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“Can” – World’s Strongest Dad Video

I remember watching on TV the story of this father who races his disabled son through all three segments of triathlons.

It really moved me when this “world’s strongest dad” teared up and humbly shared that it’s his son who provides the inspiration for him to run, swim, and bike so hard.

Unlike the TV story, the following is an inspirational music video. Whether or not the song lyrics match your spiritual beliefs, I hope you enjoy this message of love.

Watch the World’s Strongest Dad



World's Strongest Dad
World's Strongest Dad

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  1. Really good clip. I’m almost crying. That’s a pitty that I haven’t seen it before.

  2. Listening To Our Children, I love the story of the World’s Strongest Dad as it’s about being seen and heard no matter what. If we could all be like this what a wonderful world it would be. In our busy lives, we are often listening to our children on the run, or not stopping and giving them our full attention. For some kids this is OK but for many it isn’t.

    Often when a child is acting out, getting into trouble at school, or having hyperactive tendencies they are really saying “PLEASE LISTEN TO ME”!

    Here are some ‘heart-centered’ listening ideas you may like to try:

    Start by being present with your child, and letting go of any thoughts, ideas, judgements and expectations.

    If your child starts to talk:
    1. Listen to what they are saying, let them talk for as long as they need to. And try not to interrupt, fix or solve their problem.
    2. Once they have finished ask them if they want any help finding a solution to their problem. They need to have a choice, as they may just want to share and not have their problem solved.
    3. If they do want help, guide them to find a solution themselves, giving them ideas and choices. Try not to solve it for them.
    4. Remind your child of their specialness, and that they are not the problem or the story. It is just an experience they are having.

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