5 Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Mens health

Premature ejaculation can occur for a variety of reasons, or for absolutely no reason whatsoever. As it stands, there’s no specific guaranteed cure for the condition. Nor is there a realistic way of predicting and preventing it from occurring in the first place.

On the plus side, there are countless ways and means by which premature ejaculation can be effectively treated and managed. It’s simply a case of acknowledging the problem as early as possible and seeing which of the available treatment methods works best for you.

The following five coming most highly recommended from professionals worldwide:


  1. Delay sprays and creams

Often referred to as topical anesthetics, delay sprays and creams offer a quick fix which can be used as and when required.  The products are simply applied to the penis, reducing sensation within around 10 minutes and delaying ejaculation. Typically safe for most men, no prescription is required and such products are extremely affordable. The obvious downside being that loss of sensation inherently reduces sexual pleasure for one or both partners.


  1. Natural behavioural techniques

It’s also possible to effectively treat premature ejaculation by altering your approach towards sex in general with psychological therapies. For example, simply having sex on a more regular basis can prove surprisingly effective, as can masturbating an hour or so before sex. Experimenting with different positions could also have an impact, while wearing one or more condoms can also delay ejaculation effectively.


  1. Medication

When it comes to medication, it’s important to only ever begin a course of treatment after consulting with a qualified professional. There are various medications on the market designed to help treat premature ejaculation, from prescription medicines to herbal remedies and so on. Priligy tablets for premature ejaculation are widely recognised as the most effective of all medications available, having shown significant and ongoing benefits in clinical trials. Once again however, consulting with a professional beforehand comes highly recommended.


  1. Numbing condoms

Along with delay sprays and creams, it’s also worth trying numbing condoms.  Specifically designed to delay ejaculation, numbing condoms are coated with a substance that has a very mild anaesthetic property. The layer of material in conjunction with the substance reduces sensation to such an extent as to help prolong performance and delay ejaculation. Quality and effectiveness vary significantly from one product to the next. There are also penis-numbing wipes (Benzocaine wipes) now available.


  1. Master oral sex

Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that in a technical sense at least, the penis doesn’t have to come into the equation if looking to provide the ultimate pleasure to a partner. There are countless other ways of satisfying a partner in the bedroom – oral sex being one of the most effective by far. Perfect the art of oral sex and you’ll soon find yourself delivering all the pleasure in the world, without having to worry about premature ejaculation. What’s more, the confidence you’ll build in the bedroom will further aid your ability to last longer.