable to have that bandage on your tattoo after the work is done. You cannot see the lovely work and even you fail to show your friends the new tattoo which is drawn. But, your artist covered the area with a bandage for good reasons. The open wound is the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Do not remove the tattoo bandage out of excitement and let that stay for at least 2-3 hours. Removing the tattoo bandage immediately after the task is performed is really dangerous.

Washing and treating the tattoo

After the tattoo is done and you removed the bandage, treat the tattoo with lukewarm water and wash it. An antimicrobial or antibacterial soap must be used. This will completely rid the area of plasma and blood. Use a moisturizing soap which is exclusively meant for tattoo piercing. Try and remove the plasma as much as possible if the surface feels slimy and slippery.

Use lotions and Specialty products

You may use aftercare products to take care of the tattoo. The lotion you use must be petroleum free to soothe the wound and heal it. The lotion must be made up of oils and herbs. Keep the surface clean and use lotion which is fragrance and dye free. With the use of tattoo care lotion, the surface will become soft.

Do not soak the tattoo in water for 2-3 weeks after it is done

Showering is not a problem, but soaking the tattooed hand in a tub can cause serious damage. Submersing the tattoo in a hot tub or a bath can cause more problems. If you get shampoo or soap on the tattoo, get rid of it immediately.

How to handle scabbing and peeling?

After a few days, you can notice some bit of scabbing and peeling. This is quite natural, but too much of peeling and scabbing reflects a poorly done tattoo. You can apply moist and warm compresses over the scab for 4-5 minutes for 2-3 times a day. Scabs will get softened and they will come off easily.

Protect from the UV rays

When the tattoo is done, you also need to protect it from the UV rays of the sun. Harmful rays of the sun can damage the appearance and the beauty of the tattoo.

Keep your tattoo vibrant and beautiful for years by taking care of it. Your tattoo can be the source of your pride.