Stress Management Activities, Meditation, and Holistic Health Resources for Relaxation

Meditation, Relaxation, and Stress Management Activities

Meditation and holistic healthcare go together. When you learn how to relax and reduce stress your body heals
better, you sleep better, and are better able to cope with life challenges that may come your way.

You will find an assortment of articles to assist you in creating more balance in your life, from grounding
meditation tools, to a popular relaxation foot spa that also revitalizes your body. Read the following article
on meditation, and scroll to the bottom of the page to read great articles on stress reducing products.

Grounding Meditation Setting

If you wish to learn how to reach a grounded and peaceful meditative state your location when meditating should
be quiet, restful and still. The atmosphere should be serene, with no sense of hurriedness. A clean pleasant
place that is suggestive of inner exploration. Free of interruptions.

Your body should be clean and properly nourished. Take a moment and refresh yourself, and visit the restroom
before beginning. Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes that will allow you to breath and sit comfortably.
Stretch out any tension in your muscles, coordinate your stretching with your breath.

Sit comfortably, using a proper chair or meditation cushions. It is important for the body to be comfortable
and quiet so that the mind can focus on the internal process of meditation. Comfort never distracts the mind.
Sit down comfortably in a manner that allows your head, neck and truck to be in straight alignment. It is
preferable to not lean against walls or the backs of chairs. However, if your back and abdominal muscles
are weak, you will need the support of a chair or wall.

Still yourself by breathing in gently through your nose. Let your abdomen rise and fall with each breath.
The abdomen expands during inhalation and then collapses during exhalation. Your shoulders stay quiet and
still. Continue to breath as you feel all the restlessness, itchiness and tension melt away.

If you have trouble sitting still for meditation for five minutes, much less five hours, join the club. There
are ways to accomplish your goal.

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