5 Healthy and Fresh Meal Ideas for the Whole Family

Sometimes, one of the most challenging daily tasks with taking care of a whole family is figuring out what to feed them! This isn’t easy to accomplish, as each day can be packed to the brim. In addition, careers, school, activities, friends, and day-to-day life can leave little to no time for preparing and cooking some days. What’s more, as your day gets more and more filled with essential things to do, the easier option of the drive-through can look more appealing. 

While there are moments in every family’s experience where the path of least resistance needs to happen, finding healthy and fresh meal ideas shouldn’t be daunting or intimidating. In fact, with My Fit Foods, you can get chef-curated, fresh, hand-crafted meals delivered to your door each week that will have you and your family happy and ready for what the week throws at you. 

These meals are guaranteed to be fresh, made with the best ingredients, taste amazing, and packed with nutrition. Here are five healthy and new meal ideas that the whole family can enjoy to help keep you and yours happy, healthy, and well-fed! 

Boujee Mac – A Family Favorite

What is better than mac-n-cheese? This family’s favorite meal has so much to love about it. Rich, creamy cheese, carb-rich noodles, and what’s more is that it’s just easy! A crowd favorite that will satisfy and leave your whole family feeling warm, complete, and happy. But what if mac-n-cheese could be made even better and have added nutritional value? 

That’s precisely what a boujee mac is! This mac-n-cheese-based dish is made with gluten-free pasta, a rich blend of parmesan and cheddar cheese, and topped with lean ground turkey. Seasoned with garlic, ground cumin and chipotle, and red onion, this will be an instant family favorite that will never disappoint. 

Don’t Forget the Most Important Meal of the Day.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. This is the first meal after fasting overnight, and it should be packed with the nutrition you need to start your day strong. While staples like cereal and pop tarts are always an option, here are some fresh ideas to start your day. 

Breakfast Tacos

These flour tortilla tacos are back the carbs and protein you need to have a great start to your day. Lean turkey, tasty bacon, egg, and much more make these breakfast tacos the most exciting part of waking up.

Bison Breakfast

Lean meats are such a great way to start your day. They give you the protein you need to make the most of your day, and pairing them with rich carbs like sweet potatoes gives you the added energy you need. Also, the bison breakfast is a great way to keep your family happy, complete, and ready for any day. 

Bison Shepherd’s Pie

Bison is an excellent protein for any meal of the day, and you won’t believe how good it tastes in a shepherd’s pie. Getting your daily serving of vegetables has never been easier or more delicious. This bison protein-based dish has cauliflower, peace, carrots, celery, green onions, and corn. Seasoned to perfection, this is the perfect meal to help your family get the veggies they need to stay strong and healthy. 

Switch it Up With Chicken Chimichurri

For those nights when you want something a little different, chicken chimichurri will create some raving fans. Perfectly seasoned chicken handcrafted chimichurri sauce and served on a bed of quinoa, this meal is high nutrition as it is incredibly delicious. 

The Comfort of Chili Without The Compromise

Lastly, Killuh Chili is a healthy version of one of the best comfort foods on the planet, chili. This incredible dish uses lean turkey to make a difference in nutritional value. It is still one of the best meals to serve on a cool fall day, but it has a total of only 8 grams of fat and an incredible 36 grams of protein. So when the weather is a little cooler, treat your family to their new favorite kind of chili that will have you wondering how you could ever go back to normal chili again! 


Feeding a family is no small task. There are different personalities and differences in taste, and it can be a lot to manage. Add a busy schedule and limited amounts of time, and it can seem nearly impossible to provide fresh, healthy meals for your family. WithThankfully, that’s not the case with My Fit Foods, you. It’s never been easier to help keep your family well-fed and satisfied. These incredible meals are a great way to help you take care of your family when, no matter what is coming your way.