4 Ways to Purity the Water You Drink

Water in its purest form runs through rivers, is frozen in ice glaciers, and even forms the steamy mist over hot water springs. The human body is made of a large percentage of water, and it constantly needs replenishing. Those concerned about the quality of water they consume are always curious to know how they can find a purer source. Is it the newest and latest bottled water company that offers the answer, or should you build a well on your private property? Here are four ways to ensure that you always get the purest water possible.


1. Use a Water Filtering Straw

While you are on the go, you might not always be able to get water from the purest sources. Water filtering straws are typically used when people go camping or simply don’t know where they are going to find water. There are also varieties that can be used with plain tap water that may contain a lot of harsh chemicals and metals. These straws improve the flavor of tap water exponentially.

2. Invest in a Better Home Water Filtration System

Maybe you have one of those filter water pitchers you keep in the refrigerator, or perhaps you boil all of your water before drinking it. There are steps that the average person can take to have better tasting, clear, crisp, clean water without spending too much money. Then, there’s the fact that health-conscious people realize that water is simply not an area that you can skimp on. Between the water you drink, bathe in, and wash your clothes with, you might also need a filtration system that sanitizes the water you water your plants with. Find a filtration system that uses reverse osmosis so that your home water system is fresh, clean, and free-flowing. These types of water filtration systems can be installed easily and quickly, so there won’t be any downtime.

3. Add a Natural Water Purifying Agent

This method doesn’t involve getting any sort of manufactured water purifying product that contains multiple ingredients. Instead, you can have access to cleaner, purer water by adding ingredients like lemon juice, cucumber, or ginger. Fresh herbs like mint have microbial qualities, enhancing the flavor and purity of the water you drink. Of course, you can just use any old water to start with, but natural purifying agents can definitely make lower quality water more palatable.

4. Make Your Own Water Filter

With some coffee filters, a bit of cheesecloth, and perhaps some smooth stones, you can make your own water filtration system to use at home. Now, this might not be a water filtration system that you use to source drinkable water. Instead, it could be something that you set up outside to help remove the sediment from rainwater before using it to put in a koi pond or even a saltwater pool.

Water is the most important thing that you put in your body each day. Unlike food, you can’t go without water for too long. So, pay attention to how you are sourcing your water. With better quality water, your body will function at peak performance levels.