The history of MuuMuu Dresses

MuuMuu dresses, the loose fitting unbelted dress designed for women of all sizes, originated in Hawaii. Many decades ago, missionaries went to Hawaii and found the women wearing nothing more than a skirt cloth wrapped around the hips and tied on the side. Their breasts were completely bare. The missionaries designed a loose, comfortable garment and taught the women to cover their bodies in the tradition of other lands. This came to be known as the MuuMuu and, as it became popular, floral cloth featuring popular Hawaiian designs such as ginger blossoms, hibiscus, orchids, bird of paradise, plumeria, and other brightly colored fabric became the choice for many MuuMuus.

Today, the MuuMuu is loved by many larger sized women because these Hawaiian plus size dresses are comfortable as well as attractive. They are still worn by many women who call Hawaii home, but are also seen around the world, worn by women of all sizes, but the most popular market is in plus size ladies wear. Some plus size women love to create their own MuuMuus using sewing patterns, while others who aren’t talented with the sewing machine, purchase ready-made designs.

A large size Hawaiian MuuMuu allows the fabric to flow comfortably around a woman’s body, while other clothing can be quite restricting, making movement uncomfortable. Many women who love MuuMuus have designs in every color and pattern imaginable and wear them almost every day due to the comfort and practicality of the garment.

MuuMuu dresses are not just for Hawaiian parties, even on the mainland and in other countries. The muumuu is well-loved by smaller size ladies as a comfortable garment to wear around the house for lounging. Everyone loves the bright, colorful designs found in muumuu dresses no matter what your size. If you have never worn a MuuMuu dress, you definitely want to get one because you’ll find it possibly the most comfortable garment for lounging. In fact, one will not be enough; you’ll find yourself wanting several designs and color themes of aloha wear.