5 Simple Tips to Boost Sex Drive with Low Testosterone

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Sometimeswe found ourselves unable to perform sexually and don’t have the lust for sex as usual; life is busy and tiring and sex needs concentration.

Men and women are different. Women have a complete set of hormonal andemotional needs that must be satisfied to get in the mood for sex while mendepend on the testosterone level which plays a major role in the sexual desireand performance. That is why our modern life is one of the worst things for agood sexual performance because this too much stress lowers men’s testosteronelevel.

Because of our modern life, a new syndrome called Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS)has appeared. This syndrome does not only mean low libido or decreased desirefor sex, but also includes low emotional response, no motivation for sex,changes in personality, stress, depression, and anxiety.
It is one of the main reasons of addictive, destructive behaviors such asgambling, alcohol addiction, or work addiction.   

If you are a man and suffering from what I just mentioned, know that there areabout 13 million men who also suffer from low testosterone levels and thenumber is increasing. 

Testosterone is not only important for libido, but it also essential for thehealth of our hearts, for a good sugar level in our blood, and for the healthof our bones too. Low testosterone level leads to cardiovascular diseases, type2 diabetes mellitus, and pathological bone fractures.

Modern life is not just killing penises; it is also killing men themselves. Ina study done on about 1000 men, men with low testosterone levels had a highermortality rate than men who have high or normal testosterone level.    
Low testosterone level can be fatal.

So now the question is What Should Men Do If They Have Low TestosteroneLevel?
First of all, get diagnosed. If you suffer from weight gain, lassitude, loss ofmuscles, abnormal baldness, deficiency in libido, and other abnormal symptoms,go to a doctor and get checked.    

In this guide, we have collected 5 tips to elevate your testosterone levelagain which subsequently will improve your sex drive and your general health.Your doctor will probably recommend them too.

1. Get Some Sun or The Importance of Vitamin D for Your Sex Health:
Everyone is talking about the importance of vitamin D for our overallhealth. Researchers found that vitamin D is one of the essential and most importantvitamins providing our bodies with a lot of health benefits including boostingmen’s testosterone level.
Check one of the studies showing the effect of vitamin D on the testosteronelevel from here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21154195.

That is why vitamin D deficiency is a big problem.
You have three options to increase your intake of vitamin D.
• Eating vitamin D-natural foods such as Spinach, Kale, Okra, Collards, Soybeans,White beans, and Some fish, like sardines, salmon, perch, and rainbow trout.
• Taking vitamin D supplements daily. Consult your doctor about the properdosage.
• Get more sun. Our sun rays will provide you with your needs of vitamin D. Sunis a known natural therapy in even some cases of infertility.

2. Exercise Regularly:
They say that walking for 10 minutes daily protects you from going to thedoctor and they are right. Exercising regularly is a great way to prevent allthe diseases associated with our modern lifestyle. One of the great benefits ofexercise is that it elevates your testosterone level too.

A study made on a large group of men found that men who exercise on regularbasis have higher testosterone level than the rest of men. They also havebetter sexual performance in bed and they can last longer.

Another study found that people who suffer from obesity show a significantimprovement in their overall health especially their sex life when they includephysical activity to their weight loss trials; not only depending on improvingthe quality of their diet.

The best forms of exercise to boost your testosterone level are weightliftingand high-intensity interval training. It elevates it on both the short and longterms.

It is also recommended to take caffeine and creatine monohydrate supplementsalong with your training program to reach the maximum level of testosteronelevel.

3. Lower Your Stress Level:
Long-term stress is one of the worst things and is considered fatal accordingto all researches.
Stress elevates the level of cortisol and cortisol decreases the level oftestosterone; that is what stress does. 
Cortisol also increases appetite so your level of food intake will increase soyou will gain more weight. Having high levels of fat decreases yourtestosterone level.
I know that lowering your stress level in our nowadays life is hard but it isworth trying. Decreasing the things that stress you no matter how small theyare will improve your overall health including your sexual healthsignificantly.

4. Sleep Well:
Having a good sleep at night is as essential for your overall health includingyour sexual health as a good diet and the regular exercise.
Sleep affects your testosterone level significantly. A study found that peoplewho sleep 5 hours per night have less testosterone level that other people whosleep more.
Another study was done on people who sleep only 4 hours per night for a longtime and found that they suffer from serious reductions of testosterone levels.

A study suggests that after sleeping five hours, every additional hour adds15% testosterone higher. 

It is recommended to sleep for at least 7 hours per night for your overallhealth and your testosterone level.

5. Avoid Things That Are Toxic to Your Testicles:
A lot of personal care products such as lotions, creams, and masks usephthalates, paraben, and other ingredients that are considered anti-androgenicsubstances. These substances disturb the hormonal balance within the bodyincluding testosterone.   
Find more natural alternatives and try to avoid these chemicals.

• The Conclusion:
These tips are simple and can be done in your everyday life to enhance your sexlife. However, if the problem still exists after trying these tips, it may bethe time to try a medication.

Tadalafil is one of the best medications for treating erectile dysfunction andimproving sexual performance. Having a great sex for several nights using amedication will boost your confidence until you no longer need a medication.
Read more about Tadalafil from here, purchase it, and give it a try: https://www.pharmica.co.uk/erectile-dysfunction/tadalafil. Also, check the reviews of the previous customers to make sure it is effective.