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Lower your health insurance through alternative health

As Healthcare consumers all seeking to lower our premiums, we have come to realize that a range of alternative health measures can help achieve this goal. Saving money on health insurance has been a key priority to many Americans even prior to the arrival of Obamacare which famously failed to reduce the …

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Alternative health in the news again

We have recently discussed the phenomena of how many Americans are turning to alternative health in order to reduce excessive health insurance and some were able to reduce their monthly costs by up to 40% as a result of more healthy choices. There has been so much discussion about “alternative healthcare” …

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How is the Obama health reform going to affect you?

The fact that president Obama was re-elected again means that his health care plan will progressively take effect on the coming year. The way this new health care reform will affect each American individual will depend on what that person’s income level is and the type of insurance that person …

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