What Do Dreams Mean and How Can Understanding Dream Meanings Help You?

What Do Dreams Mean and What Can You Learn By Remembering Them

Learning from Your Dreams

Have you ever wakened from a dream that was so bizarre, frightening, or vivid that you simply could not forget it?
It is known that some of our dreams have emotional significance and reflect the issues and problems we may face
in waking life. Perhaps these types of dreams are trying to prepare us, or tell us about something in our life.

Perhaps we can influence our dreams to learn more about our life. Can we consciously create an intention to influence
our dreamstate in positive ways. Yes, we can! By focusing intent and combining that with the higher awareness that
works along with our dream time we can using dreaming as way to promote healing and gather guidance.

Native-Americans along with many other indigenous teachings have already have a great understanding of the bridges
that lay between both worlds. The western world is just beginning to glimpse into the effects of our dreams, quality
of our sleep state, and different levels we enter while sleeping. In time new studies will reveal how we can learn
more about ourselves from our dreams through having an intention to do so as we study the communication between
the conscious and subconscious mind. Luckily, we don’t need a sleep study to teach us how to do this, we can begin
learning from our dreams on our own.

By exploring your dreams and using tools to help you remember your dreams you may come to understand where you may
have unrealized stress. Programming our dreams and remembering them takes conscious effort as does understanding
more deeply what they may mean. Luckily there are discoveries, new dream software programs to help, and dream books
that provide tons of information on this subject. In time your focused intention to have your dreamtime offer you
life insight may reward you with greater clarity, personal growth, and self-awareness.

To get you started here are three steps you can incorporate into your life to begin to gather guidance from your

Three Steps for Increasing Dreamtime Awareness

1. Asking for Dream Guidance: Before you turn in for the night create an intention and
ask for dreamtime help. Through a life review determine where you would like some help or healing. Then ask your
higher self, or subconscious mind to provide guidance in your dreams regarding that situation.
You could ask for assistance on making a choice, or even ask for healing of a particular situation. Make a notation
in your dream journal.

2. Programming Your Intent: After asking for help also create a clear intention to receive.
In this step you will command your subconscious to alert your conscious mind upon waking. A way to do this is with
a commanding statement. Say out loud before you go to bed: “I
easily and effortlessly remember my dreams upon waking and I am able to write them down as I recall them in
the morning.”

3. Reviewing Your Dreams: Each morning, as you awake grab the pen and paper you left beside
your bed the night before. With eyes closed ask to remember you dreams, and sit quietly as you have recall. Then
ask to understand the meaning and guidance your dreams wish to deliver to your conscious mind. By journaling
your dreams it will begin to put in motion an automatic review on waking that gets easier with time.

By practicing these three simple steps for remembering your dreams you will begin to receive spiritual
messages from your dreamstate and also deepen your intuition as you come to trust your higher nature and its amiabilities.
You can continue to explore the many facets of your dreams through learning about Lucid dreaming and even astral
travel. Have fun!

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