6 Health benefits of flaxseed oil

Flaxseeds are known as a good source of fiber and protein, but also to cut appetite and thereby helping to control weight. But flaxseed oil is also offering the same type of health benefits.

Flaxseed oil, or flax oil or even linseed oil, is produced from flaxseeds, which have been grounded and pressed to release the natural oil they hold.

In this article, the focus is all about the health benefits of flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed oil is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids

Like flaxseeds, flaxseeds oil is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are super good for your heart health. For just a tablespoon of flaxseed oil has 7196 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, flaxseed oil has a form of omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is converted in small amounts to active forms of mega-3. Therefore, if you add flaxseed oil to your diet, you will know that you can get enough alpha-linolenic acid.

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital to health and have been linked with benefits like lessening inflammation, enhanced heart health and protection for the brain against aging. Therefore, if you are vegan, or do not like fish, thus not wanting to take fish oil, you can add flaxseed oil to your diet to get omega-3 fatty acids.

Flaxseed oil could help to reduce cancer cell development

Researchers have found that flaxseed oil could slow down the growth of cancer cells. In fact, this oil could prevent the spread of cancer and the growth of lung tumors. More so, it could block the formation of colon cancer. Plus, flaxseed oil is effective at reducing the growth of breast cancer cells.

Flaxseed oil could help your heart

This oil could offer heart health benefits. Flaxseed oil could help to improve the elasticity of the arteries. Both aging and enlarged blood pressure are by and large linked to decreases in elasticity. These health benefits that flaxseed oil offer are likely due to the great concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil, as supplementing with it has been shown to considerably rise the quantity of omega-3 in the blood. Plus, what’s more, various studies have made known that omega-3 fatty acids improve heart health, with benefits such as reduced inflammation and lower blood pressure.

Flaxseed oil could help treat diarrhea and constipation

For the treatment of diarrhea and constipation, flaxseed oil might be effective. That since flaxseed oil could increase the frequency of bowel movements and improved stool uniformity.

Flaxseed oil could help improve skin conditions

Flaxseed oil has been found to enhance people’ skin health. The skin can become smoother, and be more hydrated. This while skin sensitivity or irritation as well as roughness have decreased. Also what flaxseed oil could help with symptoms of dermatitis such as itching, redness, and swelling.

Flaxseed oil could reduce inflammation

As flaxseed oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed oil could help to reduce inflammation. This is as flaxseed oil dramatically lessen the levels of C-reactive protein. C-reactive protein is a marker to be used to measure inflammation in obese people.

But what some researchers have found is that flaxseed oil affects people differently, thereby the results in terms of anti-inflammatory reactions could differ.

The way to use flaxseed oil

You can use flaxseed oil instead of other oils, like extra virgin olive oil for salad dressing, or in sauces. You could also add flaxseed oil to your smoothies.

Just take note that flaxseed oil should not be used in cooking. That is since the oil should ideally not be heated as it will destroy the good elements, namely the omega-3 fatty acids within it. Therefore, flaxseed oil does not have a high smoke point and can form dangerous compounds if combined with heat.

That said, you could apply flaxseed oil directly to the skin to enhance the skin and increase the moisture of the skin. Besides the skin, you could also apply this oil to your hair as a hair mask to promote shine and growth.

A short roundup

Flaxseed oil, made from flaxseeds, are high in omega-3 fatty acids. But this oil offers different health benefits like improved regularity and lowering blood pressure.

To gain the benefits of this oil, you can add it to your salad, even drink it, or apply it to the skin or hair. More so, you just need one serving daily to gain the health benefits of this oil.