Do You Know The Golden Ones? Is Extraterrestrial Technology Helping Us Spiritually Evolve?

Illusion, Imagination & Child Hood Fear

Do you know The Golden Ones?

I am aware that many will consider this story incredible, unbelievable, or insane. It is also true.

The poem below tells of a journey I took, up the mountain behind our home, and the personal spiritual history I
suddenly and irrevocably remembered.

The Search

Struggling through the underbrush, no clear way to pass…anxious, up the mountain; driven, breathing fast…hornets
at a tree trunk; flies around the head. Certain– little wood bugs — colored vivid red. Mounds of stone are peopled
here, no casual conclusion…each, in part, a memory – Reality? Illusion? No, it must be realness to feel it in my

The sadness and the fullness of another place I dwelled once, I traveled thusly and understood this path…Once,
I made this journey and stayed, for I was asked struggling through the underbrush.

Suddenly I pause and know, with
utter clarity, a world I thought I’d lost… hidden, subtle, from me still…but in me all the same like a face remembered
– clear, without a name.

Brother Tree and Mother Earth show a subtle shift as I discern a difference in the landscape..
drifting a door is opened for me as down the mount I step.

As long as I stay present, the “present” is
my help. I will step so lightly when my work is done. Back through the ancient doorways; back to The Golden Ones.

I wrote this poem after a life-altering experience in the mountains behind my then new home in northeast Tennessee.
I was having a very hard time, struggling up the side of the mountain. I’ve never been particularly good at hiking
or strenuous exercise (I guess, putting it more truthfully, I’ve never cared to be good at it) and kept slipping,
scratching myself on tree branches, and running out of breath. At one point, I stopped and rested on a mound of huge

As I looked around, I realized there were many such mounds, and that there was some kind of symmetry to them. Following
from stone mound to stone mound, I was shown my planet of origin (the frequency base from which I first began my
Earth experiments) and the highest aspects of myself there. Like a window opening out of thin air, I saw the other
place and “The Golden Ones.” My heart was simultaneously full of exquisite joy and unbearable sadness.
There were many who died, coming to Earth. I felt each sacrifice pass through me, and wept for a long time. I also
received activation of certain frequencies from my “home planet,” vibrational adjustments that have allowed
me to stay in more consistent contact with all that I am.

There has been a great deal written about frightening encounters with extraterrestrials, and my experience was nothing
at all like those. I believe the reason the fearful experiences occur is that we project our fears, which come to
look like a “body” around us, and the higher aspects conform to what they see. In other words, they become
what they feel from us, matching our energy.

If we live in fear of our environment, and feel unsafe in our bodies, they will take a form that corresponds to
that reality. I believe they once assumed that they were doing what would make us most comfortable. I also believe
they are now aware that this kind of energy-matching has had the opposite effect, and are now altering their approach.
Another reason they have played out these fear-based abduction scenarios was to co-create each new experience with
us, as a learning device.

In addition, I’ve had memories of fearful childhood abductions surface while I’ve been facilitating Original Essence
Recovery (inner child healing) for someone. If the first Star Nation encounter was during early childhood, and in
the midst of a reality where the child did not feel safe (because there was abuse, one or more parents were distanced
through drug use, the child experienced a damaged birth, or there was early separation from parents through illness
or divorce) then, the initial contact will probably contain fear. This fearful beginning sets up a self-perpetuating
situation until awareness and healing occur for the inner child.

The experience that birthed the poem “The Search” was actually my second conscious encounter with “The
Golden Ones.” The first occurred in front of our house, on another mountain and at night. My soulmate, Mac,
and I were hiking up the mountain. I was trailing behind, wheezing and groping for Tree Brothers to help me up. We
stopped to rest. Sitting on a large Stone, leaning back against Mac’s chest, I suddenly and unexpectedly left my
body completely. I was pulled, very rapidly, up a channel of light from a distant star. I could “see” my
body, far below on Earth, kind of the same way the monitor looks on “Star Trek” when someone comes on-screen
to talk. I could not speak to Mac, or move at all. I knew, with no doubt whatsoever, that if let go, I’d roll all
the way down the mountain.

This was the only fear I felt, and would probably have made what followed impossible, had the beings not “numbed
over” my terror. It was like using laughing gas at the dentist: I knew was terrified but I just couldn’t really
care. I found myself at a council table, facing an incredibly beautiful being who seemed to be male, though I’m not
certain of that. The being glowed a soft, golden hue and had eyes that were more like soft teal lights within a gently
outlined face. I had never felt such love and respect directed at me. They (there were others around the table) told
me many things that night.

They also worked on my physical body in ways that would have caused unbelievable pain in the real world, opening
my entire abdominal cavity and coating the insides with a white, chalky substance. They explained why they were doing
what they were doing, but I was not allowed to share that information with anyone at the time.

As we accelerate and continue to increase our vibratory frequency, other tools will be available so ask for them,
look for them, and take action when you know you’ve been led to them. As Christ told his disciples so very long ago “I
will not leave you comfortless” I believe Spirit will send what we need at each level of our awakening. During
this experience, of being surgically opened, there was absolutely no pain and, because there was no fear of them,
it was not a traumatic experience at all.

However, when I came back into my body with a violent jerk, I went into hysterics. I was in total fear of not being
able to control my physical body. Then, I realized just how very attached to this human form I had become. I had
only been out of it for a short time and it was a most agonizing experience. That had been the only disturbing aspect
of the entire experience. If you have not had contact with any form of extraterrestrial being, you definitely will
by the year 2011.

Many lightworkers are now being contacted regularly with a steady increase in 1998-1999. I encourage you to energize
the prospect with positive energy, and seek help in dealing with negative or fearful feelings that may come up when
you consider a meeting with those of your home planet.

This story excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook