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Find information on breastfeeding and guidance on other common parenting worries.

Learn about healthy baby supplies from trusted sources, and thoughtful gifts for the new mother in your life.

Whether you are looking for baby lotions and shampoos, maternity clothing or baby to toddler clothes, toys,
strollers, rattles, diapers or just about anything else a baby or expectant mom might need, you are sure
to find resources here.

I’ve often thought that being a Mom is the hardest job on the planet practically speaking and spiritually,
and the most rewarding. We provide these resources to hopefully make the hard parts of the job easier so
you can enjoy more of the marvelous rewards of parenting.

I believe the children are our future and really respect those women who have chosen to bring new life into
the planet right now. Thank you. We need the glow, hope and enthusiasm of a new generation.

Children’s Health and ADHD Articles

  1. Dr. Leia on Possible Cause of Hives in Children and Correct Dosages of Vitamins
  2. Dr. Leia Discusses Ear Tubes for Children and Find Natural Remedies for Ear Health
  3. Dr Leia Discusses Body Odor in Children, Tests and Treatments
  4. Depression and ADHD in Children and Natural Remedies for ADD
  5. Prescription Medication Treatment for ADHD and ADD, the Risks and
    Side Effects
  6. Children with Symtoms of ADD Helped with Biofeedback Meditation Game
  7. Signs of Autism Symptoms in Children Increasing
  8. Nutrition for Kids Address Dietary Habits in Children
  9. Head Lice Remedy Safely Removes Louse from Body and Home
  10. Sweet Story About a Natural Bedwetting Solution

Resources for Parents Educating Their Children

  1. Ten Recommendations for Wise Parenting
  2. The Ultimate Teen Success Guilde: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
  3. Web Browsers for Kids
  4. Cash Flow for Kids
  5. Mind Time Cards for Teens Designed to Build Teen Self Esteem and Wisdom
  6. Dr. Leia on Healthy Snacking for Kids and Children’s Nutrition

Mother and Newborn Baby Articles

  1. Why Choose Hemp Baby Bedding Over Cotton?
  2. Disposable Diapers Versus Cloth Diapers
  3. Importance of Breastfeeding Your Baby and StretchMark Assistance
  4. Limit Exposing Babies to Carcinogens with Natural and Organic Baby Products
  5. Holistic Health Help for Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth
  6. Things to Know About Infant Carseat Safety
  7. Ideas for the Perfect Baby Shower – Hiring a Planner and Shopping for Baby
    Shower Gifts
  8. Newborn Baby Products – Safe and Toxic Free
  9. Learn about Japanese parenting and co-sleeping 

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