4 CBD Health Benefits That Are Proven by Science

Natural supplements and remedies can provide many benefits typically associated with expensive, complex, and potentially dangerous prescriptions and medicines. Being able to rely upon natural, affordable alternatives where possible is not only a matter of wellbeing but also one of practicality.

Ultimately, there are many organic or natural supplements on the market with peer-reviewed data showing they provide tangible health benefits. While not every supplement marketed as being beneficial has the evidence to back it up, substances like CBD do have both personal accounts and testimonials in conjunction with scientific evidence in select cases.

As such, let’s examine 4 specific health benefits that CBD has been proven to provide.

Anti-Anxiety Benefits

The effects that anxiety can have on day-to-day life are immense. This crippling condition can make it difficult to socialize with friends and family, and can also cause depressive episodes on a chronic basis.

CBD has been shown to help control these effects, functioning as an anti-anxiety medication of sorts. Given that standard treatments for anxiety involve medications that produce a world of side effects (including high blood pressure, insomnia and sexual dysfunction, to name a few), it’s not surprising that many would seek an organic alternative like CBD to treat their anxiety issues.


Pain Relief

While many do not know it, the human body has what is referred to as the endocannabinoid system, complete with receptors dealing with immunity and pain. Via the use of CBD, the human body’s receptors bind to it, providing meaningful pain relief in a variety of situations.

CBD’s most notable pain-related benefit is the reduction of inflammation, which is often the primary cause of pain. While CBD may not provide pain relief to injuries such as cuts and scrapes, internal pain factors can significantly reduce or even be eliminated through its use.

Improved Memory and Brain Health

The human mind is a wonderful thing; it remembers everything we see, do and feel. However, as we age, its faculties begin to decline. For some, these declines are so severe that illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s can take hold.

Studies have shown that CBD can safeguard critical components of the brain against decay, including both general brain cells and mitochondria (known as the power plants of the cell). CBD’s interaction with the brain can also increase the efficiency of the body’s processes in removing damaged brain cells. For those already suffering from memory loss disorders, CBD can help manage the symptoms.

Anti-Seizure Assistance

Arguably the most notable, scientifically-backed health benefit of CBD is its ability to reduce or eliminate seizures. Many states began changing laws regarding CBD and other related substances several years ago due to the effects that the supplement has on these medical conditions.

Rarer forms of epilepsy – like Dravet syndrome – can be mitigated substantially thanks to CBD’s ability to slow down signals bombarding the brain. This in turn dramatically reduces or stops altogether the instances of seizures that make normal daily life impossible.

While much research on CBD will undoubtedly occur in the coming years, some benefits have been medically and scientifically proven already. These benefits are but a few examples of the many meaningful changes millions of people are reporting through their use of CBD. Who knows, it may be able to help you, too!