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Best Fitness Books for P90X Support

Beach Body Coach Question: This is my 7th week on the p90x.

I’ve lost about 8 kg, increased my stretching, jumping, and strength like I had never had before and I’ve experienced some new level of energy after the forth week.

Amazing, I’ve noticed that all trainings don’t wear me out like before. I’m really thankful for this program, it really has changed my life.

I have one question. Which book do you recommend for me to read about fitness?

Tony, you’re the best. I love you man.

Beach Body Coach, Carol Bardelli:

Yes, Tony Horton gave HealthyNewAge an exclusive Tony Horton interview with staff writer Carol Bardelli. Carol is a certified sports nutritionist and Beachbody coach available to answer any questions readers would like to submit.

pic-horton-2It looks like you’re “Bringing it” and experiencing phenomenal results. Keep up the good work. Many people find they experience surges of energy on Power 90X. Increases in fitness measures like energy, strength, power, and flexibility are just a few of the benefits of Power 90X. Loss of body fat while gaining muscle mass are achievable as long as you stick to the P90X fitness and nutrition guidelines.

Amazing P90X Results

It’s true that many Power 90X users are amazed, as well as thankful, for this life changing program.

Even Beachbody executives like Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler, who were already fairly fit, were astonished by Power 90X. After being on the system for just 90 days, both men achieved phenomenal results.

Tony Horton’s P90X is so well designed it transforms the physiques and general well-being of all serious users. The trick to success is staying on program.

The first fitness books you should read, and refer to often, are the Power 90X fitness and nutrition guides. These two books teach you step by step how to achieve the body you want.

Tony Horton really is the best fitness trainer in the business. As a Power 90X system user, you’re in a privileged position to take advantage of his training and nutrition wisdom.

As for further recommended reading on Power 90X fitness and nutrition, you’ll find loads of valuable information at the Beachbody websites. Check out the forum and article archives.

Click for > Tony Horton Power 90X Support

Schwarzenegger Body Building Books

Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding BookcoverFor a few good books on training and nutrition, check out Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comprehensive tome “Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding”.

Governor Schwarzenegger was a champion bodybuilder and held the Mr. Olympia title. He knows exactly what it takes to build muscle and get buff.

Keep in mind that Power 90X produces results because it is built on an extreme training system with weight training at its core. But if you’re interested in more in depth details on resistance training this book delivers.

The Cheat to Lose Weight Diet

Proper nutrition and nutrition timing is key to great results. Joel Marion’s “The Cheat To Lose Diet” lays out a precise plan for eating properly for maximum results.

Joel is a “Body For Life” Grand Champion and discovered eating “clean” all the time doesn’t yield the best results.

Your body responds to constant dieting by slowing your metabolism. For a fast metabolism that burns off unwanted body fat, you need to incorporate strategic cheat days into your nutrition plan.

For in depth and updated information on this unique approach, check out Joel Marion’s new Cheat Yourself Thin program.

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  1. I like your blog and links. What you have mentioned is really interesting. Could you give some suggestion on triceps building?

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. The P90X program is an amazing workout, love it!

  3. Just wanted to recommend some books. I would not recommend the Arnold book, I have it, it was good in it’s day, but it’s completely outdated and has exercises that most knowledgeable personal trainers would never use (I’m a certified personal trainer). Instead, Douglas Brooks effective strength training is an incredible book to learn proper bio mechanics for strength training. Also, Everett Aaberg’s Resistance Training Instruction is fantastic and gives tons of excellent exercise science information along with detailed instructions of exercises. Take care, Scott Fishkind.

  4. I would love to be fit again. I used to run 7 min miles be lean and lift several days a week and eat right. Then about 15 yrs. ago I developed plantar fasciitis, stopped working out, gained 75 lbs, eat like crap, feel like crap, out of shape, stiff as a board no flexibility, tight etc. I’m 51 years old, don’t smoke or drink, and would love to turn things around. What do you suggest?

  5. Don, it’s great news that you want to get fit and healthy again. Beachbody is a great way to get started. They offer a wide variety of exercise programs for all levels of fitness. http://www.healthynewage.com/body-building.htm#tenminutetrainerreview is a great workout program for people just getting back into fitness. As you become more fit you can move up to move demanding fitness programs like Power 90 and Power 90X.

    Before beginning any exercise program consult your physician on whether your physical condition allows you to exercise and at what level of intensity you’re ready to start.

    Plantar fasciitis can be a barrier to some forms of exercise. On the other hand, this condition benefits from stretching and strengthening exercises. According to WebMD the proper exercises can help the ligament become more flexible and strengthen muscles that support the arch. In the long run, by strengthening surrounding tissues you can reduce stress on the ligament.

    If you have looked into it already, custom fitted orthotics can help with foot pain. Companies like “Good Feet” can design foot supports specifically for your problem. Properly fitted supports can relieve foot pain and enable you walk and even enjoy sports activities pain free or with less pain.

    Running is probably not the best exercise option for you. It’s high impact and may have caused your problem in the first place. Studies show running is not more effective on weight loss than other forms of aerobic exercise with less impact. Strength training combined mixed intensity aerobics is the most effective method.

    Mixed intensity aerobics is simply varying your speed during a workout session. You can do this on low impact exercises like cycling and no impact exercises like swimming. Sprinting, whether while swimming, biking, etc., for a minute followed by exercising slower for ten minutes burns more calories than exercising at a steady pace. You also get fitter faster.

    You can combine a low impact aerobics workout three times a week with a resistance training program like the 10 Minute Trainer or Power 90 a few times a week. Along with a proper calorie and portion controlled diet, which comes with all Beachbody exercise programs, you should be able to lose weight and get fit again.

    If you have any more questions, please post additional comments on this page.

  6. Great answer, Carol. Thanks much.

  7. Great recommendations. It really is amazing how many people try and start P90X with out even opening the P90X nutrition guide or the fitness guide.

  8. Good afternoon, I am 5’4″ and weigh 220 lbs. I have not worked out in the last four years since having my first child. I did join weight watchers and lost about 25 lbs but then I got pregnant again in my weight went right back up. At my last doctor’s visit, the main topic was my weight. She is very scared for my well being and told me that it was critical for me to get this weight off. I hold a lot of my weight in my middle. She is confident if I start using some sort of exercise / eating program and really work at it, that I can adjust my lifestyle and get this weight off of me and be happy and healthier than I ever have. Therefore, my search began. My cousin and a few friends have started using P90X, and totally LOVE IT. I was reviewing some of the videos and I think this may be a bit too intense of a program for me to start with, but maybe I’m wrong. Therefore, I went to your site and was reading about Tony’s other programs; 10 minute trainer or power 90? Which would you say is better for to start with? My time is limited during the week to about 30-40 minutes a day. I’m really looking forward to your advice as I need to do something for myself, my children and my husband. Thank you.

  9. Hi CrazyGirl1971,

    Congratulations on losing 25 pounds. Although you gained it back, you know it can be done. Now that your physician has cleared you to start an exercise and nutrition plan it’s time to rededicate yourself to losing weight and getting fit. You may find it helpful to define your goals and put them on paper. People who track their workouts and nutrition have been shown to get better results than those who play it by ear.

    Because it is critical for your health to get your weight under control,you may want to start with a program that won’t over tax you. Power 90X is an incredible program, but it was originally designed to get already fit people into peak condition. I’d recommend you start with a program designed for your present fitness level.

    Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer is a great place to start. The original Power 90, while not as rigorous as Power 90X, is more of an intermediate workout program. If you would rather work out with a woman trainer, you might want to try Debbie Siebers’ Slim In Six, or Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam. All of these programs are affordable and available from Beachbody.

    If you still want to start with Power 90X, you may have to modify the exercises. Also, do only a few sets of each exercise instead of the full gamut. Power 90X workouts are very rigorous and not designed for people just starting a fitness program.

    The key to success will be in making fitness and proper nutrition a lifestyle. You said that you have 30-40 minutes a day to dedicate to your workouts. That’s more than enough time. Just be sure to start out slow and don’t overdo it.

    Best of luck with your goals.

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