5 Ways Lumineers Can Transform Your Smile

Lumineers are a convenient way to cosmetically improve teeth. These lightweight porcelain veneers use state of the art technology to provide a thin shield around a patient’s teeth. Many dentists specialize in providing Lumineers to change a person’s smile. A person considering Lumineers might ask what Lumineers can do. In fact, they can transform your teeth beyond the cosmetic and help you maintain strong healthy teeth. They can provide a number of practical benefits to improve tooth quality, including a more confident and attractive smile. Here are the best ways Lumineers can transform your smile.

Whiten Teeth

The main benefit to Lumineers is they can whiten your teeth. The Lumineers fit over your teeth and affect the shade. Over time, your teeth become stained from food and wear. The Lumineers can take that discoloration and make it seem like new. While other veneers also make your teeth seem unnaturally white, Lumineers can retain a realistic look. With the advisement of your dentist, you can even choose various shades of white so that the color looks more natural. You can also have some level of control on the brightness vs whiteness. This makes Lumineers a wonderful alternative to chemical whiteners to make sure your teeth always look pearly.

Fix Chipped Teeth

Lumineers can be a practical solution to fix chipped teeth. Chipped teeth can not only be unsightly, they can make eating awkward and even painful. This is one of those dental issues that should not be ignored. After consulting with a dentist, Lumineers can round out the chip, creating a more uniform surface. Lumineers can also improve your tooth quality by protecting fillings and other dental corrections. All the handiwork needed to keep your teeth in good repair can be obscured by a beautiful new smile. The Lumineers can provide both practical protections, while also making your smile look like new.

Painlessly Transform Your Smile

Unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers are easy and painless to install. Lumineers are so thin that they can be attached directly to the teeth. These can be put in with two dental visits. The first visit scans your teeth to create perfectly measure Lumineers. The second visit installs them. There is no drilling required. That means there are no painful or invasive procedures. On top of that, your teeth don’t lose any of their current enamel. Since nothing is removed, there is no recovery time or period of sensitivity like with traditional veneers. This easy installation makes Lumineers more practical than traditional veneers. As long as you find a good dentist, the transformation should be relatively smooth.

Fix Crooked Teeth

Lumineers can also fix crooked or mismatched teeth. The Lumineers can be constructed to fill in gaps around teeth. These gaps can not only disfigure your smile, they can make eating awkward as your chew. Lumineers can solve this issue for you. According to Trudentfamilydentistry.com, a Miami FL dental practice,“When a variety of tooth imperfections are a concern, this treatment can be used to transform a smile.” Filling these gaps will create a clean and even surface for chewing and wonderful full smile to show the world. This can also serve as a substitute for disfiguring braces to bend the teeth back into place. However, you will still have to maintain proper oral hygiene so that your teeth do not meet other issues later on. This will take care of your Lumineers and oral hygiene properly.

Reversible Transformation

Unlike other veneers, Lumineers are completely reversible. If you go through the painless application process and do not like the stunning transformation of your teeth, they can be easily removed. While veneers are permanent since they drill into the teeth and remove enamel, Lumineers just have to be taken off. This also makes it easy to have additional dental procedures without damaging the Lumineers. A transformation in smile can seem like a trap if you can’t change back. Lumineers promise that unless you are completely satisfied, you can always reverse the transformation.

Lumineers offer many options for improving your smile. They can reduce the look of stains on your teeth and offer various shades of white. They can round off chipped teeth and hide dental repairs. Lumineers are easier and less painful to install then traditional veneers. They can fill gaps between crooked teeth. They can even be reversible if you don’t care for how they transform your smile. All these reasons combined make Lumineers a great option to improve the look of your teeth.