3 Ways to Stay Active and Avoid Inflammation

One aspect of pursuing health and fitness that can be a challenge to a lot of people is dealing with issues of inflammation. Inflammation is the reaction that the body naturally has to some kind of strain or damage. At times inflammation can be uncomfortable, or even painful. It can also present visually with swelling and redness. Sometimes inflammation is the result of infection and it can also be the result of some kind of damage like a strained muscle or sprained ligament or joint. 


Some people, like athletes, may have to deal with inflammation more than others due to the rigorous exercise and strain they put their bodies through. For those who are very active, finding ways of recovering and supporting your body so that you can mitigate inflammation is key. For older people, inflammation may also be an issue that they deal with on a regular basis. As the body ages, it can become more prone to injury when it comes to exercise and fitness.


Thankfully though, there are ways that you can continue to pursue your best health and fitness, while also mitigating inflammation and avoiding injury. If you have been curious about how you can stay active and avoid inflammation, here are three tips you need to look into. 

  1. Proper Support

One of the best ways to make sure that you take care of your body while you pursue your fitness is by practicing good posture, form, and proper support when necessary. Good form when doing any kind of exercise is absolutely necessary. When you don’t have proper form, it’s easy to put inappropriate stress on areas of your body and strain or even hurt your muscles. 


Not properly supporting your body with good posture can lead to everything from minor discomfort to serious injury. One way that you can practice good posture, is by using supporting techniques like a back brack, or even a knee or elbow wrap. These devices are specifically designed to be lightweight and worn during your exercise. What a supportive brace does, it helps to align your muscles correctly as you exercise so that you don’t suffer injury due to bad posture.


A brace is meant to help you prevent injury which could lead to uncomfortable inflammation, as well as help support muscle memory. As your muscles stay in alignment and you practice good posture, they will develop a memory that will help you achieve good posture even without the brace. 


Braces can also be very good support for areas of your body that are naturally weak or recovering. For example, a back brace is something that can help you exercise if you have a naturally weak back or recovering from an injury. 

  1. Recovery Day is Necessary

For any level of fitness, whether you are just beginning this journey or you are an avid enthusiast, recovery day is a necessity! What exactly is a recovery day? This is a great question. A recovery day is a day where you let your body rest and recover from the stress of your normal exercise routine. 


While it may seem like this is only something that should be practiced by people training in lifting weights, or athletes, the truth is that a recovery day is necessary for all levels of fitness. The most important part of building strength is giving your body the ability to rest and heal from the exercises that you keep up with. A recovery day is essential for growing stronger muscles and restoring your energy. If you are engaging in any kind of exercise routine, make sure and prioritize at least one day of solid rest and recovery.

  1. Your Diet Matters!

When it comes to health and fitness, most people have developed an involuntary twitch around the word ‘diet’. It’s unfortunate that an unhealthy diet culture has robbed this word of the powerful meaning that it has. Making sure that your diet supports your body’s ability to fight inflammation doesn’t have to look like going hungry, or not eating things you want to eat.


Instead, making sure that your diet has things like olive oil, leafy greens, tomatoes, and nuts is a simple way of supporting your body’s natural ability to fight off inflammation. This can be a delicious addition to your normal eating routines and doesn’t have to be anything restrictive or hard to achieve! 


Finding ways of mitigating or avoiding inflammation while you pursue your health and fitness is possible. With the proper tools like back braces that support good structure, adherence to rest days, and the right diet – you can do it!