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Whole Food vs. Chemical Isolates

I’ve been taking nutritional supplements since I graduated from high school.

They’ve always made sense to me.

Over the last few years, I’ve migrated from chemical isolates to whole food.

Products from New Chapter now comprise about 80% of what I’m eating.

New Chapter Whole Food vs. Chemical IsolatesPlease note I said, “eating,” not “taking, ” since these products are concentrated foods, not drugs.

I love New Chapter’s commitment to organics and use of Supercritical Extraction.

New Chapter Founder and Chairman, Paul Schulick provides clear, simple insight into the advantage of organic, probiotic, cultured, whole-food vitamins and minerals vs. the synthetic chemical isolates you’ll find in most other vitamin and mineral supplements.

To view video, read more about  Whole Food vs. Chemical Isolates

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  1. The so called ‘whole’ food vitamins are sadly not whole food. The Vitamin Code, Mega Food, Vita Synergy for Men and Women and even New Chapter are not whole food. Sadly this is good marketing and very deceptive. However Mega Food and New Chapters herbals are excellent. New Chapter is the least wholefood of the four companies. They takes isolates and mix them with probiotics, soy culture which is what is organic in their vitamins, and enzymes and calls that a whole food!? It is like taking an aspirin and mixing it with an orange and calling it whole food. This is absolutely ridiculous. The best solution to a whole food vitamin supplement is dehydrated whole food concentrates such as dehydrated wheat grass powders.

  2. I love your website, sorry this is not against you but the company for this deceptive marketing. Cheers!

  3. Wayne is exactly right, the process used to make New Chapter vitamins is detailed in their book Life Bridge. They use the very same USP isolates they preach against. I contend they are better, but they aren’t food and organic they may be but that’s laughable.

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