5 Healthy Meals to Try in 2022

The new year is right around the corner and with it comes all the exciting possibilities of what a new year can bring. Regardless of how you feel about new year’s resolutions, the truth is that once January 1st rolls around there’s a kind of energy that is just begging for you to try something new. 

For many people, this energy can become something unhealthy and feed into an emotional reaction that turns into one of those famed resolutions with an incredibly short halflife. Being able to step back, look over your last year and come to grips with where you are at and make a mature decision about change is challenging. Long-lasting change rarely takes place when it’s emotionally charged and done with little to no thought. 

For instance, deciding that you should try out a new diet or completely cutting out a loved food from your daily routine, may seem like a good idea but rarely pans into the long term. Going from having no gym membership to suddenly pressing yourself to multiple five a.m. sessions within the first couple weeks of the new year may not be the best strategy for success. 

Change Happens One Day At a Time

We believe that change is a good thing and when you want to see change happen in your health journey you should be empowered to do so. However, that change happens one day at a time with understandable goals and the proper motivation. 

At the Pressed Juicery we’ve developed tools like our juice cleanse to help you pursue your best health journey. Not only will our juice cleanse, but we also package it one day at a time because we believe in sustained, long-lasting change. Our juice cleanse is a great way to reset your health and even though we suggest a three-day cleanse you can purchase as many days as you want. Just want to do one – great! Get your footing and get the experience before coming back for a bigger commitment. 

Five Easy Meals to Introduce Real Change

As much as we love our juice and we know you will too, we are well aware of the fact that you can’t 100% of the time live off of them. So what kind of great, sustainable changes can be made to your daily food intake to help support your health goals? Here are five easy, delicious meals anyone can make that will help boost your day, improve your week and bolster your year to help you reach your goals! 

Tofu and Rice – and Everything Nice

Tofu and rice is a great way to start building off the classic meal of chicken and rice. Chicken and rice have been a staple meal in many cultures and substituting tofu is a great option to still experience this tried and true meal while choosing plant-forward nutrition. 

You don’t have to be boring either! Every culture has a unique way of making rice and tofu can be prepared with almost any herb, spice, or marinated you can think of! Do some easy research and make it delicious! 

Salad for the Season

Don’t roll your eyes! Salad is definitely on this list, but be creative with it! Go to your local whole foods, or even farmers’ market and dress your salad with what’s in season! If it’s spring – bring on the strawberries and feta cheese with a great vinaigrette. If it’s the fall, bring out the pecans and dazzle them with balsamic. 

Broth Soup

Soup season is really in the heart, not the temperature! Find easy, plant broth-based soup recipes that will help build your immune system and relax you after a long day. Broth soup is a powerful tool to have in your inventory and can be made in a variety of ways. 

Veggie Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries

Still wanna grill on a nice summer night and invite the neighbors over? Try out a veggie burger and some sweet potato fries for a more healthy option for grill night. It’s just as delicious and twice as nutritious! 

Juice Substitute Day

Learning the power of juice can be a life-changing way to introduce a new meal to your schedule! With our pressed juices, you can substitute a whole day’s worth of meals from time to time, helping cleanse your body and keep your health on track!