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Herbal Pain Relief: Chamomile and Oregano Natures Natural Anti-Inflammatory Herb

Oregano, a perennial herb, whose name is derived from the union of two Greek words, oros and ganos, means “splendor of the mountains.”

Researchers say that oregano contains 31 known anti-inflammatory agents, and twenty-eight anti-oxidants. No herb, other than oregano has this excellent anti-pain fact-profile.

Medicinal Uses of Oregano

The extract, oregano oil, also acts as a stimulant, carminative [an agent that relieves gas], diaphoretic, an agent that increases perspiration in fever states, and a useful emmenagogue, an agent that induces or increases menstrual flow. Some herbalists say that the oil may also have tonic effects.

The health benefits of oil of oregano are easily attained. Just a few drops of oregano, put on a wad of cotton and placed in the hollow of an aching tooth, often gives quick relief from pain. Besides, the oil has been found to be quite useful in early measles.

When given in the form of a warm infusion, oregano relieves muscle spasms and cramps, colic, or spasmodic pains in the abdomen, besides tummy complaints.

Oregano for HealthThis is not all. The dried leaves can also be applied in bags as a warm application to painful arthritic swellings and other conditions, including rheumatism.

Users also praise the blend made from the fresh plant, and the root, for its efficacy in easing nervous headache, thanks to the camphoraceous [aromatic odor of camphor] principle found in the oil. Oregano is also useful for skin infections.

Dosage: Adults, four-five drops, in water, twice daily. The herb is not recommended for use in pregnancy, and also in children.

The Chamomile Plant: Mild, Light & Effective

Chamomile is a useful anti-inflammatory herb. It is helpful in the treatment of mild forms of inflammatory pain. It also has a soothing action on the nerves [nervine], thanks to its calming [tranquillizing] effect.

The health benefits of chamomile include its reputation too help with stomach problems. As a matter of fact, mothers, in some societies, drink chamomile tea, and pass on its calming effects to their idiosyncratic babies through milk!

The flowers, the main part of the plant used, contain calcium, glycoside, tannin, and anti-worm acids. So, they are good for you.

Chamomile is also reputed to enhance menstrual flow, and reduce pain during periods. It may be used effectively in the form of a poultice or tea.

Chamomile HerbIn addition, chamomile is supposed to help repel insects, when you dab the tea [unsweetened form] over your body, and let it dry.

Beauticians commend chamomile to be an excellent hair wash; it brings natural softness and glow to your hair.

Dosage: Steep, for 10-15 minutes, in a covered container to retain the essence. One teaspoon of the flowers may be used per cup of tea. Drink 2-3 times a day, and you would sure be bowled over by its real, yummy flavor. You may also drink chamomile tea with honey, a delightful beverage.

Other Useful Herbs for Pain Relief

Green Tea Benefits: Enzymes in green tea clearly reduce pain. Herbalists report that green tea contains 51 anti-inflammatory [anti-pain] phytonutrients [Phytonutrients are nutrients concentrated in plant sources. Green tea health benefits also extend to weight loss.

Benefits of Turmeric: This herb’s unique phytonutrient complex inhibits inflammatory process naturally. The herb is said to play a synergistic role with green tea, and significantly increase the anti-inflammatory effect of green tea enzymes making this combination a healthy choice.

Benefits of Ginger: Ginger extracts inhibit inflammation, and also offer numerous anti-aging constituents.

Holy Basil Uses for Health: The herb contains the powerful anti-inflammatory agent, ursolic acid, which significantly reduces inflammation and enhances detoxification [removal of toxins from the body]. Holy basil is also a great anti-stress remedy.

Rosemary Health Benefits: Rosemary extracts offer highly concentrated, full spectrum inflammatory inhibition; they also help in detoxification.

Hu Zhang Herbal Benefits: [Japanese knotweed]. This herbal medication is scientifically known to inhibit inflammation. The herb, however, should not be used during pregnancy.

Benefits of Chinese Goldthread: With its phytonutrient complex, this natural medicine is said to inhibit inflammatory [pain] process. It should, however, be used only under professional guidance.

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  1. Do you know if there is a natural remedy comparable to prednisone? I have a very stuffy nose and the only thing that will relieve it is taking high doses of steroids (prednisone). I don’t like taking steroids and was wanting a more natural or herbal cure.

  2. Rajgopal Nidamboor

    Would need details to suggest natural/herbal treatment — in short, your symptoms, diagnosis, if any, and duration of your complaint. Also, when is it worse; when is it better. Your allergies, stresses, other problems, if any. Please also include the type/character of nasal secretions, their color [when you blow your nose], its “consistency” etc.,

  3. Chamomile has been used for centuries to calm troubled thoughts and to aid digestion. Slightly apple-like in flavor, the name comes from the Greek “Kamai”, meaning a ground apple.

  4. My family uses oregano a lot for medicinal purposes. I’m just curious which is better, boiling the leaves or drinking fresh juice extract, which we often do?

    • It’s a question of choice — some prefer leaves [has a supposedly better flavour]. Some prefer the juice.

      Leaves are rich in enzymes, obviously.

      The juice is good for respiratory complaints — the oil, of course, is a great choice. Excellent.

  5. Oregano Oil prevents food poisoning! Before eating out while traveling, especially if eating seafood take some Oregano Oil before your meal to reduce the risk of getting food poisoning. The Oregano Oil will protect you and if you do get ill, it will be greatly reduced.

  6. I wasn’t aware about the healing power of oregano, but lately it’s been a habit of mine to drink teas, like chamomile and jasmine, and I have to say everything felt better after I picked up that habit.

  7. This is definitely beneficial. I didn’t think that oregano would be good for pain relief as well. There are so many great alternatives to drugs. I love it. I’ll bookmark this page.

  8. I’m amazed that oregano has healing properties. I guess I should make another pot of pasta sauce! 😉

  9. I think Herbal medicine is one of the best options for reducing joint inflammation and swelling because with herbal aids it is possible to achieve the same calming effects you would get with prescription drugs, however, without the possibility of the harmful side effects. ..

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