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Whey Protein, Is It Good or Bad?

Holistic Nutrition

The most popular supplements on the planet happens to be whey protein. It is popular choice midst athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people wanting to build muscle or lose weight. Some say it is safe, others are opposed to this idea. They claim that too much whey protein can damage the …

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What are Orthotics and who can benefit from them?

Walking in the Grass

Since the connective tissue in our feet is kept under constant stress, it is likely to stretch over time. The increased length of the connecting tissue causes an instability in the structure of the foot and this can lead to over-pronation, also known as fallen arches. This is referred to as plastic deformation, which is …

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Achieve optimal living: 10 effective strategies

All my clients want to be happy, from pro athletes and CEOs to the average Janes and Joes. It seems that happiness is catching on as the newest sought-after side-effect free medicine. That comes as no surprise. We know that people who are authentically happy are markedly different from those …

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