4 Things To Do If You’ve Just Been Diagnosed With ADHD As An Adult


While most people might think of ADHD as a diagnosis that people get as children- many adults don’t get diagnosed with this until well into their adulthood. And while this diagnosis might make sense to you now looking back on your life and the challenges that you’ve gone through. Knowing what to do with this diagnosis now can be difficult for many people.

To help you get through this and use this diagnosis to your advantage now, here are four things to do if you’ve just been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. 

Be Prepared For All Kinds Of Emotions

When getting diagnosed with anything that requires treatment and can affect your quality of life, there’s always going to be a lot of emotions that will come along with that. So if you find yourself experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions after your diagnosis, know that this is to be expected.

For many people, finally having something that they can pinpoint and work on can be helpful and grounding. For others, knowing how to integrate ADHD into your life can be overwhelming. And still, for others, getting diagnosed with ADHD can feel like a heavy burden they now have to carry. Whatever it is you’re feeling and however those feelings change over time should be welcomed and worked through to help you come to terms with this new diagnosis. 

Speak To Your Doctor About Starting Medication

Now that you have your diagnosis of ADHD, you may want to speak with your doctor about getting on medication. Not everyone needs or wants to be medicated relating to their ADHD diagnosis. However, finding the right medication can often help to mitigate some of the symptoms of ADHD. So if medication is what you think you want, make sure you speak with your doctor about your options. 

In most cases, stimulants will be used to help manage your ADHD from a medication standpoint. Keep in mind, however, that there are so many medication options available. It can take a while to find the right medication and dosage that you and your healthcare provider are comfortable with. So be prepared for some trial and error here. 

Start Seeing A Psychotherapist

Something else that can be helpful as you seek to manage your ADHD is working with a therapist and receiving psychotherapy. The right therapist can help you understand your diagnosis and what it means for your life. Learn how to work through certain processes to help you work with your diagnosis rather than against it. And come to terms with all that you’ll feel and experience now with your diagnosis. 

Therapists have worked with people with the same diagnosis and way of thinking for years. They’ll have a lot of experience with implementing strategies to help you during this time. They may also be able to set you up with support groups, suggestions for alternative therapies, and more. 

Consider Working With An ADHD Coach

Another option for helping you work with your new ADHD diagnosis could be to work with an ADHD coach

ADHD coaches, while sometimes licensed mental health professionals, are people who have experience helping others become successful while coping with ADHD. They can help you learn how your ADHD diagnosis can best be managed based on your personality and way of life. They can assist you in learning how to be more productive. Give you tricks for better organization. And finding creative ways to meet all of your other needs that can sometimes be harder to do with ADHD. Their training and experience can be invaluable. Lastly, having more people in your corner helping to support you is never going to be a bad thing. 

If you’re an adult who’s recently been diagnosed with ADHD for the first time, consider using the tips mentioned above. It will help you learn how to come to terms with your diagnosis. More importantly, find ways to be productive and happy in life.