5 Health Mysteries Dentists Will Be Able To Help Solve

Cleaning your teeth won’t just give you a nice smile. It’s going to help with other health conditions you might come up against. In some cases, spending a few minutes cleaning your teeth every day could save your life.

You probably don’t give your dentist enough credit. A dentist won’t focus all their attention on ensuring your teeth are clean and straight. Other parts of your body could be at risk, so let’s look at how they’ll be able to save you.

  1. Problems On Your Head

Trigeminal neuralgia affects the nerves sitting across your face. Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) come from the joint that connects your skull to the lower jaw. Your ears can become infected quite easily too.

If you suffer from any of these problems you might assume you have a toothache, but it’s just an illusion. When you visit a good dentist, they’ll be able to tell you where the pain is originating from and how to banish it.

  1. Inspecting Plaque Under Microscope

Patients with tooth problems are more likely to suffer from strokes and heart issues. It’s good to know if you have good or bad bugs in your plaque, which dentists will find out after inspecting with a microscope.

You probably won’t even realize you’re at risk before you visit the practice. After visiting a Toronto dental clinic, you could have decades added to your life. Don’t assume you’re 100% fine because you’re not in pain.

  1. Giving Off Deadly Toxins

Once you get a root canal treatment you have a dead tooth in your mouth, which doesn’t sound too healthy when you think about it. A dead tooth will eventually release terrible toxins that will travel all around you.

In most cases, your immune system will stop toxins from hurting you. That’s what it’s there for in the first place. Sadly, it doesn’t always work. But once an issue is spotted, your entire tooth can be extracted straight away.

  1. Helping With Pregnancies

Cosmetic dentists use fillings to make you look great, but what if they’re a little old? Dental fillings can be filled with mercury, which isn’t supposed to escape. It’s especially dangerous if you’re pregnant.

Mercury can travel into the fetus through the placental barrier, plus it’s going to affect your milk when you’re feeding. Thankfully, a good dentist will spot the problem and plug any gaps before it can cause more damage.

  1. Causing Sleep Disorders

If you breathe through your mouth when you sleep you’ll likely suffer from dry mouth, which can cause terrible tooth decay. It’s a vicious cycle because once your teeth hurt it’s even harder to fall asleep.

Your dentist might ask whether or not you’re sleeping okay. If they think you’re in so much trouble because of dry mouth, they could cure your sleeping troubles. You won’t have to endure bad headaches at work every day.

Keep Brushing And Flossing

I know it’s tough to brush and floss every day, but it’s worth it in the long run. Spend a few months trying to turn it into a habit.