Resources for Online Screen Plays, Screenwriting, Art and Creativity

Creative Resources for Artists, Professional Writers, and Actors

Find resources to assist your creative spirit in the Visual or Performing Arts.

Visual Arts

  1. Fantasy and Gothic Angel Art
  2. Giclee Printers Create Inexpensive Art Reproductions
  3. Astrology Medicine Art for Balance, Integration and Healing
  4. Creativity Resources – Mandala Coloring Books for Meditation and Artistic Exploration
  5. Creating Personalized Low Cost Christmas Cards
  6. Creating Your Own Low Cost Jewelry

Performance Arts and Articles on Acting

  1. Vocal Training: 7 Common Singing Problems That Can Easily Be Overcome
  2. Music Pick, “State of Grace III” by Paul Schwartz is a Blend of Monastic
    Chants and Contemporary Zest!
  3. My Day With Jack Lemmon and James Garner – Filming My Fellow Americans
  4. Networking in Los Angeles – The Hampton Table
  5. Green Mile – Love of Life, Strength and Energy of Nature
  6. How to Have Great Self Esteem Through Acting
  7. Improv and Theatre Games for Fun and Enlightenment
  8. Networking in Los Angeles – The Hampton Table

Whether you are seeking a professional writing career, want to write your own
screen play, or just wish to enhance your creative spirit enjoy articles to ignite your creativity.

Help for Developing
Your Writing Skills

  1. Book Review: “Inspiring Creativity: An Anthology of Powerful Insights and
    Practical Ideas to Guide You to Successful Creating”
  2. The Road to Becoming a Professional Writer
  3. Tips on Writing, Gaining Readers, Getting Published and Overcoming Writer’s
  4. Tips for Planning What You are Going to Write – Scriptwriting and Master Writers
    Writing Course
  5. Professional Series for Writers – Importance of Tracking Your Writing Goals
  6. Daily Writing Tips and Getting Past Discouragement
  7. Ignite Creative Writing Ideas with Great Gifts for Writers

Screen Plays and Screen Writing

  1. Becoming a Professional Screenwriter and Screen Plays Online Class Provides
    Expert Advice from James Bonnet