5 Health Benefits of Percussive Therapy

No matter if we’re working a stressful or physically demanding job that requires us to work long
hours, participate in an athletic activity on a large scale, or even just a casual jogger, we all
need some time for recovery. Our muscles eventually get tired, tense, and worn down over time,
and we have to find ways to give them the rest and soothing that they deserve.

As you may have already discovered, this can be done through massage, stretching or a hot
bath, but these things can be a bit more time-consuming and sometimes we need a bit more
help to release the muscle tension.

This is where percussive therapy comes in. This form of therapy is usually found in the form of a
massage gun which works repeatedly. Here are just a few of them.

1. Reaches Deep into the Muscles

One of the biggest benefits of percussive therapy that sets it apart from vibrational therapy or
casual stretching is that it has the ability to reach deep into the muscle tissue for maximum
tension relief.

Sometimes you can feel an ache or pain built up deep into that muscle that you can’t seem to
work out, and percussive therapy can help with that.

2. Increases Blood Flow

The pressure of percussive therapy also assists in the recovery process by increasing blood
flow and circulation through your system. This gets your blood pumping (literally) and also
means that more oxygen is getting to your sore muscles, which in turn speeds up the healing
and recovery process.

3. Improves Range of Motion

When you think about it, tight joints usually mean limited movement. Your limbs can’t move
around freely when they’re stiff and tense, and that can make regular daily activities more
difficult than they need to be.

By using percussive therapy, you are loosening up those tight muscles and joints, making them
more malleable and easier to stretch.

As we mentioned before, the healing process for tears or damage in your joints is also sped up,
so you aren’t changing your movement patterns to protect your sore or injured joints and

muscles. This leads to more movability in your joints, making it easier to get around without your
muscles or joints holding you back.

4. Interrupts Pain Signals

Pain, though unpleasant, serves an important purpose in our body. It lets us know when things
could be going wrong somewhere in our bodies, triggering natural responses to protect
ourselves from possible dangers. It’s also a byproduct of intense exercise. Like they say, no
pain, no gain.

If you have a sudden, acute onset of pain, then you definitely need to seek medical attention.
But if the pain you experience is more of an overall soreness due to exertion during your
workout, that pain can just be an extra byproduct that provides you with little more than just a
nuisance. Percussive therapy helps with that extraneous pain using the sudden jolts of
movement to actually interrupt the pain signals sent to your brain from your sore muscles.

5. All-Natural Therapy

Many of us are trying to go a more natural, healthy route with our pain treatment. Typical NSAID
pain relievers that we may take to reduce soreness can have negative long-term effects on our
liver, stomach, and overall health. Since the percussive therapy provided by a massage gun is
immediate and chemical-free, there’s nothing going into your body that could cause issues
down the line.


Percussive therapy provides a myriad of different health benefits to not only relieve pain but also
promote healthy healing and more flexibility in your joints and muscles, making it the perfect
addition to your recovery routine.