5 Most effective exercises

Does your daily workout really have an impact on your body? It all depends on the type of exercise you do and how you do them. Done right the 5 exercises presented in this article should get you result that you can feel and even friends around you will see the change over time. These exercises can be done at the gym or at home. Just give them a try, you will not regret it.


It is the easiest exercise but then, done right it works like magic. All you need is your pair of choose. You don’t have to walk long distance nor for long periods of time. You can start with a treadmill if you want and give yourself 10 minutes as a start. You can increase the amount of time spent on walking as you get used to it. Just be patient and consistent with the habit and the results will start reflecting on your body.


webmd_photo_of_trainer_doing_squatsIn appearance, squatting may look like a dumb type of exercise but it is only when you try it that you realize the impact it has on almost every part of your body. Squats works several muscles simultaneously (the quadriceps, the gluteals and the hamstrings).

To do a squat right, think of mimicking a situation where you were sitting on a chair, except this time, the chair is not there. Just keep your shoulders raised, push your torso slightly forward and progressively position yourself as if you were sitting on a chair. To prevent a situation where you fall, you can keep a chair below you and squat to the point where you are almost sitting on it but not quite. You don’t have to master this trick right from the first day.

You will certain see the effect this exercise has on your body.

Push ups

The reason why you should consider push ups is that it strengthens not only the core muscles on the upper side of your body, it shapes up your triceps, shoulders and chest. This is one of the exercises you want to do if you want to have a sexy body.

As a starter, you might consider keeping your knees on the floor but as you get used to it, you should try to have only the palm of your hands and your toes touching the floor. The rest of the body should hang in the air while you are pushing up and down. Your hands should be place slightly wider than the shoulder. Try to keep all your body engaged while performing this. The number of push ups to do will be up to you. You can increase that number over time.


160This is a good exercise for your abdomen. The right way to to it is to lye on your back having your feet flat, fully touching the ground. You head should be resting on both palms. The crunching movement should start with your head raising up, followed by your neck, the shoulder the the upper back.

Bent-Over Row

This is the kind of exercise you want to do to work on your major muscles including your biceps and upper back.

To do it , you have to stand with our feet slightly spaced out. Then bend your knees while holding a weight beneath your shoulders. In that position try to raise the weight towards your chest by bending your elbows and take it back down. Repeat this a number of time.

These very simple exercises can really shape your body if you keep working at them over time.