4 Foods to cut out of your diet – today!

Holistic Nutrition

We do this to people that are bad, but when it comes to food we avoid even wanting to talk about it. But there are just some foods that we should cut out of our diets, simply since they are extremely unhealthy and could hurt our health and over-all well being.

Another issue for many is that if you cut one food, like sugar out of your diet, then you will eventually start to fill that gap with foods that are similar. Therefore, in the end you are doing the same mistake but just with another food item. Nonetheless, here are the list of the four food items you should drop from the grocery list.

1 All those sugary soft drinks

You see, our bodies metabolizes sugar in a different manner than what our bodies metabolizes solid foods. When we consume a sugary food, the sugar is mixed with complex carbohydrates or grains and typically with some fat and protein such as eggs or even butter, which reduces its entry into our bloodstream. But, now, when we consume sugary drinks such as sugary coffee, pop, or even fruit juices, the sugar is not buffered by fat, fiber, or protein. However, the liquid enters the bloodstream much more quickly; causing a blood sugar spike and it can also lead to weight gain.

Furthermore, as soft drinks and juices do not need to be broken down or chewed for that matter, in our digestive track, our bodies do not recognize these calories as food intake, which leaves us feeling hungry so we consume more. Even worse is that some drinks that are high in fructose corn syrup, such as soft drinks or energy drinks, can be even more damaging. There can be different effects that occur in our bodies, one is a fatty liver disease, plus a speed path to obesity.

If you think that artificial sweetener are better, well they are not. Research studies have found that these could set the stage for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

The best option is to drink water with a fruit like an apple.

2 Processed fats

Many people still think that saturated fats are bad, well they are not. Trans fat are the bad ones.

Firstly, the molecules in fat does not enjoy being processed. More so, it takes a lot of processing to turn a mono- or polyunsaturated fat into a solid-at-room-temperature fat. In addition, producers tend to use outright cheap oils in their products; such as sunflower, canola, cottonseed, and safflower oils. These oils are often pro-inflammatory and can worsen a whole host of inflammatory conditions; such as acne, arthritis or even asthma.

It would be best to remove all highly processed fats and oils from your diet. Then go for less processed fats like butter and olive oil.

3 Corn, soy, and canola

Just as gluten is bad, so is corn. More so, to the list one can add soy and canola. This is partly since these crops are genetically modified (GMO). To make the things even more confusing is that labeling laws are not clear. Many producers are using this loophole to market and sell their products.

The research on GMOs and its impact on our bodies are still outstanding. Some research on animals have shown that GMOs could lead to infertility. Therefore, the safety of GMOs are still unclear. Therefore, until some proper research have shown their effect on our bodies it would be wise to leave tham out of the diet.

4 Factory-farmed meat and farmed salmon

Most farming practices are a bit questionable. For instance, in cattle farms where they are over-crowed they are fed antibiotics. Antibiotics can leave an antibiotic residue in the meat of the animal. When you are eating your steak, you then also consume these antibiotics with your meat. The issue is that some research studies have found that ingesting low amounts of antibiotics regularly can influence your body very similarly as what prescription antibiotics can do. This means that our gut health will start to suffer as these antibiotics start to kill off our good bacteria in our guts. The result of that is a lower metabolism.

It is not just the cattle industry that can have these type of effects on our bodies, but farmed shrimp and salmon can do the same.

It is best to go for grass fed cows. These meats are normally a bit more expensive, true, but so much healthier for our bodies.

The ending remark

These are just four items to start with. They are major items to remove from the diet, nonetheless. Other items could be gluten. Nevertheless, let us not stretch it too far. Still, if you cut those four things out of your diet, then you should feel more energized, your skin should be more clearer and healthy looking, but you could avoid some lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes.