3 Medicinal Uses of Marshmallow Root

Recently, plants have been explored as sources of potential chemicals that can help alleviate certain medical conditions. Hence, without having to delay, many folklores and cultures are adept in this field. Taking herbs is as old as time itself.

Most buyers do not check through product ingredients, but this won’t be strange if you are the type that does. The reason is that you tend to find many ingredients that you do not expect to see in the product.

However, one such product is a marshmallow root. The presence of this substance in skin care products has been noticed. Hence, this content identifies marshmallow root.

The marshmallow, in this case, is not the usual domestic meal you are thinking of. Instead, it is a herb that is cultivated in temperate climates. It is indigenous to European natives and has been used for over a millennium as a medicinal herb.

Dried and sliced marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis) in wooden scoop

The medicinal benefits of Marshmallow Root

Several benefits have been related to this natural root, one of these benefits is its use against cough and congestion. Also, it is used against aches, body pain and can help to promote digestion. 

Nevertheless, this root’s popularity has been because of its use in skincare products. Hence, three benefits of the root in this field will be discussed expressly.

One of the significant benefits of this root is skin hydration. However, it isn’t the only benefit. Here are others:

It helps to relieve skin irritation

The marshmallow root has been observed to exert an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Hence, it helps to relieve irritation caused by eczema, dermatitis, and other skin-related


Studies and researches have been carried out to confirm this effect. Hence, this is the first medical use that will be considered.

Although the effectiveness of an ointment containing only marshmallow roots is currently debated, evidently, its anti-inflammatory effect is more when used with a synthetic anti-inflammatory drug.

Promote overall skin health

When treating a skin or merely trying to watch out for your skin health, marshmallow root is a substance you can trust in your ointments. You know that you do not cut off the root and rub it on your face. The root is made into an extract that is mixed with your ointments and syrups.

The first primary function of marshmallow roots is their ability to keep the skin hydrated and plump. Therefore, preventing dry skin and helping the skin smoothening out.

Scientifically, it has also been supported as an ingredient for UV skincare products. Hence, the next time you see marshmallow roots as an ingredient in a product, be aware of its benefits.

It may act as a pain reliever

Other research has shown marshmallow roots as an essential analgesic when relieving pain. Hence, this may cause the plant material to be included in analgesic related products. So, if you find it in a balm or salve, know that the compound’s function is to cause pain relief.

These are the three medicinal uses of marshmallow root that will be discussed in this article. Be aware that the root functions as a skincare substance, a drug, and a research interest.

Possible side effects

Similar to every existing drug, natural herbs also have side effects. However, these side effects are minor as compared with synthetic drugs. Some of the possible adverse effects of using an ointment or cream containing marshmallow roots are that:

The first noteworthy effect is that it can cause fatigue and upset your stomach. Also, a topically applied marshmallow room product can cause skin irritation. Hence it is expected to take the patch test for safety. Moreover, taking enough water when using the liquid extract can help to minimize these effects.