6 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Massage Therapist

Rubbing Oil on Feet

Massage therapy makes up just one possible career in the medical field where people strive to help others feel better. While some medical professions require an extensive college run with lots of money spent towards tuition, massage therapists can start their career with far less schooling and money. People can get started helping others faster. Before becoming a massage therapist, there are some things hopefuls should know.

Necessary Equipment

Where you find work will play a major role in determining the equipment needed. Some already-established massage locations will have everything needed available for you to use. Therapists hoping to start on their own will have to provide their own equipment, ranging from a portable massage chair to a stationary massage table. Accessories like extra face pillows, neck rolls, and pregnancy cushions may also come in handy.

Typical Job Duties

One of the main job duties is massaging muscles and soft tissues to offer treatment to patients. Massage therapists work out areas of the body that need it, reducing pain and providing treatment for medical conditions. They help people maintain their overall wellness. Job duties also involve maintaining records, consulting with other health professionals at times, guiding patients on techniques and stretches they can try at home, and developing personalized therapy programs depending on each person’s needs.


Massage school offers extensive training in everything you need to know. Not only will you learn how to give different types of massages, such as deep tissue or shiatsu, but you will also gain information regarding starting up your own massage therapy business. You will also have to continue your education, regularly taking additional credit hours to maintain the massage license.

Benefits of Massage

Understanding all of the great benefits of massage can help hopeful therapists see what their work can accomplish. Not only will it reduce pain felt in the body, but it can also lower blood pressure. It may eliminate headaches, as well as provide a feeling of relaxation while eliminating stress. This can in turn promote better sleep and allow people to experience a far better night’s rest.

Physical Demands

People hoping to become a massage therapist need to understand the physical demands of the job. While you are helping others with pain management, you may experience some pain yourself. It can be rigorous to knead and massage backs and bodies all day long. Working the muscles and tissues extensively can lead to cramping of the hands and pain in the arms. Because massage therapists typically stand up while performing the massage, it could lead to back pain from standing all day as well. Taking breaks between each massage will help to reduce these sorts of problems.

Behavior and Professionalism

Massage therapists need to watch their behavior closely, offering only a professional demeanor. They should remain upbeat and hopeful with their patients, ensuring a calm and relaxing atmosphere that will help patients feel at ease during the procedure. Always be sure to follow protocol and never reach beyond the designated massage areas.

Anyone interested in becoming a massage therapist needs to first understand everything that goes into the job. The necessary training will help people learn the right procedures and techniques to handle the job duties involved. This rewarding medical profession allows people interested in helping others to make that goal come to fruition. Through massage, therapists ensure their patients can function better in daily life. Their touch helps patients to no longer feel pain and get a treatment that is safe.