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Pet Owners Respond to Alarming Dog Food Recalls By Making Homemade Dog Food Recipes

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Recently in the US news there was a surge of dog food recalls because a large allotment of pet food was found to be killing cats and dogs due to contaminants. These recalled dog food brands and other pet foods were imported into the US from China. There were over one hundred brands of cat and dog food voluntarily recalled by their manufacturers after pets began to die and develop illnesses such as kidney failure.

We found this news to be quite alarming. Pets trust us and love us unconditionally, and to feed them food that is unsafe can’t help but break a pet owners heart. We can’t imagine that a pet owner would knowingly feed their dogs or cats tainted food (they often think they are buying the best dog food). But, unknowingly many pet owners are. This is because the FDA regulations allow contaminents and unsafe ingredients in pet food which is creating a very sad statistic. Poor quality pet food is a major cause of diseases like cancer, kidney failure, lukemia, cysts, and many other ailments which often lead to aging and premature death.

Dig you know the average life span of a dog in the United States is only eleven years? This is sad but true. The average life span of a well cared for dog that is given proper care, nutrition, and a healthy diet of holistic dog food can range up to 27 years of age. This is a huge difference and we can do something about it.

We all know our dogs need love, a safe shelter, exercise, food, and water. All of these basic needs should be easy to provide. We certainly understand how to provide love and attention, shelter isn’t hard to provide, we may have to schedule in their exercise if our dogs or other pets live indoors. Water isn’t a problem in the US, but the food we feed our pets is. Here is why: Chemicals and preservatives, Sodium Pentobarbitol, dead road kill and zoo animals (which were diseased and sick), and regulations which allow labels to lie.

Even preservative free dog may not be the case. Manufactures of pet food do not have to list preservatives that they did not themselves add, but synthetic antioxidants and things like plastic pet tags, and flea collars, and plastic bags are also thrown in at the rendering plants along with diseased animals and after processing these contaniments end up in the by-product which is sold back to pet food manufactures. Creepy, because your pet is actually eating the remains of other dogs, cats, zoo animals, and road kill.

We could go on to explain the horrors, but we would rather you learn all the facts by watching this shocking but truthful video which reveals information you should know if you are a pet owner or want to be a responsible one. You will also learn about solutions like great recipes for making your own dog food, and other steps you can take to ensure your pet lives to a ripe old age as your treasured companion.

Please take a moment and watch the video at the top of the page, your pets will thank you with years of love. Or, if you want to read more:

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