6 Great Benefits of Using a Medication Management Service

6 Great Benefits of Using a Medication Management Service

Prescription medications are a critical piece of life for many people. In fact, statistics show that almost 70% of Americans take prescription medications. These medications can drastically reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life for patients. However, managing these medications can be a bit of a chore.

Medication management services can help alleviate the various aspects of medication upkeep. The benefits that this service provides can vary from person to person but six of the potential benefits are described below.

1- Early Detection of Side Effects

While prescribed medications are intended to mitigate a health problem, they can cause negative unintended effects. Regularly following up with a professional after starting a new medication can help track and determine side effects early. Early detection of these negative effects means the medication can be decreased or stopped quickly and safely. While everyone thinks they would notice these effects on their own, it is sometimes easier for someone else to. Additionally, professionals will be familiar with the possible side effects and be able to consider them objectively while weighing them with the patient’s individual baseline.

2- Increased Accountability

For some patients, it can be difficult to remember to take their medication regularly and as instructed. This is especially true for people who are younger who may be new to taking medications or individuals that are experiencing cognitive decline. It may be beneficial for these clients to know that they will be checking in with a professional about their medication.

3- Maintaining the Medication

Similar to the previous point, many medications have routine requirements. These can include various labs to ensure that the drugs don’t negatively impact critical lab values. For other drugs, these routine drug maintenance steps could be vital sign verification or scans. It can be easy to forget to schedule these things along with everything else that goes on in life, but a medication management professional can help ensure these important steps are kept.

4- Staying Up to Date

Professionals who perform medication management services stay up to date on the latest studies and medications that are available. They are also knowledgeable about how many patients they see who are taking which drug for what condition and with what success rate. Talking with them regularly can create an opportunity to discuss possible medication alternatives.

5- Tracking Improvement

Noticing the presence of side effects is one thing. However, it is equally important to notice when your quality of life has been improving. Medication management services highlight to patients that the medications are receiving the benefits of the drugs. For patients, they may not feel drastically better all at once. It may be a gradual improvement that is difficult to notice. Speaking to a professional and tracking symptoms can create a sense of tangible improvement. Discussing life since starting, decreasing, increasing, or stopping a medication can bring to the surface things that can easily be taken for granted. This could be realized during a session that the patient has been able to walk a mile once a week instead of once a month.

6- Ensuring the Drug is the Best Fit

Different medications for the same condition can have different mechanisms of action, meaning that they bind to and interact with the body in different ways. Since patients can experience the same symptoms but have different drug interactions, determining the best drug for the patient can take trial and error. Tracking progress and side effects, while weighing in the maintenance of the drug can help ensure that the drug is improving the patient’s life to the fullest extent. If the benefits do not outweigh the side effects, medication management can help determine different possible medications that could be a better fit.

Medications can be an inconvenience, but they are necessary for many people. Medication management services are a convenient and low-risk way to ensure that medications are properly managed and offer full benefits. These services can include organizing medications, setting reminders for doses, and providing education about potential side effects and interactions.