Lose Weight by Getting Healthy – What a Concept!

Holistic Weight Loss: What Makes
Us Gain Excess Weight?

Our perfect body knows the perfect weight.

It is just that it cannot focus on that when other issues are
at stake, like our health.

We believe the best way to lose weight is to improve overall health.

This is not what a lot of people want to hear because they want the weight off yesterday. An overwhelming
majority of all the people who seek help specifically for weight loss want will most rapidly take their excess
weight off. There are many option for doing that, temporarily.

We have no problem with the temporary use of a weight loss supplement to stimulate weight loss, but we are
convinced that until mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of imbalance are addressed and lifestyle changes
made as a result, the weight will come back.

Did you know your body actually knows what weight is best for you? we believe the human body is wonderfully made, complete with a self-monitoring
mechanism that tells it what to weigh for optimal performance. Sure, when menopausal your body weight can fluctuate but besides the menopause years or hereditary situations which may cause a person to have the cards stacked a certain
way from birth, your weight should maintain. When it doesn’t it is because it has moved from a healthy state.

There are several causes that lead to weight changes.

  • Added stress
  • Lack of good nutrition
  • Bad sleep habits
  • Inadequate amount of water intake
  • Lack of balanced physical exercise
  • Not enough relaxation and entertainment
  • Damage to thyroid gland from environmental reasons

Once we allow our bodies to become lose their healthy state we then begin to put on weight as a side effect. When we change our habits or whatever choices lead us to become less than healthy we can begin to reverse the weight gain. Some better choices are to choose foods that are better for us, reduce the amount of stress in our lives, add more clean water to our diets, get exercise, and sleep at least six to eight hours a night in a quiet and dark room.

Also, be sure and sleep without noise, such as the TV or radio in the background. And don’t leave a night light burning, as this actually effects the body’s natural sleeping state and regeneration. You may think that by falling asleep in front of the TV that your are sleeping well but your subconscious mind is processing the words on the TV or radio all through the night. Part of your body’s melatonin response will be missing when the room is light. This keeps you from entering as deep a sleep state as needed for
a restful night’s sleep. Since our body needs restful sleep to rejuvenate making good sleep one of your top priorities will contribute to weight management and better health.

Detoxing can also be a tremendous boost to weight loss stimulation because once we move the gunk from our digestive track, colon,
spleen, liver, lungs, kidneys and blood, our body is able to utilize the food we eat much more effectively. Of course we should be eating healthy food choices, such as
fresh organic fruits and veggies when possible, along with fish and chicken that is grilled or broiled, and other high value foods. Through detox our body will function better and the extra body weight will naturally fall off.

Next, it is a good choice to add high quality dietary supplements according to your body’s specific needs. This will help your
metabolic rate and jump-start the process of weight loss. If you try to lose weight when you are toxic is very difficult. It’s like trying to flush the bathroom toilet bowl when with clogged pipes. You may have a temporary drop in weight but your health may suffer and you will gain the pounds back and then a few extra.

We have prepared a comprehensive, three part article on the subject of detoxification which explains the effects
of detox, and the stages of detox, as well as the healing crisis that often accompanies a detoxification
program. This may help you understand the concept of detoxing and why it is so often suggested for good health
as well as for successful weight loss:

Detoxification and the Healing Crisis

What about Cortisol?

The Cortisol question is a big one right now. There are a WIDE variety of posts and articles on this subject. And
the opinions vary just as widely.

The very best way to maintain healthy cortisol levels is to reduce stress. Truly. Some formulas contain stress-reducing
substances which can help, like the magnolia bark. It does have a relaxing quality for many people, even
though that isn’t one of it’s traditional uses, except as an injection. We feel it’s benefit in a weight
loss program has more to do with properties that relieve congestion in the systems of the body. When the
body regains health, it tends to seek a more normal level of weight as a result, naturally.

We recommend you give Relora a try, as it contains magnolia bark and may be a good resource as a cortisol reduction formula. In this particular
formula, the combination of ingredients show a potential for reducing high fat and high sugar levels…this
is a healthier way to approach weight loss. Give the body what it needs to heal imbalance within and the
body will align with proper weight naturally.

However, the danger with any type of substance that causes you to shift into a better mood is that you will
develop either physical or emotional dependence on it.

When using any type of stress-reduction formula, whether specifically targeted for weight loss or not, it
is vital that other stress-reduction steps are taken. Relaxation techniques such as meditation or biofeedback can
be helpful as can getting a good massage, working out, dancing, or other stress busting activities. Changing
your thinking is typically very central to learning to manage stress better. Until we change the way we react
to stress, the results will be the same whenever we are exposed to stress.

Here are few guidelines when working to treat weight loss naturally:

Know your body. Pay very close attention to how all systems of your body respond to a new substance. Be conscious
of digestion, elimination, breathing, sleep patterns, mood, and skin condition.

Know when to to seek professional help. When faced with a situation that you cannot self-treat, get help.
Seek professionals who have experience working with various supplements, programs, and aids who approach
the issues holistically as well as understand all approaches to whatever ails you.

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