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Fitness Trainer of the Stars: Tony Horton Biography

Can an Average Joe or Jane who prefers fast food to healthy home cooking get a beach body?

The answer to that question can be found by asking the creator of Power 90X who is known today as one of the leading fitness experts.


Please continue reading for an interesting Tony Horton bio.

Tony Horton was a small town boy from Rhode Island who hated exercising and lived on fast food. A 98 pound weakling, his insecurities drove him to avoid sports. Yet he went on to achieve a beach body we all envy.

98 Pound Weakling Goes to Hollywood

So how did Tony Horton go from a scrawny fast food junkie to a buff beach body? He got hooked by the acting bug and Hollywood called his name.

After graduating from the University of Rhode Island, Tony moved to Hollywood to pursue this dream. But his body and physical health was a road block to success. Long hours deprived him of the time necessary to achieve the body he wanted. Getting proper exercise and nutrition eluded him. But his talent agent made it clear. If Tony wanted to make it in showbiz, he needed to get fit.

Tony took a look around at the successful actors of Hollywood who had great bodies. Beautiful people were everywhere and one was award winning bodybuilder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tony joined the World Gym in Venice, California, where Arnold Schwarzenegger and fellow bodybuilder and actor Lou Ferrigno worked out. He took notes on their workout and nutrition programs. But Tony felt guys like Arnold were too big and bulky for his taste.

Seeking Speed, Flexibility, and Balance

Tony was seeking a sleek, athletic look, much like the long and lean, fit stature of Barack Obama.

Barak Obama in Nike Fitness ClothesObama goes to the gym every day to cross train. He even worked out the day after he was elected as President of the United States. We know from photos of Barack Obama’s trips to Hawaii that he has a pretty decent beach body. Like Tony Horton, he focuses on sports like basketball to stay in shape, and resistance training for a toned, lean body.

As he developed a fitness routine that would become Power 90X, Tony focused on exercises for speed, flexibility and balance. He studied and perfected his own version of cardiovascular and resistance training after studying world-class tri-athlete Mark Sission’s program of exhilaration drills and interval training.

Tony discovered his now fit body affected every area of his life. His mental clarity improved, and his renewed energy levels allowed him to be more productive. Tony’s possibilities opened up. He explored new activities including rock-climbing, inline skating, yoga, Pilates, and plyometrics training. His fitness program combined circuit, cross, and interval training, weight and resistance training, cardiovascular/aerobic training, advanced stretching, yoga, and kickboxing. These activities became the foundation for his ground breaking fitness systems including Power 90 and Power 90X.

Fitness Trainer to the Stars

Before Tony began laying the groundwork for his revolutionary Power 90 and P90X Workout, he became the premier fitness trainer to the stars. His own life changing experience with his unique combination of cross training did not go unnoticed. First friends and acquaintances were blown away by his physical transformation. Everyone asked “how did you do it?” It was obvious whatever Tony Horton was doing, he was doing right!

Musician Tom Petty of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers took notice of Tony’s transformation. Tony trained Tom with his newly developed system, and helped Tom get in the best shape in his life. Soon Tom’s rock-n-roll friends were banging on Tony’s door and begging for his training expertise. This began Tony’s career as a sought after fitness trainer who’s beach body spoke for itself.

Tony rapidly built a successful personal training career, establishing ASH Fitness in Santa Monica. His acclaimed exercise techniques appeared in Men’s Fitness Magazine. Tony went on and established an on-camera presence as the spokesperson for Nordic Track.

Antonio Banderas 13th Warrior PosterIn the late 90’s, Tony was retained by the major Hollywood studio, Touchstone Pictures. He conditioned the entire cast of the motion picture, The 13th Warrior, including Antonio Banderas.

The elite of Hollywood got wind of Tony’s expertise and his clientele grew. Celebrities and recording artists who benefited from his guidance included Shirley MacLaine, Billy Idol, Sean Connery, Annie Lennox, and Rob Lowe. Tony’s conditioning skills combined with his unique motivational abilities were in high demand.

From Beach Body Personal Trainer to In-Home Fitness Guru

In 1996, Tony met Beach Body president, Carl Daikeler through a client. Tony and Carl hit it off, and became friends. Carl hired Tony to be his personal trainer, and after the first three months Carl was in absolute disbelief. In just 90 days, he saw remarkable changes in his body he never thought possible. Carl realized Tony had hit upon a training system that as truly revolutionary.

Beachbody was founded in 1998, and soon became the innovative creator of the most popular in-home fitness and weight loss solutions. Along with co-founder Jon Congdon, Carl Daikeler brought Tony Horton on board. Tony’s Tony Horton Yoga Fitnessexpertise soon became available for everyone to take advantage of in their on home.

Tony’s first Beach Body product was a line of exercise videos called Great Body Guaranteed! It was soon followed by Power 90, Power Half Hour, Tony and the Kids!, Tony and the Folks!, Power 90X, 10 Minute Trainer, Tony Horton One On One, and for advanced fitness enthusiasts Power 90X Plus.

Tony is now the Guru for In-home fitness enthusiasts offering a complete line of fitness products marketed through Beach Body for those seeking rapid weight loss, muscle definition, fat loss, and lean bodies with Tony Horton fitness programs designed for people of all ages, shapes, and various levels of fitness.

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  1. Tony in Febuary this year I decided to get some help with my weight loss and started going to a Doctor that specializes in weight loss. I have lost 23 lbs. and he tells me that walking is the best thing for me at this point of my journey.I purchased your power 90 video a couple of years ago and never used it and was wondering if you think that it would be to much for me to start using it now I weigh about 370 lbs? Please give me some advice. Thanks Timmy Martin

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss, Timmy! Keep up the great work.

    As for changing your workout at this stage of the game, you should consult your physician. He knows your personal health status. Power 90 is an in home boot camp, and a fairly rigorous program. At 370 pounds, you probably need a gentler program. Consider starting with Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer. And ask doctor if you’re ready for resistance training (an integral part of all Beachbody programs). Resistance training builds muscle, which raises your metabolism and burns fat.

    Many of us have unrealistic weight loss expectations because of the huge losses seen on The Biggest Loser. Remember, contestants on The Biggest Loser are medically cleared for the rigorous workouts, and closely monitored by medical and nutritional staff throughout the competition. You also need medical advice about what exercise is appropriate for your unique situation. Health problems associated with morbid obesity influence what exercises are safe for you.

    If your doctor clears you for Power 90 or another program, start slow. Modify the exercises as needed, and never workout if you experience pain or discomfort. And remember, proper nutrition is at least half the battle when it comes to transforming your body. Eat right and keep up your walking plan even if you supplement with other workouts.

    Best of luck. You can do it!

  3. I have had 10 knee surgeries on my left knee otherwise I can exercise. I have gained quite a bit of weight not being able to exercise over the last couple of years. Now I am ready and able to exercise except for my left knee. I have to be very careful with it. I want to do something like the 10 minute trainer but many of the exercises I am unable to do. Any suggestions or do you have a program geared toward people like me.


  4. Tony,
    Do you feel there is enough muscle recovery (rest) and potential to over train muscles. Is it true over training (and have little energy) is worse than not training at all? Do you allow for extra rest, or is the P90X on a tight schedule. Warnings and signs for over training should be expressed more vocally.


    Glenn (massage therapist and training at 41)

  5. Hi Cindy,

    It’s very important for anyone with orthopedic injuries or chronic problems to control their weight. A recent study published in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism shows that excess body weight has tremendous impact on your joints. Overweight and obese adults with knee problems are greatly helped by weight reduction. Losing a pound of weight results in a four pound reduction in pressure on the knee joint.

    Weight loss is still chiefly a matter of burning more calories that you consume. Choose a healthy and balanced weight loss diet that you can actually live with for the rest of your life. Studies show simple dietary changes, like substituting non fat milk for whole milk or swapping low calorie mustard for mayonnaise, add up to several hundred calories saved. This type of approach is easier to work into your lifestyle than following grandiose fad diets with loads of rules to follow.

    If you are able to stand on your left knee for ten minutes at a time Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer may be fine for you. All the exercises allow you to modify for personal issues like a bad knee. I have Cerebral Palsy and arthritis, and I use Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer when my arthritis flares up, in place of Power 90X.

    Swimming is a very gentle, non impact form of aerobics. Many community centers with swimming pools offer low cost or free pool aerobics classes.

    Resistance training is crucial for weight loss success. Few people actually incorporate any type of bodybuilding or weight lifting into their weight loss efforts. This one reason so many dieters, particularly yo yo dieters, fail over the long term. Failing to maintain or build muscle slows your metabolism making weight loss and weight maintenance progressively harder as we age. Tony’s Beachbody programs allow for effective resistance training with easy to use, low impact bands.

    Of course, always consult your physician before starting any exercise or diet program.

    Best of luck with your goals!

  6. Hi Glenn,

    Over training in the general public is rare. Most people who actually exercise regularly tend to under train. That’s why when you go to the gym regularly, you see people who work out all the time but their bodies never change.

    The human body, and muscles in particular, are designed to adapt. This means if we continue with the same exercise program over a long period, our bodies stop responding. This means you plateau and progress stops.

    To prevent plateau, you need to change your fitness routine often. Tony Horton’s Power 90X has this built into the system. If you follow the program precisely as laid out, you avoid plateaus. You also avoid over training as you’re not exercising the same body parts daily. Muscle recovery is built into the Power 90X system.

    Strength and fitness growth occurs during the rest. It’s crucial to get adequate sleep. Proper diet including protein for muscle repair, and adequate carbohydrates to fuel intense workout, are crucial. The Power 90X workout and nutrition guide show step by step how to eat, rest, and train for maximum results. I know from experience that Power 90X works. I’ve used the system for three years.

    Mild over training requires more rest to recover. People who start an extreme fitness program like Power 90X find they acttually sleep better. If you find yourself experiencing the symptoms of overtraining, including lingering fatigue, suspend workouts until you recover.

    As for your question whether over training is worse than not training at all, no, not training at all is not the answer. Being unfit or overweight leads to lack of energy and strength, as well as poor health outcomes. Studies have shown that slim people who are sedentary have shorter life spans than overweight people who are active.

    The key to avoiding over training is to follow a well designed fitness program like Power 90 or Power 90X. Athletes who over train usually do so on poorly designed training regimes, often of their own making. Always consult a certified trainer or exercise physiologist before going it alone.

  7. Tony,
    I am just finishing my 3rd week of P90X Lean. I am loving all of the workouts and I am noticing changes. My problem is pull ups. I did not seem to gain a lot of reps over the first three weeks. I am thinking about switching to using bands, but feel doing pull ups is the better option. Is this normal during the first phase or should I switch to bands for more reps. Thanks, Bringing it from Nebraska, Tim K.

  8. Hi Tim,

    Congratulations on your early results on Power 90X Lean. While the Lean phase of Power 90X is designed to strip off body fat faster, it can slow muscle building results if you don’t keep your protein intake high enough. This is a common mistake of people on Power 90X and other fitness and weight loss systems. Make sure you eat a minimum of 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

    As for your perceived lack of progress in pull ups, keep in mind you’re only at the end of week three. Try switching between the pull up bar and doing the pull up exercises with bands. This will allow you to alternate between low rep workouts with the bar and higher rep workouts with the bands. This method, known as muscle confusion, is an advanced training technique. An integral part of the Power 90X system, muscle confusion accelerates results, and can be applied to any aspect of your workouts.

    Nearly everyone experiences lagging body parts. This doesn’t mean you cannot bring your shoulders up to the level of all your other body parts. Bodybuilding, including the techniques of resistance training in Power 90X, requires experimentation to see what approaches work best with your body. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Changing your workouts and exercises often is the main premise behind Power 90X.

    Later, if you do gain a lot of reps at pull ups, consider making them harder to avoid plateau. This is easily accomplished by adding additional weight, including wearing a weighted vest, or strap on leg weights. This will make performing pull ups more difficult again, and you will perform less reps while forcing greater muscle growth.

    Remember, the range of reps for muscle gain is 8 to 12. For pull ups it’s sometimes higher. If you can do more than the required range, it’s time to make the exercises harder by adding more weight or resistance. This applies to pull ups, bicep curls, and even cardio. Continued growth demands increased resistance as you get stronger. Otherwise, you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

    Best of luck with your fitness goals!

  9. Hi, I have two topics that I need answers too. I will be starting the P90X June first, but I cheated and watched all of the videos to see what beast I was up against. I am going to “bring it” and I know that I can complete the workouts. What I was wondering was, can I do the the cardio X everyday in the morning. Mainly I want to do this because I think it will help me to get more cut quicker, but I also have a hard time sticking to diets and I would love having the assurance of an extra workout behind me if I can’t control my urges at some point.

    Also, I want to get the most out of my first round of P90X( I plan to do it again, and again!) So I was wondering if it would be okay to double up on the upper body workouts( chest, back, arms, abs, etc) on their days. The first time I wanted to do more weight and less reps to build muscle, and the second I wanted to use less weights and more reps. I can’t see how it would affect the muscle confusion aspect of the program, but I am no where near an expert, so I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks Mason.

  10. * Less weight and more reps to get more definition.

  11. Hi Mason,

    Glad to hear you’re starting Power 90X. It’s a good idea to watch all the P90X videos before starting. This gives you a feel for the program, and insight into the demands that will be placed on you.

    My second round of Power 90X was “Power 90X Doubles.” In doubles, as described in the Power 90X guide book, Cardio X is perform six mornings a week, and a P90X resistance workout is done in the evening. This system is intended to burn maximum body fat.

    Sticking to the Power 90X nutrition program is key to getting results. Ask any fitness buff with six pack abs and they’ll tell you diet is 50 to 70 percent of getting cut and building muscle. Exercise only contributes around 30 to 50 percent of your results.

    Extra workouts won’t make up for too many calories. An excellent example of this is a video available at YouTube entitled “diet versus exercise” in which fitness experts Craig Ballantyne and Brad Pilon show how ineffective cardio is versus a poor diet. They plainly demonstrate a good fat loss diet is extremely important, and even the best cardio workouts don’t make up for overeating.

    You say you have a hard time sticking to diets. The Power 90X nutrition plan isn’t a diet, but a lifestyle. Check out the delicious recipes in the nutrition guide, and at the Beachbody website. Healthy versions of favorites like pizza, burgers, and fries, are available. No one can constantly control food cravings. Simply try to keep cheats to a minimum.

    Over training should be avoided and can lead to muscle loss. That’s not your goal. Doubling up your resistance workouts on an extreme training system like Power 90X would be a mistake. P90X is designed with precision. Tony Horton knew what he was doing when he put Power 90X together. Don’t second guess his wisdom by trying to make P90X better.

    As for lifting heavier on your first round, and using lighter weights and more reps on the second round, this should only be done if you feel too fatigued to go heavy on round two. Building muscle requires lifting heavy. And muscle confusion is already built into the P90X system.

    Good luck with your goals as you “Bring It.”

  12. I had bilateral knee replacements in March 2008, and still haven’t been able to get myself back into shape. I have gained close to 40 pounds of excess weight, mostly in the torso and thighs. With the residual muscle/knee weakness, will the P90X be out of the question? I can’t do anything yet that requires me to do deep squats or floor exercises that require me to have direct contact between the floor and my knees. I am anxious to get started, but can’t seem to find this information anywhere.

  13. Tony is that you really? This is my 7’th week on the p90x. I’ve lost about 8 kg, increased my stretching, jumping and strength like I had never had before. I’ve experienced some new level of energy after 4’th week. Amazing, I’ve noticed that all trainings don’t wear me out like before. I’m really thankful for this program, it really has changed my life. I have one question. Which book do you recommend for me to read about fitness? Tony, you’re the best. I love you man.

  14. Tony, I really have more of a complaint than a comment. I see your commercials on TV, but you never see anyone on there that needs to lose like 100 or more pounds. I think what you do is great and you have trained stars, but they have the luxury of time and money. I am a 39 year old married woman who needs to lose about 120 pounds. I work full time and go to school part time. I also have 2 boys age 16 and 11. My issue is not only with time but it is a hard journey to do alone. I like so many others, have tried all the things we have see on TV, but without someone who understands and can do this with you, you feel your efforts are futile. I want to be in shape by my 40th birthday next April, but I just don’t see it happening. I guess what I am trying to say is that for the everyday woman or man this just seems like an impossible unattainable goal.

  15. Hi Maureen,

    I’m glad you’re ready to lose your excess weight and get in shape….
    to continue reading the answer to Maureen’s questions, click > Exercise after Surgery

  16. Hi Joi,

    I understand your concern that an extreme fitness program like Power 90X that’s designed to get people in top physical condition may not be for you. If you’re unfit and obese, your first step to getting back in shape should be a visit with your physician to determine what you’re healthy enough to do. If your doctor clears you for moderate exercise you may want to start with an exercise program for beginners.

    Beachbody has a variety of programs for all fitness levels. You may find Kathy Smith’s Project more suited to your present fitness level. After losing some weight, and achieving a better fitness level, you can move on to intermediate fitness programs like Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer or Power 90.

    Many clients find they enjoy incorporating more than one Beachbody product into their fitness or weight loss programs. This offers the variety necessary to stay motivated, and the muscle confusion crucial to avoiding plateaus.

    You may not be ready to tackle Power 90X for awhile. This seems to be your main complaint with the program. But the infomercials and Beachbody website make it clear that Power 90X is “an extreme home fitness training system.” P90X requires users to meet a minimum level of fitness before using this program. It was not designed for obese individuals in mind.

    It’s true that to get fit and stay that way requires a level of mental toughness. This includes taking responsibility for doing whatever is necessary to get into shape, including time management. Everyone can find a little time for working out. If you have a few minutes here and there, including time spent in front of the television, then Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer will fit your schedule.

    As for your issue with cost, Beachbody products are some of the most affordable on the market. They offer easy pay options that allow you to break up the cost into payment plans. If you need support you’re not alone. Beachbody has a support forum where you can find workout buddies, expert advice, and delicious easy to prepare recipes necessary to stay on track.

    The bottom line when it comes to fitness is that you must become excuse less. Take responsibility for your lifestyle choices. Decide you’re worth the effort, eat right and exercise. Your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and you’re decision to follow through, will be the keys to success or failure.

    Take the first step. Beachbody success stories have proven weight loss success is not an impossible nor unattainable goal. Clients of Beachbody are everyday women and men with families and busy schedules just like you. The only difference is they have decided to “Bring it!”

    To learn more about a variety of Fitness Programs, visit > Tony Horton Beach Body Programs

  17. Hi Boris,

    It looks like you’re “Bringing it” and experiencing phenomenal results. Keep up the good work….To read the entire answer to Boris’ question, click > P90X Support Answers

  18. Tony, in January of this year I felt gross when I stepped on the scale and my weight was 195 pounds. I am 42 years old and I wanted to be healthy and feel good. I started eating healthier and walking and doing 20 minutes of extra fitness every day. The weight started coming off and I was feeling better and looking better. I had lost 40 pounds by August 1st. Then I was at a stand still. I needed something more intense than just walking and a friend turned me on to P90X. I have been doing the program for just 3 weeks now and I can feel a difference. I am stronger and my muscles are definitely more defined, and I feel great. I haven’t had the energy to run since I was in my teens and now I run three times a week and try to get to my favorite beach in Rhode Island and run to the point at least twice a month. I may have had it in me all along to get physically fit again, but you and your fun personality have definitely helped me. Thank you Tony!

  19. Can I do a 30 minute Kenpo self defense workout separate from the P90x program and still benefit without over training?

  20. Tony, I have been training with P90X for 3 weeks now and enjoy the workouts. I have a question regarding the scheduling of the workouts. I do 24 hr shifts at my job so I have been doubling up on the workouts the day before a 24 hr shift. Is there a better way to get my workouts completed?

  21. Hi John,

    Over training is not a common occurrence among trainers these days. Most people literally don’t get enough exercise to enjoy the health benefits. Over training is mostly seen among professional athletes, endurance trainers, and amateur sports like college football, and extreme sports like marathons.

    We may just be more aware of over training now because of shows like The Biggest Loser. But contestants on The Biggest Loser work out for unbelievable amounts of time under tight professional supervision. Average people working out with programs like Power 90X, or Chalean Extreme, devote only an hour or so to exercise each day. Unless they’re in poor physical condition when they start, they’re unlikely to become over trained.

    If you’re presently doing Power 90X on a regular schedule as described in the guide book, and you’re feeling healthy and strong, adding a session of cardio like Kenpo Karate is fine. This is known as Power 90X Doubles and many people use this approach safely. A morning session of aerobics, followed by an afternoon or evening session of Power 90X resistance training, promotes fat loss.

    If you’re talking about doing a half an hour of Kenpo Karate alone, and no other Power 90X routines, your benefits will be equal to the effort put forth. Kenpo Karate is excellent for cardio conditioning, but you would not approach the optimum results possible used by itself. When Power 90X is performed as designed, your results will be a phenomenal physique and mental toughness.

    Your personal goals, and your present physical conditioning, should determine what you choose to do. If your goal is only to improve your cardio vascular health, a half an hour of Kenpo Karate will achieve that. But if you want a true beach body physique, commit to doing the full Power 90X program.

    Best of Luck!

  22. Tony, I recently purchased your P90X program and am anxious to get started but after reviewing the fit test I realized that I am not quite ready. I am 53 yrs. old and though I do not live a sedentary life, I have not always been overly active. I have been exercising and lifting weights for about 8 months and have achieved some good results (30 lb wt. loss, want to lose 30 more) but have hit a plateau. Thus the reason for the program. I have started doing the two cardio workouts that are on the intro video to build up my stamina before starting the P90X. Any tips to help would be welcomed. Also I enjoy your sense of humor and ease of training other videos just seem to mechanical.

  23. OK, your workout sucks and is awesome all at the same time. Just curious, I am almost on my 4th week. About how long does it take before I am able to do a pull up? I know every person is different, but was curious on the “estimate” time. Thank You for your time. I know you’re very busy and understand if you cannot answer.

  24. I, with my 17 year son, have been doing your P90X Classic for 4 weeks. I lost 10 pounds quickly but gained four pounds back. I am wearing clothes that I only can wear when I am weighing about 185. I am 48 years old, holding, and I am concerned that I may not see the results after 90 days. Yet, I feel better, I am more flexible, I am in better shape, etc, my weight is still high at 196. I want that ‘onion peel’ look. I want to look like you. I wear 32 waist pants, but I am cursed with that Irish thickness. I want to have that look I had when I was 26-27, when I power lifted, but I do not want that size.

  25. My 17 year old son wants to gain size. We have been doing the P90X for 4 weeks and he has been eating a lot of good food. He still weighs 165. I have to say that he is very strong but lacks size? Advise? We do not believe in Creatine. We think it is not natural and therefore, unhealthy. And, we bought the P90X and we have to pay to get on line with others in Beachbodies.com, why is that?

  26. Hi Ron,

    If you feel the fitness test for Power 90X is completely beyond you due to your present physical condition, you can set P90X aside for now. Start with a fitness system geared for your present level, such as the original Power 90, or Kathy Smith’s Project You. After several months of conditioning exercise, you can move on to Power 90X.

    To learn more about all the Beach Body Programs, visit > Tony Horton Beach Body Programs

    Before you give up on Power 90X, I suggest that you try taking the fitness test. You might surprise yourself. You are only required to be able to do the minimum before beginning Power 90X. For example, if you can do at least 5 to 8 bicep curls, a few push ups and pull ups, and jog in place for two minutes, you can begin P90X. You may not be able to keep up with the gang right away, or even finish a workout, but you can get started.

    Although you’re 53 years old, you stated that you do not live a sedentary life. That’s a plus, and Power 90X does not require you to be overly active or super fit to start. Power 90X is designed to get you on the path to extremely fit in under an hour a day. If you’ve been exercising and lifting weights for 8 months, you should be ready to give Power 90X a try. Modifications are built into the program, you can start at your present level, and build your fitness and physique to impressive levels in as little as 90 days. But don’t be afraid to take your time.

    Congratulations on losing 30 pounds! You sound determined, and that will serve you well in losing the last 30 pounds. You say you have hit a plateau. P90X should get you over that. Go ahead and give it a try. You may find you have what it takes to Bring It!

  27. Tony, I am a 35 year old single mother and in the last couple of years I have gained a lot of weight and my physician has told me that I have to lose some weight and has put me on a 1500 calorie diet. I walk at least a mile every day and because I have a 17 year old son that works out with me I am still having problems losing weight. What would be your advice for a good workout program that would help me lose weight, because I weigh 285lbs. I would at least like to be down to 150lbs by June 4, 2010 for my sons graduation and in January I was suppose to get married but I have put off my wedding until I can lose some of the weight. I don’t want to be overweight when I walk down the isle, but I have been working out for about 2.5 months and have lost almost 30 lbs. but I still have a lot more to lose. Is there anyway you could help me.

  28. I doubt it’s Tony reading this but even so here goes, I just about completed p90x. I did an extended 1st phase lean, switched to classic doubles in phases 2 and 3 but my final week of phase 3 coincided with a trip overseas. I tried completing it but life threw lots of non-health related obstacles in my path. I plan to do another round of p90x from January to April. I might then follow up with the X plus.

    I wanted to thank you Tony for this great program. I had been into fitness since my early twenties but had only taken up resistance training within the past year. I had mostly been a cardio, long walk or bike type person. I’m 28 going on 29, female, and usually in the 110-115 range, pretty slim. However, I wanted to get that ripped look, the abs, and burn off the goo on the problem areas, hips, thighs, classic female I know. And also to build strength.

    I am amazed to say that I lost 4% body fat dropping from just below 20% which wasn’t bad to begin with to 16-17 range. however, I did not lose any pounds! I didn’t follow the nutrition plan to the “t” but I always eat clean and health-veggies, fish, chicken, turkey, light yogurt and fruit, with the occasional red wine, and of course I don’t smoke. I didn’t cut calories except here and there as I found it really hard to eat below 1700 especially when doing doubles.

    Surprisingly I started being able to do 1 or 2 chin ups and about 0.25 of a pull up. Now I can do 8-10 chin ups and 4-6 pull ups! I had never thought it’d be possible. I dropped from a size 4/5 to a size 2/4 and lost close to 2 inches overall. The question I guess is how it is possible for me not to have dropped any weight at all. It is quite the mystery.

    Like I said this is by far the most success I’ve had in a short amount of time, without cutting calories. Also keep in mind that because I’m already slim it is very hard for me to lose weight, and I’m more likely to plateau as I already have been working out for years-every day, consistently. I guess I still need to improve flexibility and balance-those two areas are where I’ve had the most difficulty. I saw some improvement but not that much. Any advice on that? Thanks and thanks for a great program!

  29. Hi Sheila,

    It’s always a great decision to start taking care of your health and begin a journey to getting fit.

    Walking is good exercise, particularly if you’re too heavy to engage in other forms of aerobics right now. Swimming is also a smart option. But it’s not too soon to incorporate resistance training into your exercise program. Resistance training builds muscle and muscle burns fat. If you want to improve your metabolism, building and maintaining muscle is important.

    You can start your resistance program with a set of resistance bands like those sold by Beachbody.com. Or you can start with free weights or weight machines available at your local gym, college campus, or community center. Invest in at least one session with a personal trainer who can show you how to properly perform resistance exercises. Ask a knowledgeable friend or family member for help if your budget doesn’t allow for a trainer.

    Beachbody offers exercise programs for beginners and overweight people who need to start slowly. Kathy Smith’s Project You would be a great place for you to start. Gradually, you will gain fitness while you lose weight. Eventually, you will be ready for intermediate and advanced fitness systems like Power 90 and Power 90X.

    As for your goal to lose 135 pounds by June 2010, that’s pretty ambitious. Losing that much weight in five months is not a healthy goal. Most doctors recommend losing 1 to 2 pounds a week and that fits with what our bodies can actually achieve and stay healthy.

    Although 1500 calories a day is achievable, as you add resistance training and later more aerobic activity, make sure you eat enough protein to support muscle growth. Cut calories by limiting simple carbohydrates like potatoes, pasta and rice, and avoid refined carbohydrates like desserts and bread. Be sure to eat appropriate servings of healthy fats like omega 3s to support your heart, skin, and cells.

    Stay active and eat right, and you will reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

  30. I’m an over the the road truck driver. I’m in the worst shape I have ever been in. I have just seen the information on the P90x. What I want to know is can I do the workout in the very small space of a semi?

  31. I am 47 years old, weight 190 lbs, I am 6′ 1″ and go to the gym regularly 5 times a week. While I consider myself muscular, I don’t have the “look” that I truly desire. Also, I am one of those people that has to work my “butt” doing squats and elliptical etc. to keep that part of my body the way I want it too. I’d love to try your program but wonder since it would be out of my home, if I will have everything I need. Please let me know what your thoughts are and what equipment I would need to have. Also, would your program help develop my butt area as well? I hope you don’t think this is silly, Chad.

  32. I have finished the P90X workout once, and after a relapse into junk food, I’ve come back and am on day 15, started on new years, of my second time around and I’m feeling good. I would like to answer a couple questions for you guys.

    Chad: you don’t need much equipment, only a pull up bar and some dumbbells of your choice, although it’s better to have a few different sets of weight. I have some 8’s which i use for the low resistance shoulder exercises and some 20’s 30’s and 40’s for curls. I’m 6’0, 185. As far as developing your butt, yes. You’ll get plenty of a workout between the squats and lunges and kicks you’ll be throwing. There are several different DVD’s, you do a different one every day. The fat burning, as with any workout, will be entirely dependent on your understanding of how nutrition works.

    You can, however, substitute resistance bands for both the pull up bar and dumbbells, so you could technically do the entire program with only resistance bands.

    Frank: you could definitely make due if you needed to. You may need to modify a couple moves to work in a tight space, but 90% of them are done in one spot, and all of them are easily modifiable. I’d recommend resistance bands in your situation for the pull ups. You could loop it onto a high part of your truck and just pull back, the same way they do in the videos if you don’t have anything that could bear your weight in the truck.

    To anyone: I don’t work for beachbody. I’m not even a coach. But I went from being about 15 pounds overweight to having a pretty discernible six pack in like 30 days. If you’re more than 15 pounds overweight, I will guarantee you, if you do this program for 2 weeks, even taking breaks whenever you need them, you will immediately see results. The only irritating part is hearing the same commentary when you do a workout more than once, so I just turn up the iTunes while watching. Good luck!

  33. Another question about Tony’s program. First, how long is each workout session? Second, what time of the day is the best to do this program? Finally, after the 90 day program, what is next? I would appreciate an answer to these questions, thanks.

  34. Hi Lamia,

    Congratulations on getting through most of Power 90X. Don’t be hard on yourself for missing just one week. Fitness is a journey of a lifetime, not simply a six or twelve week program to be rigidly followed.

    Power 90X Plus is a great follow up to Power 90X, particularly if you find Power 90X to no longer hold the challenge it once did for you. Cardio vascular training alone, as you mentioned, is not a balanced approach to fitness. Resistance training is important for everyone to maintain or build muscle. Combining cardio and resistance training into your workouts at the same time also makes your workouts more efficient and less time consuming.

    You don’t give your height, but weighing in the 110-115 pound range is on the thin side for most women. Getting a ripped look is not achievable by everyone. Your genetics and body type may not allow you to look like a fitness model. Your goals should focus on achieving a healthy weight.

    As for building strength, if you stick with resistance training and gradually increase your weights, you will achieve that goal. Studies show people can build muscle well into their 90s. Don’t be afraid to lift hard and heavy. It’s a myth that women will “bulk up” by lifting weights. Women only achieve a bulky frame from training if they take illegal steroids and male hormone shots.

    You say that you lost 4% body fat on Power 90X, but you didn’t lose weight on the scale. This is because you gained muscle while losing body fat and they offset each other. This is very common. Try tracking your progress with more obvious signs like your clothes fitting more loosely.

    Almost nobody can follow a strict nutrition program all the time. Nor would that be good for your psychological well being. Fitness does not require perfection. Just follow the Power 90X nutrition plan most of the time and you’ll see results.

    Power 90X is designed to avoid plateaus. If you find yourself experiencing a plateau, change up you routines. Also try adding a hundred or more calories to your diet as explained in the Power 90X nutrition guide. Eating too few calories slows your metabolism, making it harder to lose body fat. Power 90X is demanding and you must adequately fuel your work outs.

  35. Hi Brian,

    Thank you for the insightful information about what worked best for you on the program. I am sure your suggestions will be helpful to Chad and Frank.

  36. Brian, thanks so much for your answers to many of my questions. Much appreciated and good luck on your journey as well, Chad.

  37. Brian, One last question or two. First, how many days a week is this program? Second, how long is each work out session and is morning best or evening? Finally, how is the diet program? I am 190, 6′ 1″ and shedding 10 lbs would make me more cut. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  38. Hi Frank. Yes, it’s possible for a truck driver to get fit with P90X. You only need a space about 6 x 6 foot to perform the exercises. You’ll also need a television and VCR, and resistance bands or free weights. In good weather, you could even work out in a truck stop parking lot. Maybe your friends would join you.

  39. Casie, you can check out Chalene’s class schedule and locations at her website: http://www.turbokick.com/

  40. Hi Chad, Power 90X consists of 12 different workouts. Each session varies in length between 40 minutes and 60 minutes. The best time of the day to do the workouts is the one you’ll stick with as there’s no physical advantage between morning, afternoon, or night. After the first 90 days on the program, most people do another 90 day round. If you’re an advanced exerciser, you can go on and do Power 90X Plus, available through beahbody.

  41. Carol, thank you for your reply and the info. Right now, I spend about 1 1/2 hours at the gym. So, last question, given what you told me, how long would a typical work out session be with 90X? I usually go to the gym at night and would probably do that with this program. I plan to order it within the next few weeks, Chad.

  42. Hi Chad. Power 90X workouts run between 40 minutes and 60 minutes. If you spend 1 1/2 hours a day in the gym now, you’re on the edge of over training unless you’re taking rest days at least once a week. Remember to never train the same body parts two days in a row unless this is only an occasional training trick to shock a muscle. The time of day you choose to train doesn’t matter, do whatever you’re personally comfortable with. Regards, Carol

  43. This guy is sick. I got his DVDs of P90X which has help me a lot. I was a fat lazy guy thanks two him I’m very active every day. Thank you Tony Horton.

  44. Hmm that’s very interesting, but actually I have a hard time seeing it. I wonder what others have to say?

  45. Hello, I have been using your program P90X for about three weeks. I am a five feet seven inches tall and weigh two hundred ninety five pounds. I’m trying to get into shape and be lean and toned. My problem is I have been doing this workout for about three weeks and have lost about ten pounds but now my right knee is starting to hurt. I want to continue but I’m not sure if this type of workout is too much for someone my size? Any suggestions?

  46. Hi Tony. I just saw the TV advertising. I’m thirty-two years old, and a type one diabetic since I was nineteen years old. I can’t keep my sugar at a good average. I have always wanted to be lean and healthy. If I want to start my training, should I buy the P90x or the ten minute trainer?

  47. I just wanted to put in my two cents. My fourteen yr. old son and I are entering our ninth week. We are doing P90X lean. He’s lost twenty lbs and I’ve lost thirty-three lbs and seven inches around the waist. I am fifty-two. I still have fifteen lbs more to lose to reach my goal weight. I’ve had two major neck surgeries and toe surgery, which keeps me from being tremendously aggressive with some parts of the program. You can still do this program if you take your time. The flexibility I’ve gained in the neck and back area have been great. The stretching and yoga will improve your overall well being. Give this program a chance to work for you.

  48. Hi peeps this blog is really cute. But I just like to chip in this question.
    Is it possible to gain few inches in height with stretching and yoga?
    I read it works.

  49. Just curious why you mention Barack Obama in the above? Tony Horton is the extreme fit and healthy person that we all strive for. He encourages us all to be as healthy as possible. No sugar, no fat, no Alcohol, no Dairy and yet we all know Barack Obama is a smoker, hmmmm. I am not sure that Tony would like to have that comparison there.

  50. What do you recommend for someone following a vegan diet to get enough protein?

  51. Yo Tony, since you train or trained at World’s in Venice, which is considered a Mecca for bodybuilders, and has also been associated with rampant steroid use and it might as well be called World’s Juice Bar, my question is have you ever used steroids yourself? I know many bodybuilders, especially those trying to emulate bodybuilders like Arnold and Lou, who have juiced but refuse to admit it. Also, do you believe in a one routine fits all approach to workouts as with P90X when different body types such as mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph, short and stocky, or tall and lean can and do respond differently to the same workout or exercise? One more question. When you are doing personal training, how do you tweak nutritional requirements, such as daily caloric intake, for different body types like small, medium, large, and for people with very different activity levels? Although anyone can and probably does improve physically if they follow your workouts, do you really believe that anyone can achieve the same results that you have? Please respond.

  52. What if I am unable to stick to exactly what the nutrition book says? My family is not very wealthy and it’s hard to get a lot of the stuff in the book. The most I could get is fruit. Anyway my question is, if I were to have a chicken salad with Italian fat free dressing everyday during the P90x session would that work? 

  53. My name is Matt and I’m doing p90x doubles. I weigh 165 pounds with aprox 20% body fat. Should I keep repeating phase 1 to lower my body fat percentage, or continue on to phase 2 after 30 days? Also, when I get to the doubles, can I do cardio, resistance and the abs in the morning or do they have to be spread out?

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