Alternative Healing Therapies for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Alternative Health and Healing Modalities – Reiki, Foot Reflexology,
Polarity Therapy and Other Natural Therapies

Here is a sample of articles on various healing therapies, including alternative healing modalities that are becoming
more popular in all sectors of health and wellness…and some that are just emerging as viable and natural options
for creating a healthy body and life.


  1. Reiki Healing Treatments
  2. Reiki Bookstore – Reference and Energy Healing Theory Books
  3. Reiki Resources for New and Re-Emerging Healers
  4. Reiki – A Simple, Natural, Safe Method of Spiritual Healing

Foot Reflexology

Energy Healing and Various Alternative Healing Therapies

  1. Energy Healing Using Bach Flower Remedies
  2. Craniosacral Therapy Releases Restrictions and Balances the Body
  3. Cellular Therapy: Learn About Cellular Healing Modalities
  4. Sound Therapy Classes: Bio-Sonic Re-Patterning Video Study Program
  5. Learn Polarity Therapy – Associate Practitioner Video Course
  6. What is Play Therapy? Learn Techniques and Ideas
  7. Information on Crystals, Gemstones and Their Healing Properties

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