5 Biggest Secrets of People Who Live Over 100

old people

Living to be over 100 is one of the most incredible milestones that people can aspire to achieve. And while genetics certainly come into play, research shows that people who lived over 100 often have the same lifestyle habits and choices that have contributed to their remarkable lifespans.

So what exactly are their secrets? Here are some of the things people have in common who live over 100.

They Have Positive Outlooks

Often people who live over 100 are not fixated on all of the things that could potentially go wrong. They are not obsessing over the fact that they will be gone one day. They don’t dread their funeral. They focus on gratitude and optimism, and often find joy in the little things. They have a positive outlook that contributes to their overall well-being, and they treat every day as if it’s a gift.  

Instead of assuming the worst, people over one hundred often tend to assume the best will happen. Think of optimism as a muscle— the more you practice, the more it will start to become an instinct. Everything will start to look brighter as a result, and ultimately things actually will start to get brighter! This is one of life’s biggest secrets!

They Eat a Balanced Diet

Diet plays a significant role in how healthy you are. You must consume a rich diet that provides plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Perhaps the most important is to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet.  This will keep your body strong and full of energy, ultimately supporting your overall health and immune function.  Take your vitamins, and you’ll find you live a lot longer than you would have otherwise.

They’re Active

Just because you’re someone who goes to the gym doesn’t necessarily mean you’re active. An active person is someone who is moving at every moment of the day— not just when it’s exercise time.  Whether it’s walking to work, or dancing in the middle of your living room, engaging in more physical activity at any opportunity you have is a great way to stay fit and promote physical fitness.

Not only does regular physical activity result in a more physically fit body, but it also results in a healthier mind. When you work out, you send more blood to your brain and improve your overall cognitive health. And if there’s one thing that serves to decline as you get older, it is often in your memory. So the more you can preserve that, the more likely you are to thrive over one hundred and beyond.

They Manage Their Stress

Effective stress management is critical for a healthy body and mind. People who live over 100 prioritize self-care not only physically, but also mentally. They take the time to deep breathe when they need to and focus on the positive when things seem negative. They also spend plenty of time in nature and engage in stress-relieving activities like yoga.

Besides being a more enjoyable state of mind, inner peace can also encourage a healthier body. Your cortisol levels are lower, and your blood pressure is lower, which means you have fewer chances for health concerns like heart attacks.  And statistics show that one of the number one killers for people over a certain age is heart attacks.

They Maintain Strong Social Connections

Social connections are critical if you hope to combat the feelings of loneliness which are often associated with older age.  Regular social interactions also promote mental stimulation which is incredibly important over a certain age.  Friendship and connection don’t just make you want to get up in the morning,  but they also give you hope when things feel hopeless.  

Connection makes you feel understood in a world full of misunderstood people.  So, call that friend you’ve been thinking of, send an email to someone you love, and make a coffee date once a week with your best friend.