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Dedicated to Men and Women who are serious about losing weight in the fastest and safest possible way


The Healthynewage 6-in-1 weight loss diet helps you achieve your perfect weight in 28 days – and helps you maintain it.  It is 100% natural and requires NO pills, little or no gym exercise and what is great is you will still enjoy many of your favorite foodsNow you can improve your overall health and Lose 10 pounds or more without ever putting the weight back on again. 


thinkingLet’s be really honest about what is going on in the world: “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”(George S. Patton). It has been argued for many years that our western private medical system thrives financially because people eat all the wrong foods. How is this connected? Obese people have a higher risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetis. These illnesses are increasingly ruining many people’s lives and pushing up the cost of medical care.  Unfortunately he pharmaceutical giants are making a fortune treating symptoms, rather than addressing the root causes of the problem. Thankfully in recent years, much progress was made when research nutritionists started to discover answers that enable better lifestyle strategies. To be clear: the lifestyle change that we endorse here, has been scientifically proven by major institutions in the US and Europe. Research data now debunks several myths which led to unnecessary obesity and other related illnesses. You can rest assured that our 6-in-1 health report will yield perfect weight-loss results and improve your overall health.

Your body does not want crash diets and calorie deficits which will make you look anorexic or feel bad. People from all walks of life successfully used this diet to achieve long term sustainable results:

Thomas (41)

Your lifestyle should enable you to look great without making significant social sacrifices, so that you experience maximum enjoyment. The new diet and lifestyle that from Healthynewage already provided thousands of people like you with the following benefits:

weightlossTo look younger by being the perfect weight 

weightlossTo have more healthy skin and hair again

weightlossHave improved self esteem and confidence with a permanent new look

weightlossMaintaining the perfect social and professional life without compromise

weightlossBe able to wear whatever outfit you like because you look great  

Social proof: Healthynewage.com is a trusted online health magazine that existed since 1998. Over the years we have hosted the research of many nutrition professionals. We have seen social proof and testimonials from our community, however we have gone the extra mile when nutritionists provided us with the new weight loss plan: It is backed by  scientific proof.  The principles of this new diet has been scientifically researched by Universities in the US and Europe, all which will be contained in the report.

This lifestyle change allows you to reach your perfect weight with as little as 3 days of moderate exercise per week. Whether you like walking, or going to the gym, cycling or swimming, it is entirely your choice. However some people’s physical condition does not allow much exercise at all – which is why this diet is great because exercise is not a mandatory part.

We know that you would like to put this matter behind you once and for all so that you can focus on enjoying life to the fullest. We also know that you are probably busy and might not have the time to research more than 1200 academic research papers to re-design your lifestyle safely. That is why we produced a 6-in-1 report to help you move forward in an easy and realistic time frame.

Your new lifestyle plan will include a 6-in-1 weight loss report which is guaranteed to help you reach your goals quickly and safely:

weightlossA new lifestyle plan with an enjoyable diet

weightlossA flexible meal plan with a wide variety of choices

weightlossMore than 50 recipes to compliment your new lifestyle

weightlossAn exercise plan if you want to use it (we do not suggest over exercising)

weightlossScientific proof: We provide you with research data from scientists that endorses your new diet

weightlossA 60 day guarantee: You will loose weight, or your money back.

We have sought the feedback from Dr. Mitchelson in Australia. Long before his colleagues in New York, his patients consulted him about this diet:


Being fat is a choice for some people, for others it is purely due to a lack knowledge. In either case, there is no excuse: You can easily be your perfect weight. Join the healthy crowd today and look your best!

Kelly (28)

 Being your perfect weight is priceless, that is why companies charge a lot to help people.

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Healthynewage 6-in-1 weight loss diet


The lifestyle and diet report comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee and can be shared with a friend or family member at no extra charge.

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