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Discover the Benefits of Organic Holy Tea

Ah, summertime, that time of year is approaching when it’s time to lose that extra 10 pounds.

Or perhaps summer has given way to fall, winter, or spring.

Or perhaps the 20, 30, 40, or more pounds that appeared over the years.

Which brings up the question: Is there a way to lose weight and keep it off while also addressing the core causes for gaining the weight in the first place?

There are so many fast weight loss diets in books, eBooks, and plans on the internet, but can they really help you keep the weight off and curb your food cravings once you lose the weight? Most rapid weight loss diets really don’t work long term. After you lose 10 pounds or so, you begin to crave calorie-rich foods again. There may be many reasons for this, but one very important reason may be the one that is most overlooked. Could it be that the body’s cravings are stimulated by what is living inside us versus our body’s true cravings for nourishment?

Dr. Oz was on Oprah Winfrey and spoke on the topic of parasites that find the human body a perfect host. His guess was around ninety-percent of people will have or do have parasites. Another resource, Dr. Skye Weintraub, ND, and author of the “Parasite Menace” shares in his informative book that infection rates in North Americans may be as high as eighty-five percent. He also notes that since eighty-percent of people are constipated it makes it near impossible to rid the body of these parasites unless a person gets support and changes some of their habits.

Did you know that parasites and various unhealthy bacteria and yeasts–such as Candida–thrive from the food we eat? They are pretty greedy, hungry little creatures with big appetites. Once they establish in the body they greatly influence our food cravings. We pick up their hunger signals and in turn pick up the food they crave. We may think we are nourishing ourselves, but we are really feeding these unwanted hosts. Their diet preferences are not the best choices either. They thrive off of sugar, refined foods, white flour, starches, and dairy foods. These are the empty high calorie foods that contribute to weight gain. By eating these less than nutritious foods we gain weight–especially belly fat–and gain from the wastes they deposit into our body systems. And we gain due to the overload of toxins that build up in our body (causing cellulite and stored fat deposits) our body begins to lose its efficiency for eliminating these wastes and our immune system gets stressed as it fights to keep us healthy. This leads us to become more susceptible to illness and disease.

So what does this have to do with summer weight loss? Well keep reading, and learn how you can loose belly fat by drinking two cups of tea a day.

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Summer Weight Loss Made Easy: Drink Two Cups of Tea a Day

Holy Tea for Summer Weight LossHoly Tea is much more than a tea that supports regularity and the elimination of parasites. It also helps people loose excess body fat. Years of testimonials of those drinking Dr. Miller’s fat burning tea feel it is one of the best weight loss products. (Other teas known to help curb the appetite and aid digestion are green teas and Oolong Tea, such as the Wi-Yu Tea, which is really just premium Oolong tea.)

There are hundreds of testimonials that tell the impressive story of Holy Tea’s history for helping people of all ages maintain weight loss. This natural weight loss tea also has a very long list of other health benefits. This organic tea beverage is actually one of the best Candida cleansing foods to eat. After you drink the tea dry the herbs and add to your rice, salads, or soups.

Potential Holy Tea Benefits

As a Weight Loss and Fat Burning Tea

  • Weight loss and Reduction of Belly Fat in Women
  • Reduction of Male Love Handles and the Bulge Around the Middle
  • Reduction of Sugar and Food Cravings

As a Healthy and Natural Detox Tea, Get Rid of Candida and Yeast

  • Whole Body Detoxification
  • Supports Maintaining a Healthy Colon
  • Cleanses the Colon of Mucoid Plaque, Heavy Metals, Parasites and Worms
  • Best Recipe to Get Rid of Candida, Natural Candida Cleanse that Doesn’t Disturb Healthy Bacteria
  • Helps Clear Yeast Infections From the Body
  • Help with the Elimination of Heavy Metals
  • Strengths the Immune System Building the Body’s Resistance to Disease
  • Supports Reduction of Migraine Headaches
  • Cleanses the Body of Residual Pharmaceutical Overload
  • Clears the Body of Recreational Drug Residues
  • Aspartame and Its Byproducts are Released

As a Smoking Cessation Aid

  • Helps Clear Out Nicotine and Second-Hand Smoke
  • Assists as a Stop Smoking Aid
  • Reduces Cravings for Tobacco

Aid in Regulating the Body — A Natural Tea to Aid Digestion

  • Helps Eliminate Indigestion, Heartburn, and Acid Reflux Disease (GERD)
  • Relieves Constipation as it Promotes Regularity
  • Supports Healthy Stool, and Clears Painful Elimination
  • Reduces Excess Gas and Flatulence
  • Reduces Belching
  • Clears halitosis and Causes of Bad Breath
  • Clears Hemorrhoids
  • Addresses Irritable and Leaky Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Addresses Chronic Diarrhea
  • Helps Colitis and Diverticulitis

Healthy Tea for Disease Prevention and AntiAging

  • Helps Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease
  • Helps Symptoms of Fibromyalgia
  • Helps Symptoms of Diabetes
  • Helps Symptoms of Arthritis
  • Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
  • Helps Balance High Blood Pressure
  • Helps Establish Balanced Cholesterol Levels
  • Promotes Healthy Organs: Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, and Skin
  • Helps Your Body Establish Healthy Sleep Cycles
  • Elimination of Allergies and Hay Fever
  • Helps Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne
  • Reduces Ichy Dry Skin and Scaley Scalp Conditions and Dandruff
  • Promotes Healthy Young Looking Skin that’s Clear and Soft
  • Helps with Dermatitis and Skin Rashes
  • Increase of Energy, Mental Clarity, and Better Concentration
  • Decreases Premature Aging

Dr. Millers Approach to Healthy Rapid Weight Loss

Just as we did, you may wonder how a natural herbal tea can have all these health claims and what could possibly make this particular formulation so powerful? To answer that question we had to learn more about Dr. Miller and his therapeutic background.

When you meet Dr. Miller, his presence is very humble for a man who has earned a BS in Biology, Masters in Nutritional Science, and a Doctorate in Philosophy and Nutritional Science. He has personally trained award winning State, National, and World Bodybuilders and Arm Wrestlers through his health and fitness centers that he has operated over the last twenty plus years. During this time his quest also lead him to natural weight loss product formulations such as his natural fat burning and weight loss tea.

Dr. Miller began the testing of Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea some twenty years ago in his wellness Clinic in Jackson, Tennessee. Over this period of time he perfected his formula on volunteers and clients. His goal was “to create a tea beverage to help individuals lose weight in a fast, healthy, yet radical way.” He wanted them to experience rapid weight loss but not at the expense of harming the body as so many fad weight loss pills and products do. Over the years Tennessee had one of the best kept secrets in the weight loss industry.

We recently learned Dr. Miller is in the process of writing two books where he will share hundreds of testimonials of his case studies. He is also seeking to retire soon, and has made the decision to offer his Holy Tea (and soon to follow other healthy formulations, weight loss, and detox products) to those interested in improving their health through the Holy Tea Club. Its exciting to learn his product formulations have been made available around the world, especially his weight loss tea, Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea. People now have a wonderful opportunity to consume the tea and experience its health benefits while sharing it with friends around the world through the newly formed Holy Tea Club. He also wanted to help people who are interested in a business opportunity achieve extra income through the power of sharing and helping.

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If you would like to try the Holy Tea and think you may be interested in sharing this healthy beverage with others after you try it, you may want to learn how you can share the Holy Tea Club with others.

With this ground floor, home based business opportunity you can create your very own website for free. What an easy way to share the tea and opportunity with friends all over the world. Or, you may just decide to order the tea at retail, try it to see how you like it first.

Organic Herbs are the Holy Tea Ingredients

Summer Weight Loss Drinking Holy Thistle TeaYou may be wondering what makes Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea address so many different health issues and symptoms. Scientists believe each of the herbal ingredients in Dr. Miller’s tea have powerful healing properties and health benefits. When the ingredients are combined they offer a synergistic effect, which supports all systems in the body.

Holy Tea Proprietary Blend contains Organic US Grown Persimmon Leaf, Malva Leaf, Holy Thistle, Marshmallow Root/Leaf, and Blessed Thistle. Of course before starting any health related product you should always talk first with your doctor, especially if on medications, or are nursing or pregnant. Also have your doctor monitor your medications if you are taking any. You may find you need for prescription medications lessens after you start drinking two cups of Holy Tea a day!

Natural Herbal Healing Properties of Persimmon Leaf

Research has proven that dietary antioxidants can reduce risk of many diseases along with vitamins A and C. Flavonoids are also important disease fighters. Persimmon Leaf is a rich source of each of these. It also has rich content of phenollic and fiber which helps eliminate lipids from the body.

Chinese Mallow Also Known as Malva Leaf

This natural herb is well known in Tibetan Medicine and used to help with treatment of renal disorders and support of the digestive system. It helps with stomach and spleen conditions while acting as a mild laxative. Just he right amount is added to Holy Tea to balance fluid retention, frequent thirst, relieve diarrhea, while still keeping the system balanced.

Healing Properties of Holy Thistle

Holy Thistle is well known to benefit the circulation of the blood and has been used medicinally for over two thousand years. Scientists recognize its properties in the treatment of gallbladder and liver disorders, and digestive problems. It also thought to strengthen body organs such as the liver, lungs, heart, and kidneys while releasing toxins from the body.

Health Benefits of Marshmallow Root and Leaf

For years Marshmallow root has been given to aid in the healing of a variety of health ailments such as: bladder infections, sore throats, kidney problems, sinus infections, digestion and intestinal problems, and also fluid retention. It contains important minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, Beta-carotene and a wide assortment of other beneficial substances. This is why Marshmallow root and leaf offers so many healing properties and is useful for treating ailments such as inflammation while aiding and supporting the respiratory system as it calms the entire body.

Blessed Thistle

Back in the early sixteenth century Blessed Thistle was a known treatment for many ailments including smallpox. Doctors prescribed this herb to help with symptoms of fever, indigestion, diarrhea, and anorexia. Those who had poor appetites, or were suffering from heartburn were also treated with Blessed thistle.


Helpful Information

You may also want to read a three-part report on body detoxification, or learn about a very effective colon cleansing system that is quite powerful but also requires some planning and discipline to fit into your schedule.

Some people can easily commit to a major body detox cleanse, whereas others, like me are not so disciplined and prefer an effective but gentle approach to colon cleansing that works over time like drinking Holy Tea. This organic herbal beverage not only helps reduce and control weight, rid the body of Candida, yeast and parasites, but it also promotes regularity. This supports the elimination of waste matter that the parasites leave lingering in our body.

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  1. I have had a swollen lymph gland in my neck on the left side for a very long time (since I was pregnant with my first child which was 41 years ago). Well last week it went way down and now I feel like I have a thin neck and can actually touch my chin to my chest. That Tea – it’s amazing.

  2. I was having tremendous difficulty with digestion for six months prior to receiving my tea. I had a 4 inch roll that wouldn’t budge an inch. I had used 3 different kinds of digesting enzymes for the the past year. At first they helped but soon stopped working. It got to the point that I could only eat berries – anything else just couldn’t get ‘down’.

    I received my Holy Tea. However I was so tired I decided that I would make it the following day. That evening I went to bed but got up at 2AM with the most horrid acid reflux ever! Not ever having had it before I did not have anything I could take for it. Anyhow it woke me and I felt so dreadful and uncomfortable that I could not get back to sleep. So I thought if I walked around the house it might help. I was pacing up and down the hall then went into the kitchen and saw the package of holy tea and thought I might as well make it so I could start it tomorrow knowing it has to steep for awhile.

    I boiled the water, made the tea in a huge glass measure cup (never ever use plastic as it releases the pcbs into the water). Then the acid reflux got even worse. I didn’t know what to do and something on the package of tea caught my eye – acid reflux!

    So I said to myself how can I wait until tomorrow – so I got a shot glass and downed it immediately. Well the tea had not steeped for more than 10 minutes – so I didn’t think anything would happen, only that it might start things rolling and I would consume more in the morning. WITHIN 5 MINUTES MY ACID REFLUX WAS GONE! I was so amazed – it was difficult to comprehend how it worked so fast. So I took another shot just to be ‘on the safe side’ and went back to bed. The rest is history.

    My body cleaned out so much stuff over the next 3 days – I was totally blocked I guess and wow did it ever feel wonderful after the 3 days. I did spend quite a few sessions in the bathroom, but nothing that was unmanageable. I knew it had to get out as it was poisoning my system.

    I will never stop this Holy Tea – because it is one of those things that I call a gift from heaven. I now give it to my husband, my dog and cats and anyone who wants to include this in their detox program.

    One of my clients who comes in for detox at my clinic said last night that he would never stop taking the tea – wow! When I combine this product with the Ion Cleanse detox, the body releases all kinds of toxins and the ‘stuff’ in the water is doubled if not tripled as to what normally releases into the water. Even people with parasites will clean up and the detox program is sped up.

  3. I went for a routine Thermography the other day.

    For those of you who don’t know what a Thermogram is click here > Infrared Thermography

    Essentially it is an infrared reading of the hot spots in your body for the purpose of prediagnosing symptoms that can lead to disease.

    The Thermography showed my entire lymph system was “very active.” The doctor was kinda complexed. I then proceeded to ask if the Holy Tea, being a detox tea could be doing this. She said YES! And whatever you are doing keep doing it. Then she told me to drink more if I could, and drink more water to help carry out the toxins, just as Dr. Miller states. She said the Holy Tea was definitely pulling toxins out of fat cells throughout my body and my lymph system was very active.

    The other thing she told me to do was add some juniper berries too. She felt this would also assist my kidneys.

    I knew I had not been drinking enough water, but did not realize how much I was detoxing as I have been feeling pretty good. This is just another example of the power of this amazing tea.

  4. Here’s how I make my Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea:

    Take two Holy tea bags and place in a glass quart jar (like a juice jar). Boil water, let sit for a minute.

    Pour hot water to top of jar over two Holy tea bags, after a minute top off again. Let tea sit for six to eight hours at room temp.

    Get another glass quart jar. Pour 1/2 of the tea, one one tea bag into second quart jar. Fill both jars rest of the way with water and place in fridge. (these two quarts represent the tea double strength)

    You could also pour the quart of tea and tea bags into a gallon glass jar and add fill with water for full strength tea.

    I like two quart jars of double strength tea since it takes less room in my fridge. Then I pour out 4 oz of Holy Tea add 4 oz of water, other type of tea, or juice to equal 8 oz. If you made a gallon then pour the a full 8 oz serving to drink with meals.

    NOTE: You can leave tea bag(s) in glass jars with the tea a couple of more days, then take out and dry the tea bag. Once dry take tea out of the pager and break apart and store in a jar to use on your rice, chicken, on salads, etc. The dried tea is really good to mix into your food. (I will share some recipes I’ve tried soon.)

    Other Tips for Making Holy Tea:

    Don’t microwave Holy Tea or the tea bags or you will kill the active enzymes.

    Always refrigerate the tea or it sours.

    Every one’s personal dosage will be a bit different. Some need a little more tea, some need a little less. Start with recommended dosage of two 8 oz servings with two meals, and a 4 oz serving with a snack. Then either increase or decrease depending how your stool responds. Ideal stool is slightly “fluffy.” And also drink plenty of water as well.

    This will ensure you are getting deep release of toxins that hide in the fat cells throughout the body (even in slender people.) You will find Holy Tea is such an affordable weight management and detox program, plus I am hearing reports of it helping depression, skin disorders, kidney stones, shrinking belly fat, helping with cellulite, etc.

  5. Hi, I have been using the tea for about five months now. I lost seven pounds the first month. I have never regained the weight. My skin felt smooth and soft and was very clear. I also had much more energy by the end of the first month. I also noticed that it helps with my asthma. I have been able to work outside in my garden much more this year than last year. I have also felt more positive and less stressed since I have been using the tea. I go off of it now for weeks at a time and then go back and use it for awhile. I don’t seem to need it all the time anymore. It has been of great help to me, and I am so glad that someone shared the tea with me. I have shared the tea with several other friends, and they are loving what it does for them also.

  6. I started trying Holy tea about 2 weeks ago. So far nothing has happened. I am not sure what to do? Can anyone give me any pointers?

  7. Stefanie, to start with I used it three times a day, and I had to cut it down in strength. I think everyone is different that way. One friend had to use much more than I did. It is also important not to heat the tea up after it is made. You can add it to heated water but do not heat it in the microwave as it kills the enzymes that are doing so much of the work.

  8. Hi, I am having irregular period. I have my monthly one month, but then I miss it for a month or two. During these months I feel very bloated and big around my tummy and bum area. Do you know if this tea will help me over come this problem? I also need to lose weight. Where can I purchase this holy tea?

  9. Hi, Roshni. You can learn how to purchase Holy Tea by clicking > Holy Tea Club

  10. Hi, I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. Cheers, Sandra. R.

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