Healer – Dreams Work = Spirit – Things to Remember

Uplift Spiritual Growth and Acceleration and Create Your Light-Body
Upon The Earth

Tips for Easier Acceleration

Stay Connected: One of the most important things to remember, in the midst of all the
changes, challenges, and third-dimensional weirdness that are currently happening, is that you are not alone.
Staying in regular contact with members of your spiritual circle is vital. If you feel you don’t have a spiritual
circle, there can be no better time to create one. Reach out. Surround yourself with those of like mind,
and lean on them for support. Learn to ask for help when you need it. Don’t carry the load alone.

Utilize The Dream Time: Spirit is working with many during the wee hours of morning, when
the conscious mind has finally become quiet. You can ask for specific “medicine dreams,” for information
and guidance. If you are a healer, you may agree to work out-of-body during dream time. Much great work is
being done at this level. Your intent establishes the degree of Spirit involvement, so decide how you want
to participate, and let Spirit know. Dream time has always been Sacred Medicine, and it is absolutely vital
now. Absent healings, spiritual guidance, and messages are coming to all who will listen to their dreams.
If you work regularly with a certain healer, don’t be surprised if they begin to appear in your dreams.

Work Regularly with A High-Level Healer: Do this both to keep yourself clear and to increase
facilitation of new information. The best time to see a healer is before you need one. Get a spiritual tune-up,
to keep your vehicle in good running order. Also, take responsibility for listening to your body – through
pain, sleep changes, aches, accidents, spasms, and discomfort, it will communicate your state of balance
(or imbalance) quite precisely, once you remember the language.

Begin to be your own healer. Place your hands on the part of your body that aches or feels knotted up – ask
for information concerning the non-physical cause of any imbalance in the body. Pay attention to what you
intuit or see, such as a memory from childhood, or a certain thought. The images which flash through your
mind will not be random though, at first glance, they may seem unrelated to the physical challenge you face.
Explore, asking always for more information. Follow up at night, with requests for dream time clarification.

Consider A Long-Term Process: An integrative Breathwork series or weekly meditation class
will be good support now. By meeting with the same people again and again, you create an energy vortex by
the group intention, which allows more work, at an increasingly rapid pace.

Move Your Body: Free form dance and stretching are great ways to keep blockages to a minimum.
Dance or stretch while listening to lectures on tape, or subliminals. Also, integrate slow, rhythmic stretching
as part of your meditative process, along with toning. You will develop a new sense of your body, the ways
you hold tension, and the locations of “cell memories” that may need release.

Get to know your physical form and it’s ways of communicating imbalance or blockage to you. In particular,
get in the habit of stretching the neck and shoulders at any time you are tensing about a situation or potential
problem. You may be able to reach a point of clarity without developing undue stress, if you learn to keep
the energy moving throughout the mental process.

Utilize Music and Sound: Whether you play music by notes or not, try “Spirit Playing.” Sit
at the piano or drum and focus on an issue, blockage, question, or point of emotional energy in your life.
Take a few deep breaths and simply begin to play. Though you may have some initial resistance to this – the
mind saying it is impossible, or the fear of playing something that sounds discordant – the music will move
into a place of power within you if you allow it. Just play the energies, letting Spirit direct your hands
on the keys or your rhythm on the drum. At some point, you will know that you are actively channeling off
negatives, channeling in positives, or balancing something within yourself.

If you work as a healer, you may also find yourself channeling harmful emotions for others, so that they may
reach a point of balance. Do not be surprised if they call as you finish playing – it happens often here.
My husband, Mac, introduced me to this way of playing and it has proven to be a wonderful and powerful tool
for me. “Spirit Playing” has assisted in me in numerous absent healing situations, as well as helping
me, personally, to balance emotional disturbances in my own energy field.

Take a Megamineral Supplement: Our connection to Mother Earth (physically) has been incredibly
compromised by the leaching of vital minerals from our farmlands. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported
several decades ago, that vital nutrients were completely absent from the commercially farmed soil and, therefore,
absent from our fruits, vegetables, and grains. Trace minerals, which we used to get from our foods, are
not present in the previous quantities but can be easily replaced by taking a Colloidal
Minerals Supplement
. The effect of taking these minerals is that you will be more strongly connected
to Earth energies and more able to draw on them.

Daily supplementation with these formulas may only be necessary for a short time (it took me about a week
to feel a vibrating, solid reconnecting with the mineral energies of the earth), after which time you may
only need to take the minerals every other day, twice weekly, etc. Let your body dictate the dosage.

Women – Begin Moontime Isolation This Month: If you are unfamiliar with the practice of
spiritual isolation during the menstrual cycle, or The Way of The Sacred Moon Lodge. This
is the single-most important thing you can do, for yourself and for the planet. Your spiritual knowledge
will greatly expand, and your body will receive tremendous acceleration and healing when you permit yourself
this time to renew and to pray. If you are past the time of your Moon cycle, or have had a hysterectomy,
you will still benefit greatly by committing to a monthly time of isolation. Begin simply, and gently.

Men – Support Women in Your Life Who Wish to Isolate: Take over the chores, errands, cooking,
childcare, whatever they would normally have to do, for a agreed upon time so that this Sacred prayer and
visioning time can be a reality in your life, through their prayers. Assist those women in your home and
at your place of work who practice the Moon Lodge way. If living with a woman who wishes to enter the Moon
Lodge, take over whatever tasks would normally be done by your mate and allow her this time of complete isolation.
By giving respect to this sacred and powerful time, you will help to heal an imbalance that has damaged humanity.

You will also open your own feminine qualities of nurturing, intuition and creativity. Also, consider implementing
a regular isolation period for yourself. Men have a body cycle, similar to the woman’s, and could benefit
from a regular renewal time. It will be a real test of how willing you are to just “be.”

Have Creature Beings Around: Pets, and cats in particular, are wonderful medicine for
trying times. Stroking an animal can center, ground, and even lower blood pressure in some individuals. Animals
are great teachers, and will provide almost daily lessons for you. They can facilitate your dream time journeys
in new ways.

Excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: A Sacred Journey