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Spring Forest Qigong for Health and Healing by Master Chunyi Lin

Spring Forest Qigong is a comprehensive, sensitive approach to understanding and practicing Qigong.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing modality that with regular practice (exercises and meditations) brings the body’s Qi (pronounced “chee”) into balance thus ridding the body of sickness, disease, and aches and pains.

Spring Forest Qigong teaches you to use your mind, body, and spirit to unblock stagnant energy or Qi (vital energy.) Stagnant Qi is believed to be the cause of disease and sickness in the body and mind.

Your guide on this journey into this alternative, centuries old method of empowering your body to heal and stay healthy is Master Chunyi Lin.

Master Chunyi Lin: Your Guide for Spring Forest Qigong

Master Chunyi LinMaster Chunyi Lin began practicing Qigong as a child in China.

He says he didn’t understand it at the time and was more or less going through the motions.

As a young adult his deep interest in benefits of increasing one’s Qi or Chi lead him to study Qigong and at the same time he became a college professor in China.

Master Chunyi Lin became so passionate and dedicated in his practice of Qigong he was lead to also study intensively with a Shao-Lin Temple Buddhist Master Yao; a world renowned Qigong master Master Zhang, and several other deeply spiritual Qigong masters.

Master Chunyi has devoted himself completely to this ancient way of life spending hours, days, and even weeks in cave meditation; revered in China as the most powerful way to develop intuition, perseverance, patience, and tranquility.

As a speaker of five Chinese languages Master Chunyi Lin was able to study Qigong extensively with Masters from remote Chinese villages. In his remarkable, fully comprehensive Spring Forest Qigong course, Master Chunyi Lin brings you what he has learned and mastered from the greatest Qigong masters of our time.

Spring Forest Qigong: Part 1 for Health; Part 2 for Healing

Spring Forest Qigong CourseThis unique program is a thorough beginning study of Qigong.

It is divided into 2 parts; Spring Forest Qigong for Health Level 1 which includes six CD’s, a forty page manual, and one DVD.

Spring Forest Qigong for Healing Level 2 includes four CD’s, a forty page manual, and one DVD.

The program also comes with three additional Qigong meditation CD’s to enhance your meditating experiences as taught in the program.

At first glance the package seems a bit overwhelming, a where do I start feeling; but it is logically organized and even comes with a sticky note on the first CD that says “Listen to this first!”

A strong point of this package is that you’re not just thrown into qigong techniques, exercises, and breathing; if you follow the course’s specified outline and listen to the first four CD’s first you’ll gain an understanding of the art of Qigong as a whole and Master Chunyi Lin’s personal philosophy and mission before beginning the actual Qigong active exercises.


Qigong Exercises – Health Level 1: A Closer Look

First, I must mention the convenience of this program. The first four CD’s can be listened to in the car, on the treadmill, in bed, wherever you have a CD player.

This makes it easy to get started right away. I can’t always find the time to watch a DVD; this program offers options which I found helpful.

The first CD (55 minutes) in this part is entitled The Miracle of Qi Energy. Master Chunyi Lin sensitively discusses the benefits of Qigong. He provides a background on this ancient healing modality practiced for thousands of years in China as well as his own personal story and approach to Qigong.

You’ll learn about Qi energy and the six most common blocks to this energy flow in the body. You’ll begin to learn the basic benefits of practicing Qigong and some tips and secrets to build success with your Qigong practice.

Master Chunyi Lin notes that not all of his students have experienced success with this practice, yet many boast life changing experiences.

Discover How to Balance Yin and Yang Energies

Living in Ying Yang BalanceYou’ll learn the basics of the Yin and Yang energy; Yin is the female energy and Yang the male energy each having its own unique traits and functions in the body.

Keeping Yin energy and Yang energy in balance is vital for health of the body, mind, and soul.

The next CD, The Secrets of Qigong (51 minutes) explains years old secrets of successful Qigong practice including the Four Vital Elements of Qigong Exercise and a few important Keys to Success with Qigong.

The third CD, Exploring the Active Exercises (34 minutes) teaches you the importance of regular practice and provides tips to help you get started and stay active.

The last three CD’s in this part of the course (Spring Forest Qigong for Health Level 1) are a total of 154 minutes long and begin the exercise portion of your practice.

A Second Look: Spring Forest for Health Manual

The accompanying manual complements the CD’s with similar descriptions and discussions of the same subject matter.

The manual includes photos of Master Chunyi Lin performing each of the Qigong techniques taught in this course.

Photos are shots depicting each stage of every individual exercise. The combination of the CD’s, DVD’s, and manual produce a thorough program and allow a complete understanding of not only Qigong philosophies but also of each exercise. If you are struggling with an exercise, the manual offers a more in depth view and yet another way to master it.

Dive Deeper into Qigong: The Comprehensive DVD

The DVD for this first part of the program is about one hour long. First, you’ll hear testimonials and meet real students of Master Chunyi Lin who have experienced remarkable life changes as a result of this ancient healing system. Next, Master Chunyi Lin talks about briefly about this practice and then moves into the Qigong exercises.

Many Qigong DVDs show the exercise one time and move quickly on to the next exercise; this isn’t the case with Spring Forest Qigong for Health. Master Chunyi Lin leads you (from an outdoor, tranquil garden) in each exercise for several minutes, sometimes more than five minutes. I found this helpful in learning the exercise and relaxing into my practice. Many other programs seem to rush; Master Chunyi Lin takes his time and I liked this aspect of the program. I felt I really learned the full range of movement before the next movement was introduced.

Master Chunyi Lin recommends following along with the video until you’re comfortable with the exercises at which time you can use the included Active Exercises CD to enhance your workout.

Learn Qigong Healing in Level 2

At the end of this first DVD, Master Chunyi Lin discusses healing others with Qigong.

He explains that many of his teachers think that healing others can only be accomplished after many decades of devoted Qigong practice, Lin disagrees. He teaches the basic sword fingers commonly used in medical Qigong healing.

Master Chunyi Lin briefly describes energies and how to break up energy blockages in the body, and restore the flow of Qi to the body to bring the Yin and Yang into balance.

Level 2 – Love, Kindness and Forgiveness: Prerequisites for a Qigong Healer

This part of the program is entirely devoted to those who want to not only practice Qigong in their own lives but also become Qigong healers and help those around them.

Qigong Healing with HeartMaster Chunyi Lin explains the first step to becoming a good Qigong healer through living life with love, kindness, and forgiveness in all you do.

The first CD in this part of the program, Becoming a Successful Healer (65 minutes) talks about the basic requirements for healing with this ancient system.

Next you’re led on a journey of the basic healing exercises to use with the Qi healing art.

The second CD; Special Healing Techniques (61 minutes) further explains the vital secrets to becoming a successful Qigong healer and the three primary steps in Qigong healing.

You’ll learn more about energies to heal and then begin to learn specific healing techniques for individualized parts of the body; head, eye, ear, hearing, teeth, TMJ, and facial pain as well as shoulder, and neck pain healing are explored.

The third CD, Special Healing Techniques (32 minutes) further explores healing for specified body parts; lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, breasts, and reproductive organs are all discussed. You’ll learn how to heal people with problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, flu, colds, and more.

The final CD, Active Exercise Practice (29 minutes) leads you in traditional Qigong exercises for specific illness in certain areas of the body. With a more focused Qigong practice aimed at your own unique energy blockages you’ll gain more energy in less time.

The accompanying DVD, Spring Forest Qigong for Healing is about two hours long and shows you how to use what you have learned for virtually every part of the body. In this DVD you’ll watch Master Chunyi Lin in motion as he teaches you from his own home in a class with eight other students how to detect blockages, and treat patients.

Master Chunyi Lin takes you step by step so you too can become a successful Qigong healer; starting with basic energy blockage detection techniques using the hand and body. As you study and progress with this program you can eventually use your “third eye” to detect blockages.

Once again Master Chunyi Lin explains that unless you have a deep love and passion for others no Qigong healer will be successful. This he tells his students is the basis for all healers; passion and love deep in the bottom of your soul.

Spring Forest Qigong: A Comprehensive, Sensitive Approach to Qigong

I found this program to fully explain many aspects of the Art of Qigong from the history and philosophies to the active exercises.

The course is a thorough and comprehensive beginning study of the ancient art of Qigong for these modern times. The program is not just a set of exercises, and I found the more I learned, the more inspired and motivated I became.

Chunyi on China MountaintopMaster Lin transforms this ancient healing art into an easy to understand life philosophy.

His obvious dedication to help others and passion for the practice of Qigong is comforting and compels the listener to fully engage. You will find motivation to learn and become a part of this ancient healing modality for yourself and to help others.

If you want to not merely learn a few basic Qigong exercises, but would really like to fully understand Qigong so you can develop a deeper, useful practice (and eventually help others) I highly recommend the Spring Forest Qigong program.

If you are only interested in learning a few Qigong exercises this program offers much more than you may need.

Watch an 8:32 minute long Chanel 9 News Report on Master Chunyi Lin



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  1. I do not believe in medicine but alternative therapy is more ideal for my health, because I have been depressed for the last 8 years. I am sure that Qigong is the most effective to my cause.

  2. I have found your email address in the site of qigong institute. I am miss Nives Perico from Italy and I am 46 years old. I have lived a desperate life because of my face that has a long structure bone. It’s not a deformity because I have not functional problems, but it’s long and I can not live. In this period also my mother (Bottagisio Margherita 77 years old) who I love a lot has had a stroke brain. She has been in coma for 12 days and than she has woke up, but she is very sick. She is diabetic. She has also had an infection in the lungs and now she is with oxygen and her life is very, very risk. My mother has given to me the real love and has been a wonderful women. A wonderful mother, so sweet, always near me and my suffering. An immense love and in my conditions I am not able to endure a so great pain.
    I try to feel a situation where my mother is no more sick and my face has changed the bone structure, the shape and I feel serenity. I ask you if you think are possible these miracles, if, in your experience, you have seen about changing the bones , to reduce the length or to change the shape as in my case for the face. It’s not broken bones, it’s to change the shape of a face that I have since I am born.
    I have red the books of Gregg Braden about matrix divine, the power of mind to change the body also with hypnosis, epigenetic and the power to program again our cells. The power of not conscious mind, of the super-mind so called by kahuna to change the body, the method of qigong to heal or better the waiqi as it has been used in the clinic of Dr. Pang to heal a woman from a cancer. I know that what I ask is difficult, but I have no other hopes, only the death.. I have lived all my life in the suffering and words can not explain all my pain and my desperation. Who can help me and my mother so as it has been made in a medicine-less hospital in Pechino by Master Pang Ming? Who can help us also from distance with waiqi? Do you know somebody who can help us as in the clinic of Dr. Pang?
    Attending your answer, I thank you very much for your attention.
    Kind Regards, Nives Perico

  3. Thank you for your heartfelt message, Perico. While we publish some information on qigong, we are not an association. You can check with National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association and The Qigong Institute.

  4. Hello, I was very excited about the course, until I saw that it is recommended to have a telephone group session with the Master, or one of his students. The cost is very high and if you add up 100 persons at the price, I believe it came out to $11,000 for that hour. That soured my feelings about Master Lin being a truly compassionate being, especially since it is recommended. This is implying that his Qigong is not good enough on it’s own and that if I, or anyone wants to heal, they’d have to dish out hefty amounts of money on a regular basis. I wrote to them. I never got an answer. What do you think?

  5. Hello again, in the interest of sensitivity and integrity I want to clarify something, Master Lin’s Qigong sounds like a miraculous and beautiful thing, and I am waiting for my Deluxe package, but had I read the part about the telephone group recommended healing I may not have ordered the course. Because it caused doubt in his Qigong and intentions. I feel that it will be at the very least be a very positive practice, and maybe there is nothing wrong in his wanting so much money for a group healing, but to recommend it, I think was a mistake that I wish he would amend. If not, then I hope the means justify the end by the money being put to humanitarian needs and or causes, with respect Frank.

  6. Hello Frank, Thank you for your sensitivity and sharing regarding the healing sessions offered by Master Chunyi Lin and two of his long time healers and associates.

    I took a look to get a sense of the integrity behind the healing session offer, too. I think their intent may be to find ways for people to be successful while also supporting their business model. One thing I did catch was the price for the healing sessions via the phone is $118, and that includes up to 8 or 9 sessions in a month, so would run about $15 a call. So the price isn’t too expensive if a person was able to benefit from all the calls.

    I can also understand the power of being on a call with a group of people sharing a collective intention to heal. This could be quite powerful combined with Master Chunyi Lin’s abilities. I also got to thinking how the sessions could help a person build their practice because they would “stay in the energy” … so often people purchase a program with good intentions then soon forget about it .. (me included). There is also a forum that appears to be free of charge and the group does collective healings on Saturdays each week. That sure would be a good way to stay focused and enjoy others who are practicing along with you without adding on another expense. So you can enjoy the course, plug into the forum to get additional support, and only when and if you feel inclined try the phone sessions.

    I do understand your concerns, too. As I wouldn’t want to feel like I purchased a program only to have to purchase something else to make the program more effective! I have a feeling you will excel at your practice because you feel like a very honorable and kind person! Thanks again for your caring and sharing. And please let us know how your practice progresses!

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